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  1. Hey @DevMike Look in the Closed tickets. You'll see Dan's reply. It's there.
  2. Check your spam folder. It was replied to.
  3. You've gotten lucky in the past then. I personally wouldn't be worried until October.
  4. I need to fix some of the formatting, but this should get you the info you need. https://new.lorfaq.com/show-scheduling-example-2/ Remember, Animation can go in Musical Tab. Create 15 or 20 minute animation files, put them in the Musical Tab. The rest of the article should make sense to you.
  5. And ... it's just me, but I'd really reconsider putting your phone number and email address in a public forum. Again, just me.
  6. Use a different email address. Hotmail might be blocked by their system due to previous spam tickets.
  7. Is that when you put in a new ticket? Because I just submitted one no problems. You don't have to login, just click "new ticket"
  8. That's something we do. Take a look at the website for more details. https://www.synchronizedchristmas.com/
  9. I don't see 4 tickets from the same person that haven't been answered. In fact, as of this moment, all tickets in the queue have at least had the initial response, and assigned to someone. Are you saying they haven't responded? Or that they've responded but you found the answer? If they responded and you found the answer, just reply to the ticket and ask that the ticket be closed. If they haven't responded ... check your spam filters. As of this moment, all tickets in the queue have at least had the initial response.
  10. The only restriction on how many controllers can be supported from a hardware level is the limits in the address. You can have 240 controllers. Per network. Up to 16 networks (from computer) and 12 (I think) linking the new Directors together. The license level comes into play when you WRITE shows to the SD card using the software. You will have to use the software to write the shows in a format the Director can read. The max that a card can control is dependent on what was written to the card in the first place. If a 128 channel sequence was written to the card, then you can link 8 controllers together. Clear as mud?
  11. There are quite a few variables here that are going to make it next to impossible to give you a firm answer. "Without having to program any" - Well, if you are going with an SD Card to run the show (ie., director) then you can run as many controllers as the show is programmed for (what's on the SD card.) That brings us to the next point ... programming. If the card can be edited, someone has to edit it. Without programming anything it's going to be quite difficult to change the SD card. Someone, somewhere will have to edit it.
  12. There are many free sources available here on the forums. If none of those fit your needs, take a look at my site. https://www.synchronizedchristmas.com/
  13. I'm getting them for every thread I'm subscribed to.
  14. Probably. Depends on what exactly you are looking to do. There are some LOR products that aren't going to work with current generation ELL's (some pixels, etc.) which would limit some things.
  15. Don

    LSS file

    LSS is a show file. You'd open it with the Show Editor.
  16. There are a lot of companies/people out there. I'm one. Email me. info@synchronizedchristmas.com
  17. Well, the mini-director can only run one show. It doesn't have the ability to run more than one. It runs when you apply power to it. If you want timed type stuff, like a pre-show and main show, then you would want consider the Showtime Director. I've not looked up powering the mini-director from Pixie's, so I can't comment on that one.
  18. Don


    If you use a *different* computer, you can test it out. However, you can't have two versions on the *same* computer. Download it at the website, same place you download others. http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-software-download/
  19. Yeah, I agree with others. I'm not giving anyone a CC number to get a total on a purchase. You give me the total before the purchase. +1 on the ecommerce issue, too. They are not hard to set up, even on a limited budget.
  20. It's just you. https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/www1.lightorama.com
  21. Words mean things. Version = 4.x, 5.x, 6.x etc. License Level = Standard, Advanced, Pro Then to correct what you wrote: --> However, upgrading from any lower license level to the newer higher license level would require an upgrade fee, even if your license would cover up to version v.6.0.1. and --> you'd need to renew your license, as your license covered up to version v.6.0.1
  22. Upgrading to a different version is 100% independent of whatever license level you have. Go check your current license. It will tell you how long your license is valid for, and up to what version of the software it's valid for. You could have the "Super duper ultra mega" license level, but would still have to pay to upgrade (edit: upgrade versions) once your license has reached it's limit. License Level controls the main features (background sequences, native DMX pixel editor of motion effects) while the version has bug fixes, and other feature upgrades that fall into the "main" features of the software.
  23. If you were to upgrade to a Pro license level, and LOR came out with a license level higher than "Pro" you would have to pay to upgrade to that version. Everyone who ran Advanced that wanted to move to Pro had to pay the upgrade fee there as well. Remember: Your license doesn't expire, in the sense that your software would stop working. The only problem you'd have with an expired license would be moving to a higher version of the software.
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