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  1. Create a new Grid View, and re-arrange the channels you want in there. http://www.lightorama.com/help/grid_view_menu.htm Then save the config to use in other sequences. http://www.lightorama.com/help/grid_views.htm (see bottom)
  2. Interesting. I choose the entire row, select Existing Effects - Foreground --> then any of the Fade options, and it works for me. I've even lowered the entire row by 75%. The entire row. All at once.
  3. You don't use S5. Any attempts to duplicate the error would be useless.
  4. If it plays in the Sequencer, but you can't add it to the show for your SD card then one of two things are happening. 1) You've got serious problems on that machine. 2) Most likely you are unintentionally picking the wrong file. If it plays in the Sequencer, then nothing should prevent it from being loaded into that right hand window when building a show.
  5. Does the file play in the Sequencer?
  6. When you open the sequence in the Sequencer, does it play there? aka, is the media correctly associated with the sequence file?
  7. Look for the LORHub program. You create the shows there for the SD Card.
  8. Don

    Software issues!

    They didn't save as PDF's. It would be that they are opening with PDF's. If you open the sequence from inside the sequence editor, then it will open. You can change Default Windows programs here. https://mashtips.com/default-programs-windows-10/
  9. Open the Preview. Select the "Channel Conflicts and Bulk Changes" tab. From there you can use the dropdown to change the type of items that show up in the list below. If you change it to "Props with Device Type: LOR" then you will see only LOR controllers there. Then you can highlight one, select "Change" and change the ID/Network and more.
  10. Don

    Schedule Editor

    And looking at my S5 install, it would seem those same files are in use as well.
  11. Don

    Schedule Editor

    If you are indeed on 4.x, then look in your LOR directory. You will see weeksched.lsc and yearsched.lsc; delete those and your schedule will be cleared.
  12. You'll probably have to contact LOR. Last I checked, the software wasn't transferable.
  13. 2.x versions of the software can't open sequences saved in 3.x, etc.
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