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  1. Yeah, that's been the case since Protected came out. Probably a simple text file not updated, or something similar.
  2. Jim, Just to clarify (because I know you are one who likes the finer details). Encrypted = Saved on a PC without an active license. Contents can be seen, and even edited, but not copy/pasted, on another machine. Protected = An option in Advanced and Pro that allows one to save a sequence in a manner that can not be edited at all. The events are hidden from view. Channels can not be changed. Only the music file can be changed.
  3. Don

    Guest comments which crack me up

    When I was doing a display at the house I had chosen the frequency 107.3. However for decades (until the last 5 years or so) 103.7 was "THE Christmas Station" around here. I had more than one person asking me how I got that particular station (who at the time was a rating juggernaut at Christmas) to sync with my lights.
  4. Don

    Show Editor

    Or ... https://new.lorfaq.com/show-scheduling-example-2/
  5. Please don't get too complicated. It's already documented that you use the same start/stop time to keep a show from playing on a director. I know (I think) LOR plans to keep the technical side of things there for those who need it, but having to know two different ways to keep a show from playing would (in my opinion) add confusion.
  6. Don

    file extension

    You need to create a playback file. http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/5.2.2/help/concept_sequences.htm
  7. Don

    Two S5 Issues, need help

    Check your PM.
  8. Don

    Two S5 Issues, need help

    I will say that I had to 'reset' my W10 laptop a few months ago. Something went wonky and wouldn't let audio play. Open a sequence up in SE on the 2nd computer. See if you can play the audio there. If you can't, then it's possible that you'd have to do a reset as well. The Windows Reset function kept the data, but I did have to re-install some programs.
  9. Don

    Two S5 Issues, need help

    Another perspective on what Jim said. Running shows from a folder that is synced to the cloud wouldn't be a problem except if the program syncing those files for you decided to put a lock on the files. I'm not talking about a ransomware type lock, but more of a normal systems check type lock. Think of it as the cloud software locking the file for a second to check that it's properly synced with the cloud. That lock, by the cloud software, could affect your local show. Also, remember that the audio file name is not relative, so it's looking in an exact directory for the audio. If your Dropbox folder is in a different directory on the computers, then you will get an error. Remember: It's more than just the "my documents" directory. With Dropbox its usually c:\users\<username>\Documents\Dropbox (or something close to that) as the base directory. If those are different, then the audio file will not be found on the 2nd computer.
  10. Don

    My lights don't work, help !!!

    If you purchased everything in 2014, then I would be curious as to the exact hardware you have. You say SD card and director. Which director? Mini-Director? Regular or G3 Showtime Director? Digital readout? (Meaning G3) or older without the readout. I would suggest using the Hardware Utility to create your SD card right now. The HUB is still has a few glitches in it that need to be resolved. The HWU would be the better way to go. You might start with just one song on there and see what happens.
  11. Will the fix for the same start/stop time be in there? That's the only way to keep a show from playing on a particular day via the SD card. Only way I could do it via SD card in S5 was via HWU.
  12. Don


    Whoops! I saw the word "voluminous" and right away thought sound. Consider it a lost in translation error on my part. If you are running the shows from your computer then consider the option in the Show Editor "Sequences are loaded before any are played." I don't have S5 on this laptop, but if the LOR Compressor Utility is still there, I would look into using that to compress things.
  13. If you are just wanting the songs to loop all the time (which is what 97%+ of people do) then just schedule the show to run 5-8 M-F and 5-9 Sat-Sun. (OR Sun-Thu and Fri-Sat) I'm going to assume you are running the show from the computer, and used the Show Editor to create the show. Now use the Schedule Editor to schedule it.
  14. Don


    Take a look at this thread. http://forums.lightorama.com/topic/23227-i-want-the-same-volume-for-all-the-music/
  15. If you want the display dark outside of the musical sequences, then create a 10 or 15 minute long animation sequence with ALL channels OFF. Place that animation sequence in the MUSICAL tab after your musical sequences play. Then schedule your shows for 30 minutes in length. The software will stop an animation sequence when a show ends, regardless of how much longer the sequence has to go. This would give you a scheduled 10 or 15 minute OFF command at the end of each show.
  16. Sorry, can't make the picture larger. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ol11pt8np6o9fss/Pixel-Editor-Wider.jpg?dl=0
  17. " Data from encrypted sequence cannot be copied except on the sequence's originating computer " This message is a result of creating that specific sequence on an unlicensed copy of the software, then trying to copy/paste on a *different* computer. The only ways to resolve this is to either license the original computer you created them on, and then save that sequence on that machine, or contact the Help Desk.
  18. Newest version of S5 or S4? If you are talking about the latest S4 version, and the pixel editor there, then once you save the file, you need to Save Intensity Data, which will then place an extra Track in your sequence in the SE, which will contain the data.
  19. Just for the record, if anyone sees this, the S4 Pixel Editor will allow you to zoom in and make the programming area WIDER. However, it is missing the ability to make the programming area taller.
  20. Your profile says you are running 5.2.2 of the software, but version 5 doesn't have a Pixel Editor program, it's part of the Sequencer. You would do all of the work inside of the Sequencer.
  21. Don

    Looking to use DMX Flame with CTB16 controllors

    LOR really isn't designed for actual fire. One should seriously consider other solutions for fire, not LOR.
  22. Don

    How many pixie 16

    Your computer specs won't really matter here. It's the LOR Network speed you are concerned about. High speed LOR networks, generally speaking, are good for about 2400 pixels (so I've been told.) Some have gone higher and have had success.
  23. Don


    You would either need to create a musical sequence: http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/5.2.2/help/ http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/5.2.2/help/sequencer.htm Or purchase sequences from the Light-O-Rama store. http://sequences.lightorama.com/
  24. Don

    Is LOR connector necessary?

    Yes. You need to get one from Light-O-Rama. No, you can't get it elsewhere (unless it's a Light-O-Rama Partner selling you the hardware.)
  25. Man, feel like a newbie again with S5. Trying to build a preview for next year, but running into some issues. What issue? I don't know yet. This is a tree that is two colors, Red/White. No RGB, just LED Red and White Lights. The tree has 5 rows and 6 columns. (or 30 "zones") Each zone has both red and white lights. The idea was to build the preview so that I could both program 'normally' in the SE equivalent, while at the same time take advantage of some of the motion effects that the Sequence offers, albeit with two colors. I fired up S5 and started to build my preview. 1) Create new Prop 2) Type: Channel per color - Choose Red/White 3) Shape: Custom Shape. Define with "1" being lower left, "6" being lower right, and go up from there. I end up with a 6*5 grid of dots. 4) Channels are set up (but will get modified later) Now I go to create an animation sequence to start tinkering. Problem 1 - Only one color appears in the preview. All 60 channels are there, and are all defined as White/Red, and I can even turn them on. However, only the White lights are playing. Problem 2 - I can create motion effects, but I can only get the White lights to respond. Even when I choose the red lights in the Pallet area, I do not get any red lights responding. Clearly I'm missing something, but I don't know what it might be. Ideas anyone?