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  1. Question Before Purchase

    The LOR software can not react to music in real time. All effects have to be programmed in, one way or the other.
  2. Can this be done on a MAC?

    Does Light-O-Rama software work on an Apple computer? Kinda... but with some help. We have to use some very low level device drivers to communicate between the computer and the various types of controllers available. The Windows environment allows us to do this relatively easily... not so much in the Apple world. The easiest solution might be Apple's Boot Camp. See more at https://www.apple.com/support/bootcamp/Other of our Apple users use their Mac in a Windows environment via Parallels (http://www.parallels.com/products/desktop/) or VMWare Fusion (http://www.vmware.com/products/fusion/)
  3. overlay of two audio files

    You can only load one audio file at a time.
  4. Isn't that one that has UnitID Settings on the board? I forget.
  5. Lights

    In detail, describe how you are trying to test. What (LOR) programs do you have open? Trying from the sequence editor or hardware utility?
  6. Lights

    16 what? Controllers? What type are these controllers? Is the LOR Software registered?
  7. Lights

    A whole lot of questions here. What type of controllers? How many? What version of the software are you using? What license level do you have? In detail, describe how you are trying to test. What programs do you have open? Trying from the sequence editor or hardware utility. How are the controllers connected to your computer? (Again, in detail, not just "with cables".)
  8. Down loading sequence to 3 LOR units

    With only 01 connected, make sure it has no sequence. With only 02 connected, make sure it has no sequence. With only 03 connected, make sure it has no sequence. Run the LOR Verifier (Look in the LOR Tray/Lightbulb) to make sure there are no errors with the sequence. With only 01 Connected, re-download the sequence. Then hook up the controllers and try again. Do NOT have the controllers connected to your computer/RS485. Since these are 1602's, make sure you set the Unit ID with the on controllers buttons, and not the Hardware Editor.
  9. Down loading sequence to 3 LOR units

    If you are using a 1602 series, it can act as a director, meaning it can control animation sequences. (Musical requires the director.) You need only download a sequence to ONE unit. When connected via CAT5, the other units will get commands from the unit that is playing. Controllers MUST have a different ID in this situation. The 1602 won't send out commands for it's own ID to other units. Thus if you download it to 01, it won't send out 01 commands over the wire. Delete the sequences on 02 and 03. Make sure only 01 has a sequence and try again. Remember, 1602 animation sequences do not have the ability to operate on a schedule. They only work when powered.
  10. Down loading sequence to 3 LOR units

    Which controllers do you have? (And a few other questions, but we'll start there.)
  11. Channel Configuration

    Look in the Edit menu, near the bottom.. Import/Export Channel config. Create the config you want, then export to a new LCC. Then import it to new sequences you want to use that LCC on.
  12. Changing default directory

  13. can i repeat controllers ID

    Two controllers can have the same ID. It does present challenges come troubleshooting time, but it can be done. Though I should note that you will have to have a cable connected to the controller in order for it to receive the commands. (Well, unless you plan to run two directors and somehow get them to sync to the exact same time, to the nano second without drifting....)
  14. Sounds like you are trying to insert onto a Fixed Timing grid. You can't insert timings on those. Change to the other grid type.
  15. Shimmer vs Twinkle Question

    You have to think of a 16 channel controller as a glorified light switch/plug. If you turn off the switch, everything attached to it will turn off. If you apply a fade down to lights, everything attached to that circuit will fade down. If you have 10 light bulbs connected to a single circuit, you can't affect just one of them, unless the bulb has some smarts to it. Incandescent and LED strings are dumb. Everything on the circuit will do the same thing. They don't know how to do anything different. RGB strings, however, have 'smarts' built into them, and thus the controller can direct different parts of the string to do different things.
  16. Shimmer vs Twinkle Question

    On the 16 channel controllers, no. The effect is for the entire string, on/off/fade up/fade down, etc, will affect the entire string. You'd have to get into RGB strings and controllers to affect individual segments of a string of lights/pixels.
  17. 50W Flood Photos (in use)

    2, 50w floods very close to the front door area during Halloween one year. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9kbapeuoru5lfnj/50w Flood - Purple.jpg?dl=0
  18. New look?

  19. Summer Sale

    Summer sale ended 50 minutes ago. Okay, I'm kidding. They do announce the sale here in the forum as well as email. It hasn't been announced yet.
  20. As has been mentioned several times, backing up your sequences is something you should be doing. For those of you who don't have a backup solution in place then I'd ask you to consider Acronis Backup. It's one of the programs I use to backup my stuff, and I'm very happy with it. You can get it here. It does have a free trial offer, though I forget what limitations might be on there. Seriously, get a backup plan in place. We see it every year that people lose sequences because their computer crash, hard drive failed or worse. Don't be that guy/gal/person. BACKUP!
  21. Pro controllers or Residential for weather

    I've used residential controllers for years here in Dallas/Fort Worth. I simply put a plastic bag over the enclosure to keep moisture out. Haven't had a problem.
  22. Timings

    Look for the Timing Grid area ... should be near the top of the sequence. It's a drop down (or button) that you can use to change/add/remove timing grids.
  23. Timings

    Sounds like you are working with a Fixed Grid. Switch to free form and you should be able to modify them.
  24. 5 Kills 4

    As far as I know, you've never been able to have two different versions on the machine at the same time.
  25. No word on S5 yet??

    Yep. Unless they come out and say otherwise, then it's just the standard renewal fee.