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    Creating LOR MP3 Show Question

    Well, since you have a 1602G3MP3 controller/director, then you have a Gen 3 or newer director. Last I checked they had two ports on there, so you'd select two. You'd then have a Regular and Aux A network coming out of the director. (If memory serves, someone correct me if I'm wrong.)
  2. Don

    Show Editor - Background vs Musical

    If 1/9 - 1/16 isn't configured on your sequences, then the sequence won't be sending out a signal to that unit/circuit.
  3. Don

    Show Editor - Background vs Musical

    If you have (for example) Unit 5, ID's 1-8 defined in two sequences that are playing at the same time, they will both get the commands. You will then be sending them conflicting commands, and results would not be what you expect. Anything you want running in the background should not be defined in any other sequence, on the sequence(s) you are going to use for background.
  4. Don

    New Computer

    The sequence didn't get saved with a valid license. As such, it's limited in its ability to copy/paste (and a few other things.) Either go back to the old computer and apply the license, or if that's not possible then contact LOR via the help desk. They should be able to help, but it won't be an instant thing, it will take them some time. (Ie., don't expect it overnight.)
  5. Don

    Worst customer service ever!

    Clifford, I get it. You had a bad experience with LOR to start out. In fact, your very first post here on the forums was a complaint. It should give you some idea about Light-O-Rama's character as a company when you learn that all posts by new forum members are moderated. This means that LOR didn't have to let your message get posted on the forums. However, they did, and John took time out of his weekend to resolve the issue for you. Everyone, LOR included, is entering into their busy season right now. LOR doesn't have a staff off 200 people waiting to answer tickets 24x7 on their help desk, but they do respond to tickets in the queue; as you have learned today. Welcome to Light-O-Rama! I know you'll have fun with it - A lot of us do.
  6. Don

    Fade A Chase

    Something like this? https://www.dropbox.com/s/rvp1p52ka4ky32w/snip-lor-fadingchase-181006.PNG?dl=0
  7. It will keep repeating. I do not think there is a way for the firmware of a 1602 to play an animation sequence once when powered up.
  8. Don

    2018 Custom Programming Sale

    I'm just now seeing this, if it tells you how busy I am. Not sure what bandwidth I'll have left at this point. Sorry.
  9. I'll be announcing details of my 2018 Programming Sale sometime in December. (Probably near Christmas.) If you are planning your 2018 display now, and want to take a lot of the stress out of next years display, this will be the sale for you. If you're not planning your 2018 display, you should be.
  10. When you build your show (in S4) you simply add the animation sequences in between the musical sequences in the musical tab. When you say "Step through manually" are you meaning change what is shown on an animated sequence on the fly? If so, then the only way you are doing that is with triggers. You would set up a trigger to play a certain sequence (animated) when that trigger is pressed. Keep in mind that the triggers would be 'live' anytime the show is on, so it would be possible to accidentally interrupt your musical sequences if you are not careful.
  11. Don

    Help settling an argument

    That's where I agree with her. The song wasn't written with the LGBTQ community in mind. Gay was used in a completely different way in the song. 100% different definition and everything. If you want to throw in a song that celebrates the LGBTQ community in your display, go right ahead. Have all the rainbows you want. To me this isn't a 'politically correct' type of argument. It's the simple fact that the word Gay in the song isn't referencing LGBTQ. However, either way you do it, someone is going to like it, and someone is going to not like it. That's just the way it goes.
  12. Don

    Help settling an argument

    I have to side with your wife on this one. The word "gay" in the lyrics appeared in the 1870's, which was before the term was generally used to describe ones preference. I've got zero issue with celebrating the LGBTQ lifestyles, but when the song was written, gay wasn't meant to reference it. Rather it was meant in it's more common definition of the time, "carefree", "cheerful", or "bright and showy".
  13. Don

    controller connect

    it is difficult for me even sometimes impossible to figure out what people ask when they dont use punctuation know what i mean That said, it sounds like you are connecting the USB adapter to the computer, then connecting it to the controller. 1) Make sure you have the drivers installed. 2) Make sure that you ONLY have the Hardware Utility running. If this is a PC controller (plastic enclosure) then set the "max unit id" in the top right down to 5 so it doesn't take to long. The default ID is 01, so no need to wait forever on your testing.
  14. Don


    Basic answer: No. Slightly technical answer: You would have to use a virtual instance of Windows in your Mac in order for the software to run. The software does not run on the Mac OS.
  15. From the FAQ - Long read, but should get quite a few questions answered. http://www1.lightorama.com/faqs/ LOR computerized controllers come in 4, 8 and 16 channel models. A 4 channel controller gives you independent control of 4 lighting circuits, an 8 channel controller gives you independent control of 8 lighting circuits and a 16 channel controller doubles that. Each of these controllers is available as either a residential version or a Showtime Professional/Commercial version. A ShowTime Professional controller is the same as a ShowTime Commercial controller. The key to remember is these controller are UL approved (in the USA) and are easier to service in the field. Professional/Commercial versions are ready to go, fully assembled controllers in outdoor rated enclosures with power connectors. Professional/Commercial controllers can operate stand-alone, meaning they have an animation sequence downloaded into them. They can be configured to run this sequence continuously when they power up or in response to an external trigger switch. The sequence in a stand-alone controller can also contain commands for other controllers. In this case, the controller is called a Director and controllers it controls are called Companions. Residential controllers are built and tested circuit boards. You typically must supply the enclosure and the electrical connectors. These units require a computer to be connected to them the first time to set their unique ID address. These units cannot run standalone. Controllers are daisy chained together using either phone cables (RJ11 connectors) for shorter cable runs or CAT5E cables (RJ45 connectors) for longer runs. Each controller has an “address” which is a number between 1 and 240. Currently, the largest possible LOR network would have 240 controllers yielding thousands of controllable circuits. Not enough? Add more LOR networks
  16. Don


    There was no visualizer in S2. That was the animation window. They are two very different things. No way to convert. You would need to create a new visualizer. I haven't used S5, so I couldn't tell you anything about it.
  17. Depends on what one considers "Good" If the schedule changes weekly, the change out the SD card weekly. That's about the only solution there is.
  18. No. The Showtime Director only does day of the week. It has no ability to tell what day of the month (or month) it is.
  19. Don

    USB485B Adapter

    The USB adapters are not Ethernet based technology. Using a switch will damage, something.
  20. Don

    Can I skip controller 2?

    You could go to controller 42 if you wanted. Numerical order of controllers doesn't matter.
  21. Don

    Not intuitive

    It's still a renewal, still at the same link. http://store.lightorama.com/solire.html They just haven't gotten all of the S4 references updated. Will take them a while. It did for S2, S3 and S4.
  22. Don

    Playing sequence in 2x speed

    Short of speeding up the MP3 via a 3rd party utility, creating a new sequence and pasting by time (so the 3 minutes fits into 1.5 at the same proportions) ... not possible.
  23. Didn't recreate on one machine, but it did the other. Maybe the other machine is putting them in a different directory. Don't know. Don't care. Storage is cheap. I honestly wouldn't worry about them.
  24. Hmm. Files didnt re-create on my end. Dunno what to tell ya. If I get time, I'll test again.