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  1. I've long thought about it, and after 15 some odd years of using LOR, I might have found the back office material I need to make this happen. Let's talk training. Specifically, what would *you* like to see in an online training course? This would *NOT* be live, but all recorded material, documents and forth. Progress would be tracked via the course software, making this something that you can start/stop anytime, and not have to make yourself available at a certain time or else you miss the course. Let me know what you would like to see, or for the veterans what you would have liked to have seen. And before anyone asks, yes, there will be some sort of fee involved.
  2. Bugs are part of life. There isn't a software package out there that doesn't have a bug of some sort. Yes, it's annoying. Yes, they should happen less, but they are a way of life.
  3. True .. but nothing I've seen in the Director would come close to that. And it's still a single "show" playing at a time.
  4. I would suspect that, like the desktop and current directors, only one Show can play at a time.
  5. When I did my first display back in 2005, donations and traffic were the furthest thing from my mind. For me it was never about how much money I could raise for a charity, how much food I could collect or how many cars came by. Truth be told it was the fact that I could do it that inspired me. That quickly changed as I saw the looks on kids faces when they saw the lights. Honestly, that became one of the reasons I did the display. Favorite story. Christmas Eve, year 1 or 2. I'm standing outside across the street from my house, traffic is light, few cars are out. A car approaches and stops to watch the lights. I see a girl, quite young, maybe 4-6 years old, get out of the car and put something in my mailbox. It was the sweetest hand written Thank You card, complete with the backward "R" that kids seems to use a lot. After year 3, I would hoping for slow nights. There were some years I paid the local PD to sit in front of the house, just to help keep things a bit calm. (Or at least force people to have a second thought before doing something stupid.) Run the lights as long as you want. When you get tired of them for the year, shut them off and take them down. Try and take satisfaction in knowing that people who saw the display enjoyed it.
  6. From what I'm gathering, the ELL link between N4's is more of a timing signal. Each N4 will have a SD card in it (From what I can tell/recall) that they are playing from. The link between them would be to keep timing in sync so they are all playing the same thing. I wouldn't think would could do that with an N4 and G3, just based on how I think it works.
  7. Right now I would say "no." My guess is there is firmware/hardware involved on the new boards that would make them incompatible with each other. I could be wrong. Maybe @DevMike will comment later in the week.
  8. Yes, there are many commercial customers who would like this. There are times when setting up a computer onsite would be a logistical nightmare. Let's not even talk about getting the network cable back to home base....
  9. Curious. What did the help desk say?
  10. Psst. http://www1.lightorama.com/stand-alone-show-directors/#g3 :)
  11. If all 4 ports are on a single network ... then your display will run just as fast (or slow) as if you had it on a single connection. Why? All 4 ports would be sending out data for ALL controllers on the network. Same amount of data goes out over every port. If you want to reduce the amount of data going out over the ports (or for those on desktops the USB adapter) then you have to switch over to multiple networks.
  12. If you are going to get a multi port Director ... it'd make sense (to me) to utilize the features of it. Personally, I'd be splitting into as many networks as possible, just to keep the overhead to a minimum. Do you *have* to use multiple networks .. no. You could make them all a single network. (*disclaimer: unless they've really, really changed things in the N4)
  13. All of the versions are on the download page. http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-software-download/ Just download the version you want/need to run, and go from there.
  14. As Ross mentioned you can skew individual sequences in S4. I haven't looked as to where the functionality might be S5. However I know there is NO way to skew an entire show (collection of sequences) at once in S4. I don't think I've seen anything about it in S5.
  15. I've done this for a while on S4 shows (and probably did with S3.)
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