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  1. Don

    Summer sale

    It's quite often a message at the top of these forums when there is an upcoming sale.
  2. Don

    SD Card option

    I've actually got a folder mapped as an external drive for this purpose. I write the files to the 'external drive' and then I send them to clients. So long as they are using a PC (not MAC) and have a properly formatted SD card, it will work no problem.
  3. Don


    I don't do anything in S5, but I've been programming for, uh, I lost count of how many years....
  4. Don

    2018 Spring Sale

    Products in the Spring Sale sometimes last less than an hour before they are sold out. The Summer Sale has no limits on inventory, with sale prices just a little higher than the Spring Sale.
  5. It's all the same license. That's why it's crucial to use the same email address when purchasing a renewal or upgrade, as that (I assume) is tied to the license DB, and what entry gets made into their DB. Just install V4 and put your old license on there. If you've purchased the upgrade, you'll be good to go.
  6. Don

    New user

    In order to modify/view the sequences, you would need the original LMS/LAS files, correct. And yes, if they don't have them, you are stuck with them as is. (Obviously, unless you start from scratch.)
  7. Don

    New user

    Once they are written to the SD card, then only the directors can read the contents of the card. They can't be opened in the Sequence Editor, or anything of the sort.
  8. Don

    random channels

    If you program them to come on/off at 'Random' then yes. But you have to program it, so it's not really 'Random.' That said, look into the Twinkle function.
  9. Don

    40 days

    "I'm sorry, but I have to get the display torn down now so that I can start planning next years display. You may not realize it, but if I stop now to run the show for you tonight, then the entire display for next year will already be in jeopardy."
  10. Welcome to the 2018 Synchronized Christmas Programming Sale. This is your chance to get started on your programming early, at a discounted price. Synchronized Christmas has been in business since 2007 providing programming and consulting services to a wide array of customers. We've worked with the individual home owner, large commercial projects and light installers who want to add another service to their customers. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you've seen our work in various places around town over the years. In fact, you've seen our work in the United States, Canada, Australia, Curacao, Aruba and more. (And if it really matters to you, you've seen our work on Christmas Light Fight at various times over the years as well.) During the sale we are offering 30% off of our 2017 pricing. While it's not certain that we will change our prices, if we do then you can rest assured you are getting the best possible price, as the 30% discount comes from our 2017 price. Getting Started: Contact 2018sale@synchronizedchristmas.com to begin the conversation about your display and how we can help. *DISCOUNTED PRICING ENDS ON JANUARY 28 AT 11:00 PM CENTRAL TIME.* If you have not contacted us by this date/time, we will not be honoring any discounted pricing requests. Dallas, USA Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 11:00 pm CST New York, USA Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 12:00 midn EST Australian Eastern Time, AET Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 4:00 pm AEDT Los Angeles, USA Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 9:00 pm PST Corresponding UTC Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 05:00 Convert to your time zone: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20180129T050000&p1=70&p2=179&p3=tz_aet&p4=137 Pricing and Terms: We operate on a tiered pricing structure, based on the number of channels in your display. - This pricing specifically refers to Light-O-Rama products. Programming for RGB Pixels/Bulbs is structured differently. Pricing is based on the numbers of Cosmic Color Devices you use, OR the number of channels (on the controller) you are using in a Pixie4/8/16 or PixCon16 Controller. Example: You have an original CCR, a CCR-II with 2 ribbons, and a Pixie8 using 6 channels. This would be a total of 9 CCD's. (6 on the Pixie8, 2 on the CCR-II and 1 on the original CCR.) All prices are shown in the per second of audio price. For all 16 and 8 Channel "CTB" boards (1602 and CTB16 series) the discounted prices are: # Of Channels / Price 1-64 / $1.79 65-96 / $1.96 97-128 / $2.31 129-192 / $2.66 193-224 / $3.05 225-256 / $3.36 257-511 / $3.71 RGB Pixel/Bulb/Pixie/Pixcon discounted pricing: 1-4 CCD's / $67 per minute (2 min minimum) /1.09/sec after 5-16 CCD's / $78 per minute $78 (2 min minimum) / 1.26/sec after 17+ CCD's / $88 per minute $88 (2 min minimum) / 1.44/sec after The following terms apply to all programming offered under this special. 1) All programming is done on a S4 version of software. You will be responsible for converting to other formats, should you wish to do so. This includes newer versions of LOR Software. 2) If you have not set up your channel layout and/or Visualizer file compatible with S4 versions, there is a $150 non-refundable fee for us to do so. 3) A minimum of 50% of either a song or the total agreed upon price is due before work starts. 4) Any updates will be sent to you in a LOR protected format until such time as the sequence is paid in full. 5) You must supply the music to be programmed. Notice: This might be the only discount we offer all year. Thus if you are interested in our programming services this would be the time to go for it. We reserve the right to limit the amount of programming sold during the sale for any reason. This offer may be canceled at any time. We reserve the right to correct typographical errors in pricing.
  11. This is still not possible. Once it's written to the .SEQ format, the SEQ format can not be converted back.
  12. Don

