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  1. Posted this on planet christmas but lack of replies atm. Well i just went out to the shop and all they had left was multifunctional minis. Since they are multifunctional and i'm thinking of purchasing LOR i need to know which wires i cut off from the multi box and solder together so it isn't stuffing up during a show.. http://img112.imageshack.us/img112/6848/img1618ud9.jpg
  2. How much would it cost to air mail two CTB-16D boards to australia? I would send a direct email to LOR but tried a few months ago for another thing and didn't get a response. Hope someone can help me out here. Cheers.
  3. Jeff Millard wrote: Ahh, i was going to get the ctb16d, so it's best to wait for the blue ones to come out? Hopefully they will be out before the sale.
  4. Thanks Geoff, so if i have a 3 minute song and then 5 minutes to cool down is this fine? Denny, thanks for that.
  5. I haven't bought it yet but you could always put it on your own CD or memory stick instead of paying for a disk. But if you are wondering if you need the CD and download to run it, the answer is one or the other.
  6. Brilliant Geoff i was hoping for you to reply So i shouldn't worry about overheating if i don't switch on and off at 0.3+? Thanks!
  7. Geoff, read your post in the Aussie light o rama users place "Hi Andrew & Salli I too had this concern last year and had been warned by Dan (LOR) that there had been transformer failures from switching and dimming." you said that 10 mins of on/off were fine then a break was good. do you mean a break as in turning everything off or just on or what and for how long? Thankyou
  8. Geoff Harvey wrote: Hi, so you do use the transformers that come with the lights? don't they get hot after switching lots, that is what i'm getting worried about. How do you get around this?
  9. levelbest wrote: Where did you get it from?
  10. Wow thanks for the help denny! So you are saying make sure you get proper extension cords that can carry 15-20 amps? but for the extension cords that go to the lights that won't matter very much? so i also will get sent an email asking wether i want to get the board changed over to 240V for Australia?
  11. Bad-Magic wrote: Thanks danny, is anyone able to answer this?
  12. I downloaded and installed the sequence editor but get the following error message:@ http://img162.imageshack.us/my.php?image=errorqn6.png i'm trying this on a laptop that is a little less than a year old, i tried rebooting but still get that error message. Does that mean it can't finda com port on my computer? because i don't have one. i will have to buy the usb connecter.
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