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  1. Don

    Not intuitive

    It's still a renewal, still at the same link. http://store.lightorama.com/solire.html They just haven't gotten all of the S4 references updated. Will take them a while. It did for S2, S3 and S4.
  2. Don

    Playing sequence in 2x speed

    Short of speeding up the MP3 via a 3rd party utility, creating a new sequence and pasting by time (so the 3 minutes fits into 1.5 at the same proportions) ... not possible.
  3. Didn't recreate on one machine, but it did the other. Maybe the other machine is putting them in a different directory. Don't know. Don't care. Storage is cheap. I honestly wouldn't worry about them.
  4. Hmm. Files didnt re-create on my end. Dunno what to tell ya. If I get time, I'll test again.
  5. FYI ... Windows Reset seems to have done the trick. Course, I'm having to get a lot of things reinstalled and going, but at least the issue seems to be resolved.
  6. Version 4.3.24 Pro. Windows 10. Seemingly out of the blue I'm getting the following error when trying to create or edit a sequence. I've been using this machine for a few years, and as recently as yesterday to program and it was working then. The only change to the system was a newer version of CCleaner, which due to my inattention, installed Avast. I've gotten that removed, and found all left over remnants and deleted them as well. (Revo) Re-run installer for 4.3.24 - No go. Removed, Reinstalled - No go. I've removed, rebooted, reinstalled - No go. Both removals were done via Revo, which seeks out all registry entries and files left over by the uninstaller, and gives you the option to remove them. (Which I did.) The exact error message https://www.dropbox.com/s/jyefclq27hwv87m/S4.3.24-WMPError.PNG?dl=0 Anyone have ideas?
  7. Don

    China tariffs

    If I'm understanding what I'm reading right, a lot of the potential price increase this year will be determined by when the products landed on US Soil. Thus any price increase would be dependent on when the items landed here.
  8. Don

    Windows 10 monthly lease

    Sounds like a lot of FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) at the consumer level right now. "But if Microsoft simply leased the entire device, all feature updates and patches are tested and confirmed stable for that specific hardware set," Personally, I think that any recurring charges for a Windows Operating System won't start for a few years, and then even at that it would (hopefully) be at a smaller rate than we might expect. That would be a massive change for Windows. I think if the Office 365 stuff is a step in the right direction, but they are going to have to go a few more years to show people they still innovate at the Office level, so as to give Investors (and consumers) some sense of comfort they will continue to innovate at the Windows level. Otherwise, the rise of the other OS' will start.
  9. Don

    Summer sale

    It's quite often a message at the top of these forums when there is an upcoming sale.
  10. Don

    SD Card option

    I've actually got a folder mapped as an external drive for this purpose. I write the files to the 'external drive' and then I send them to clients. So long as they are using a PC (not MAC) and have a properly formatted SD card, it will work no problem.
  11. Don


    I don't do anything in S5, but I've been programming for, uh, I lost count of how many years....
  12. Don

    2018 Spring Sale

    Products in the Spring Sale sometimes last less than an hour before they are sold out. The Summer Sale has no limits on inventory, with sale prices just a little higher than the Spring Sale.
  13. It's all the same license. That's why it's crucial to use the same email address when purchasing a renewal or upgrade, as that (I assume) is tied to the license DB, and what entry gets made into their DB. Just install V4 and put your old license on there. If you've purchased the upgrade, you'll be good to go.
  14. Don

    New user

    In order to modify/view the sequences, you would need the original LMS/LAS files, correct. And yes, if they don't have them, you are stuck with them as is. (Obviously, unless you start from scratch.)