    Vocal vs. Instrumental?

    As soon as you remember the part about time signatures, you'll be fine (at least in my opinion.) So much of what I program is either at the measure or 4 measures level. Very rarely do I tie events to vocal parts of a song, unless I feel it really calls for it.
  13. Don

    Vocal vs. Instrumental?

    It's *really* hard to describe this in text, but .. All music has a time signature. Most of the Christmas music out there is in 4/4 time. This means there are 4 quarter notes in a measure. If you listen to music and know this little fact, you may start to hear this signature in the music. Once you do, the vocals won't bother you at all. You'll be more in tune with the music than the vocals.
  14. There are various ways within the LOR environment to keep the lights on after music plays. It will somewhat depend on how you run the show (computer/director, etc.) but it can be done with LOR. Welcome to the forums!
  15. Unless LOR has something to 'uncompress' the LCS file, you're going to be out of luck. The .LSV file is a supporting cast member, and doesn't have any sequence information in it.
  16. Don

    Schedule Sequence still playing

    Personally, I'd change up the show a bit. In the Musical tab put in the two songs, then 3, 10 minute animation all on/off sequences. Change the show to run 30 minutes. Since LOR will stop an animation sequence at the end of a show then you'd be able to go into the next show right away. Just make sure that total length of the show is longer than you actually want it to be. Also, again, make sure you have animation sequences after the 2 musical sequences.
  17. Don

    R.I.P. Robin Stublen

    Always hate to hear the passing of anyone, especially anyone who is in the hobby. Passing during the holiday season only makes it worse. Sad news. Thanks for passing it on.
  18. Don

    Newbie. Which package to start off?

    If you want to control each bulb, then you are going to have to go the RGB route. A few places to start reading/learning http://www1.lightorama.com/smart-pixels/ http://www1.lightorama.com/dumb-pixels/ Look in the "Pixels" section on the LOR site to read up and learn a lot more.
  19. I didn't read the whole thread, so I didn't know #4 was tied into the Viz question. No idea there, I haven't touched S5 yet.
  20. Don

    Being original.

    What did I miss?
  21. 3) Simply delete the weeksched.lsc file and start over. 4) If you have the status window up, you can see when the next show starts. (At least in S3/S4 versions.) Honestly, it's something that (I think) require a lot of extra programming on LOR's part for something that adds all of 30 seconds to what your doing (Assuming you have to go pull up the schedule, etc.)
  22. Don

    Playing sequences done in 5 in previous version

    And you would need a 24CCR license to program them in Superstar. You would NOT need the 24CCR license to run that many in your display, should you choose to program them in the SE.
  23. If so, and you have an SD card that might work in a LOR Director, I need to hear from you ASAP. Bonus points if you can help me get the card to a town west of Lafayette today, before 5pm.
  24. Don

    Configure CCB

    Define "All Over The Place" If it's simply a case of the chase on the second string starting at the wrong end, then yes, you need to flip the second string around. This can be done in the SE when you create CCB, or in the Hardware Utility with the CCB connected. *Assuming S4 and below.
  25. Don

    SuperStar License

    1) Yes. 2) No. 3) Unknown (by me) A "renewal" will allow you to license the any future version of the software that is released 1 year from the date of renewal. An "Upgrade" is going from "Standard" to "Advanced" etc. Any upgrade counts as a renewal as well.