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  1. I've done this for a while on S4 shows (and probably did with S3.)
  2. Help me help you, and other newbies. How should I have worded this?
  3. I've been telling you this for weeks. Ever since your first thread. Pretty sure I said something like this as well. Please. Stop trying to over-complicate this.
  4. Then please don't further complicate the matter.
  5. When you open a sequence that was created in S4 with S5, it should do the conversion for you, and prompt you along the way. I've converted S4 to S5 for customers and they've run them just fine. The only thing you (Joe) need to use the Preview function for is to configure the channels. That will act as your Import/Export LCC from S4. No need to do anything more. Create a new animation sequence in S5. It will ask you how many channels, and configure them for you. Then you would use that 'Preview' in any other sequence you want configured the same way. Thus for me, I would end up creating a Preview for each Customer of mine, and using that Preview when working on their sequence. Some customers I'd use the actual Viz function of the Preview .. for everyone else, I wouldn't.
  6. I complained about S2, S3 and S4... I'm sure I'll get used to S5. I suspect we all will in time.
  7. Why do you think you have to use the Preview Window in S5? Yes, you need to configure the channels by selecting a Preview. This is a combination of the Vizualizer the LCC function from S4 combined. But you don't have to have the Preview Window showing when you do programming or watch playback. (And those more familiar with S5 can explain better.)
  8. If you insist on using two directors, you never will. Use one director and one controller.
  9. Please stop trying to do this. DON'T use two MP3's as your only two controllers. Just don't. You mentioned in your last thread about this that you have a 1602Wg3 as well. Use that and one director. I can't stress this enough. STOP doing this. You are making things hard on yourself, and everyone else who is trying to help. You have two controllers in your display. I know of no logical reason why you would try and use two MP3's on the same network.
  10. There would be no compatibility issues with older controllers. The USB485 and USB485B will both work with the 2.x version of software. If you want to keep everything the same as you had it, I would get one of the adapters I mentioned, and then install the 2.x software.
  11. http://forums.lightorama.com/search/?q=%22keeping%20lights%20on%22
  12. Off the top of my head I do not know.
  13. Unless ya'll write your own OS, it's something everyone will have to adapt to. Make backups of your data, and upgrades wont be a concern. Sure, they are a pain if they leave your PC unusable, but with backups, it doesnt matter.
  14. My current desktop is easily 6 years old, maybe 7. Runs windows 10 just fine. Technology changes. More processing power is needed. MS or any other company isn't going to spend time making versions of software that very few people need. Doesnt make business sense for them to do so.
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