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    Help please- SE wont see my PE props

    Threads merged. Duplicate content.
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    how many pixie16 I can mount

    Thread duplicate. Same content posted in Newbies.
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    Show editor

    Thread duplicate. Your original was moved to the S5 forum.
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    Box 3 question

    Threads merged. Multiple threads started on the same topic is highly discouraged.
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    Forum becomes sluggish after a few post

    No idea if it's an issue or not. As one might expect I've got quite a bit going on this weekend, and wouldn't be able to devote a lot of time to it until late next week (at best.) Will keep an eye on this thread if ya'll stumble across something.
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    New to LOR. In need of sequences

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    8002 error message

    (Duplicate threads merged.)
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    Panic set in need Expert help with Pixie16

    Please don't do that. It's the busy time of year. Someone will be along to answer as soon as possible, I'm sure.
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    WRONG answers only. Q & A -SATIRE Thread

    The actions of a few have caused this thread to be closed.
  10. See the announcement.
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    RGB Pixel Utility

    Whatever software this is/was .. the thread is 3+ years old. You might reach out to the original poster of the thread and see what the status is.
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    Christmas Light Show

    You really, really, really, should contact LOR. I just help out on the forum, and have zero influence anywhere else.
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    Christmas Light Show

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    Approved by a moderator??

    1) All new members are moderated. Spammers, you know. 2) We're human. Sometimes we miss the alerts.
  15. I dunno .. a class on where to post your thread about bragging? (Ps. Moved to The Coffee Shop)
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    Delayed / repeated E-Mail notifications

    Jim, I took a look at the email logs. Your email address shows up there once or twice with 'connection refused.' Unfortunately I don't get any help from the logs to know *who* refused the connection. I've alerted the powers that be, and see if (or when) they say anything about it.
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    Delayed / repeated E-Mail notifications

    I thought I saw some oddities, but figured it was due to some changes in my email setup that I'm doing. I'll notify the appropriate people so they can look at it.
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    2018 Spring Sale

    Folks, We're not going to play this game of gold/silver/platinum/whatever memberships. The help desk does get tickets about this, and it gets old answering them. Seriously, to put it nicely, stop that. (Or bluntly, knock it off.)
  19. Threads Merged. Multiple threads on multiple forums doesn't help anyone.
  20. Posts merged. Multiple threads do not help anyone. Responses will be slower over the next few days as people are going live with their display.
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    show issues please help

    Posts merged. Multiple threads do not help anyone. Responses will be slower over the next few days as people are going live with their display.
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    two controls with the same address????

    Well, to be fair, that thread wasn't posted when the OP asked the question. It was added shortly after..
  23. A listing of questions that are frequently asked, and an answer. Question: Can I have two or more controllers with the same address? Answer: This is technically possible. The controllers listen for data that is intended for them. If you had 15 controllers all listening for UnitID 03, then all 15 would respond to commands for 03. Note: Multiple controllers with the same address could make it a little more difficult to troubleshoot issues that may be happening in the display. Example: You are having a problem with Unit 03, but which Unit 03? When you pull up the Hardware Editor, you are going to have two 03's in there. Question: Why does my second generation Pixie controller keep resetting to ID 01? Answer: The second generation Pixie controllers have DIP Switches that can be used to set the address. Please see the product documentation to see how the address is set for your device. You can use either the Hardware Utility OR the Dip Switches. Question: Do I have to connect the controllers in numerical order? Answer: The controllers to NOT have to be connected in numerical order. You may connect the controllers in any order you wish within a specific network. (What is a Network? FAQ to come.)
  24. Backup your sequences! If you are new to Light-O-Rama you may not be aware how much time goes into creating your sequences. However as time goes on you start to realize that it can take a lot of time. One thing you should do is make frequent backup of your sequences. This save you an enormous amount of time should you run into problems. Please note: It is best to save a copy of your work on a different computer. If your computer is lost, stolen or just dies, any backups stored on that same machine would be lost to. There are several ways to backup your sequences. Each of them will have their advantages and disadvantages, but each of them will save you time. Here are just some backup methods. 1) Copy the files to a flash drive or SD card. 2) Copy the files to another computer in the house. 3) Use a backup program (Crashplan, Mozy, etc.) to backup your sequences off site. 4) Use a file synchronization program (dropbox.com, etc.) to have a copy of your sequences saved 'in the cloud.' 5) Copy the files to a CD every night. Remember: You should save the sequence files and the audio files. It might not be a bad idea to backup your entire LOR data directory. This is *usually* in the "Light-O-Rama" folder within your "My Documents" directory.