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  1. I'm not up on any of this, so what is the Key and so you have any ideas as to how I can solve this issue? When I asked LOR, theuhh replied that I needed to uninstall and then reinstall my LOR . THANKS FOR ANY INSIGHT
  2. I have tried shutting down computer and it didnt help. Now I will try uninstall, reinstall, but I dont know how i would reinstall. I have my license number but where to get the program I am not sure. Hey BTW.....THANKS!!!!
  3. New to LOR. Running 4.6.2. Getting ready to Enable Shows. Clicked the CP icon and and error keeps popping up saying my LORtray has stopped working. Shows will not play. Can somebody dumb this down for me. Thank you
  4. OK, I am so new to all of this. I have multiple questions, and before I send all of this back, I am giving the forums a try. I never took a computer class so a lot of these terms even scare me. I have a plug and play, lights dance to christmas songs, yea that one, I bought from HD I decided to give this LOR a try. Here goes...I have an LOR Advanced level, 6 channel box, sorry for the lack of the correct terminology. I recently made a sequence, have the music to play to it all set up, and then.... Well I bought from holiday coro dumb rub lights and made a singing face. 8 channels. it has set up to it a dmx 27 channel controller, separate power supply, and a dongle by Enttec pro. I am trying to make the lights, rgb, dance to the music and i have no idea how to configure networks, load control panels, i am so lost and i don't know where to turn. Is there a service where as I could pay for support and someone can walk me through this???? I am in over my head, but have paid too much to turn back now. HELP...Anyone..
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