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  1. OP - Message me if you need this thread re-opened.
  2. Multiple threads in multiple (incorrect) forums does not help. Sequence requests go here I Sequence Sharing.
  3. Moved to Sequence Sharing. Please take a moment to research the correct forum for posts.
  4. LORAdmin


    Moved to Sequence Sharing. Please take the time to post in the proper forum.
  5. If you missed the announcement, via green bar at the top of the forums, about the 2019 Summer Sale, read about it here.
  6. And others don't have time to go through every single forum looking for information. If all LOR Software General, E1.31, S5, S4, S3, S4 Visualizer, S4 Pixel Editor, S4/S5 Superstar, Sequence Editor "How To" and Sequence Sharing were in ONE single forum ... would you have the time to go through all of the posts looking for what you need? Doubtful. This is why things are split into groups, to save people time in finding the information they are looking for.
  7. Sorry, this needs to be in the Coffee Shop. The original forum you had it in wasn't the place for it. Things are put into various forums for a reason. If people asked the questions in only the forum they went to, then it'd be nearly impossible to find things.
  8. Relocated to Beta Forum.
  9. I might be a few weeks late here, but please refrain from duplicate posts.
  10. Please don't post duplicate threads.
  11. I'll take a look around the forums, but haven't noticed anything odd as of yet. FWIW, the website and forum are 100% different infrastructures. One doesn't affect the other.
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