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  1. No LED light

    Check to make sure U1 is not in backwards! I haven't built a LOR kit, but many others and usually all the chip orientation goes the same direction.... USUALLY but not always. Looks like the chip under the connectors, it looks as if it has it's dot toward the right, while all the other chips have thier dot to the left. This could be normal, but something to check. Usually a chip gets hot of it is overloaded or put in backwards. If it is backwards ya might have toasted it. Just my two cents! Good luck!
  2. Don't know if it would apply or not but make sure commlistener is running. Good luck! Hope you get it running
  3. 2018 Spring Sale

    My lone item purchase came today! Happy Feet! Thanks Light=o=Rama!
  4. I don't have S4 on a computer anymore so I can't check, but just found this by accident in S5. When clicking on a cell area in a sequence, I discovered that holding down the Control key will let you insert whatever you have selected, I.E. on, fade, shimmer, etc, from where you click to where you drag, ignoring the timing mark boundaries. Whatta hoot! Had no idea that this was a thing! Probably everybody and their brother already knows this lol! I just stumbled on it.
  5. Making copies of pros in S5

    Beeiilll, I have one already made with those same 4 colors, I can send you the prop file if you wish, just get me your email address. You will have to change the channel numbers to fit yours. Once you import it, you can use the copy function and make as many as ya want. Just make sure to check the channel numbers on the copies. Easy Peasy! Pulledmy hair out getting these trees to work and or look decent, a tip from Matt got me going and they look and work great.
  6. 100 percent LOR

    Will have 5 LOR ac controllers this year, THe Dumb RGB's are controller by a combination of 3 channel up to 24 channel controllers, all bought second hand, or from Amazon of all places...
  7. YAY WHOOOHOOOOO!! THANKS MATT! The 360 Wedge worked with 1 bundle, 400 lights per bundle, 20 folds. That is exactly what I was looking for! Now to append all the songs I have finished LOL! I am ashamed to admit the number of hours I have spent trying to figure this one thing out, everything else was pretty easy to build. Thanks again Matt!
  8. THANKS MATT! Will give this a go when I get home from work today!
  9. Will try to explain this. Had this set up in S4 and it worked but I appear to be doing something wrong in S5. I need to make a mini tree, 360 up and over. each bundle will be it's own color, LED strings red, green, white, and blue. If I tell the prop maker they are multi color strings, with 4 bundles, up and over 360, it makes 4 channels, one for each bundle. Well my LEDs are not multicolor. If I just change the drop down to channel per color from multicolor, it immediately adds 12 more sequential channels. Still just have one strand each, up and over, 4 strands total. attached are screen shots, capture 1 is with multicolor selected, capture 2 is what happens when I change the drop down to channel per color. again, only using 4 colors, 4 bundles. Stumped I am! Version 5.0.18
  10. Dumb RGB White Twinkle

    Got it! Thanks!
  11. I could have sworn that there was a setting to twinkle white in dumb RGB, and it actually is white not multi color in an earlier BETA vewrsion. Was I dreaming? or can I not find it now with version 5.0.18?
  12. pixels forsale

    Thanks guys, trying to figure out what dumb nodes spaced on a wire ( not in a strip) are. Sorry about not needing the smart pixals.. Still a relative newbe here with RGB
  13. pixels forsale

    Dennis, Are 2811's dumb or smart pixels? How long are the strands of 100 roughly, and 5 or 12 volt? Thanks! Bob
  14. pixels forsale

    Dennis, Are 2811's dumb or smart pixels? How long are the strands of 100 roughly, and 5 or 12 volt? Thanks! Bob