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  1. Controler crisis

    Someone is going to have to correct me if I'm wrong here (As I've set up the PixCon once...) but... In theory since the PIxCon can run over ethernet, you can assign it an IP Address on your home network. Do NOT try to go wireless with it, as it will cripple your wireless network. (To much traffic.) Thus you could put the PixCon on your LAN port, configure it with an IP, and have it able to be seen by the LOR Software. (You indicated you have already done this, so I don't see why it would be a problem.) Be sure to check docs to make sure board is configured right to run in this mode. Then put the other controllers on the RS485 adapter.
  2. Color Changing LED lights

    Sounds like those LED lights have a controller of their own that controls the LED changing color. You wouldn't be using any LOR product to control that. It's all done in that controller on the LED string.
  3. Controler crisis

    I see nothing in the documentation to show that Pixcon runs at 57.6. You might consider leaving the Pixcon on it's own, and have the others running on their own LOR network.
  4. Multiple saved schedules?

    For S4 and below .. (I haven't touched S5) Create schedule. Rename the year/week schedule files located in your LOR folder. (Where your sequences and audio folder are.) Then rename back to original name when you need them. I do this for a few clients each years. Works like a champ.
  5. Copy and paste in the Sequence Editor is just like Copy/Paste in any other Windows program. CTRL-C to copy, CTRL-V to paste. Highlight the cells you want to keep then copy (or cut) and paste them where you want them.
  6. How do I just turn the lights on?

    Welcome. Where an animation and musical sequence playing at the same time might come in handy is if you have elements of a display that need to move, or change up a bit throughout the night, but not coordinated with the music or anything like that. Also, if your license level doesn't cover Background sequences, you could use the animation tab to power static lights for your Tune To sign, or something similar.
  7. Where did you get the sequence? Is it something you created in the past and are having problems loading it now? That error indicates something is structurally wrong with the sequence.
  8. How do I just turn the lights on?

    Welcome. Another nugget that may help in the future (but maybe not now.) Musical sequences can only go in the MUSICAL tab. Animation sequences can go into BOTH tabs. Also, remember that the Animation and Musical tab plays at the SAME time. * Information valid for S4 and lower. I've not looked at S5, so no idea what it has in it.
  9. How do I just turn the lights on?

    You can create another show that includes only an "all-on" sequence... meaning all the lights are just on. Schedule it to run right after your normal musical show ends for the evening. Same thing for before the show.
  10. And for those who need an offsite backup solution, send me a message. I'll get you a link to one of the programs I use.
  11. Why won't my Beat Wizard work?

    What license level are you running?
  12. Sounds like you have the DIP switches set to 01, which is overriding anything you configure in the hardware utility.
  13. Light show

    This: http://store.lightorama.com/proseadlo.html Would probably be your best choice. Can do stand alone (not music, just animation.)
  14. Sequences needed

    I think I had 5 my first year. Things went rather smoothly if I recall. Besides, you get too many going and people want to stay and see them all, which only makes traffic worse.