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  1. Light show

    This: http://store.lightorama.com/proseadlo.html Would probably be your best choice. Can do stand alone (not music, just animation.)
  2. New and Need help please

    I can help, but not until a week or so into December. See my website for pricing.
  3. Sequences needed

    I think I had 5 my first year. Things went rather smoothly if I recall. Besides, you get too many going and people want to stay and see them all, which only makes traffic worse.
  4. When to do a firmware update for the UmP3g3

    If you come across a time that something doesn't work as expected, and you've determined that the only thing left to check is the firmware, then consider an update. Until that time, don't worry about it.
  5. And the other thing to remember is that it won't cost you any more to upgrade than it will to purchase the software level you want. Go look on the site, and run the prices. You'll see that you would pay the same amount regardless if you purchase the Pro version outright, or upgrade to that level. Same goes for any other level of software LOR has.
  6. Needing song programed

    I can help ... in December.
  7. Disregard. Didn't read 2nd post right. I've never used S5, so I don't know.
  8. You don't. A controller can only respond to one Unit ID. It can not respond, nor be programmed, to more than one ID.
  9. G3-MP3 director

    You use the HU to set up the sequences that you want to run during the show, and to create different shows to run at different times. You write those to the SD Card, then drop it in the director.
  10. G3-MP3 director

    There is no need to have the director connected to your computer when the SD card is in. There is nothing in the software that allows you to 'see' what's going on when the SD card is in there. So ... the idea I have is that it's working as expected.
  11. Step 2 Software Down Load

    They work with everyone. As you might imagine, November is a 'slightly' busy month for those in the lighting business. I'm sure someone will chime in here. If they don't, consider a help desk ticket.
  12. Don't over think it. That's the best advice I have for anyone. Don't overthink what you are doing.
  13. Helpdesk ticket lead time

    Looks like you recently re-opened the ticket from the July time frame. I'm sure when Mike sees this thread he'll alert Dan that you have updated questions. In situations like this replies are sometimes slower. Also take into consideration Dan is 'slightly' busy this month, and you can understand why his response time would be slower.
  14. 99.99% sure that's expected. It's what you get when you randomly turn on 3 colors at various intensities ... various colors. It's been like that since RGB came out in LOR. (Unless they supposedly changed it in S5, which I haven't even looked at yet.)
  15. What program actually plays my sequences?

    1) Only one program can control the com port at a time. If you opened Hardware Utility (HWU) first, it took control of the com port. 2) In the Sequence Editor (SE) make sure you see a blue dot at the bottom right. This lets you know that it has connectivity to the com port, and would be able to control the lights. Also, make sure "Control Lights" is checked under "Play" 3) When you go to schedule shows to run 'live' the software will control the lights with nothing else open. Remember, the software will need control of the com port at that time, so you will get errors when you open the HWU while the show is playing, as it won't be able to get to the com port.
  16. Care to share the resolution?
  17. FM frequency

  18. Video preferences grayed out

    What license level do you have? Check the chart to see if it's supported at your license level. http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-suite-levels/
  19. http://forums.lightorama.com/topic/43908-can-i-repeat-controllers-id
  20. Being original.

    For myself and my customers, yes.
  21. Residential VS Pro?

    And you can find more here: http://www1.lightorama.com/pro-ac-light-controllers/
  22. I didn't read your message in detail... But note that in stand alone mode the older CCR units will NOT send out their own ID over the network. Thus if you have the program loaded on 01, then it will not send out commands to other 01's on the network.
  23. Edit a sequence length

    If this is a musical sequence, then you would need to edit the audio file in a separate program. That version of LOR does not have audio editing abilities. Once you edit the media file you can create a new sequence, and copy the events over you wish to keep.
  24. Demo?

    Visit the main web site, www.lightorama.com, click Sequencing and Download Software. You can run it in Demo mode, but it will not control any lights until purchased.