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  1. S4 Edit -> Export/Import channel configuration.
  2. File -> Save Intensity Data will get the programming from PE to SE.
  3. One thing to note is that S4 and S5 can not be installed on the same machine at the same time. Thus, if I'm reading correctly, you can't copy the timings from S5 and paste to S4, because both can't be installed at the same time.
  4. If you only had a way to contact me to ask me for the URL again .... https://class.synchronizedgroup.com
  5. You do remember that you (Orville) have access to those S5 webinars I did, right? It's up to about 7 hours worth of stuff now.
  6. Bummer! Well for those with replay access, it should be up soon. As for the next one, I don't know. The whole point of the webinars was to help me figure out what people wanted to know, and what worked (or might work) for an eventual paid course. The last webinar was pretty much a full walk through from step 1 (designing the display in Preview) to programming tips/tricks. There may not be a next one. Still figuring out what might be next.
  7. I'd like to think I've got a clue or two about the software, but who knows....
  8. Yeah, pretty awesome. Took this video when they came to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
  9. Don

    lsv file

    .LSV is what saves your visual preferences (zoom level, etc) within the Sequence Editor. You don't open it.
  10. Don

    LOR S5 Training

    FYI: If you are signed up for the S5 training, an email will be going out at 7pm Eastern (6 Central.) It will have the connection details of the webinar. If you are not yet registered, and want to get in on this webinar series, get registered now. https://syncxmas.com/s5train
  11. Don

    LOR S5 Training

    As you probably saw, this first session is going to be pretty basic. You probably know more about S5 than I do right now. *shrug*
  12. Don

    LOR S5 Training

    Blame Europe for that. https://gdpr-info.eu/
  13. Don

    LOR S5 Training

    Thanks, JR! The first session is scheduled. The announcement goes out at 10:30 am Eastern on Tuesday.
  14. In December of 2004 an article appeared in the newspaper (a lot of people read them back then) about Christmas light fanatics driving people crazy. It was then that my obsession with Light-O-Rama was born. My first home display was in 2005, and my first commercial job was in 2008. Since that time I've watch Light-O-Rama software from at least version 1.6.0, up to the latest and greatest S5 family of software. Now it's time for me to start learning S5. See, it might have been out for a while, but I've been putting off as long as possible on learning it. This changes today, and you are all welcome to come with me. I will be putting on a series of educational webinars detailing my journey into learning the new software. The purpose of these webinars will be two fold. 1) To educate myself on the new software. 2) To see what works in regards for a future paid version of these videos. The webinars that I will be doing now are at no cost for you to attend. The days and times of the webinars are going to be somewhat random, though I will work to find a schedule that works for most people. All webinars will be recorded, though you must be registered to get access to the recordings. REGISTER HERE: https://syncxmas.com/s5train
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