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  1. Bryan, Did you ever find someone to share this? Just started on it for this year and hoping for a share. Same as you, just looking for timing marks, not a predone sequence
  2. AHA! Will give that a go, seems it should be in the order that is in the dsesigner though. Thanks!
  3. OK I have to be doing something wrong. I manually reordered the tree lines so I can continue from the above post, and found another problem along the same lines, bear with me, and hopefully I can get set straight here. Created a dumb RGB item using the advance buffer layout. It is three words, each word is it's own rgb channel group (if I am explaining that right) As you can see in the photo's, I labeled the top word 1, the second 2 and the third 3. You can see in the designer photo that it assigned three sets of RGB like it should, and created the three words one on top of another as it should in the layout. When in the sequencer, all three words show with distinctions at the end for row and column and they are in the correct order. if you play the simple pattern that is shown, the item actually lights backwards, bottom to top instead of top to bottom. If I go back in advanced buffer and make the top one 3, and the bottom one 1, it acts as expected, playing the pattern top to bottom. I have to be overlooking something elementary and simple. can someone point me to the error of my ways?
  4. Thanks! Will try that too!
  5. Didn't think of that! Thanks!!
  6. I seem to be having more difficulties with 5.4.2 and preview I have a few props that are multi stranded lights, like my mega tree wanna be. It has 12 strands of lights strung vertically. I have it set up in preview correctly, and it showed correctly on sequences that I already had worked on prior to updating to 5.4.2. any new sequences and multi stringed items seem to be out of order in preview, preview playback and in sequencer. I can rearrange them manually in the sequence editor and save, but if i add a prop, and hit reset displayed props and groups, it goes back to being miss-numbered. The good news is, it also moves the associated work rows with it so the prop will work correctly if you catch it before sequencing. I have double, triple, quadruple checked the preview builder, went back to last years preview and compared, everything is the same. any ideas? Will include two pictures, one is the prop set up in preview designer, the other is how it comes into sequence editor, not in order. Should be Mega Tree String 1 through 12 in order. I have also checked every time I have reset the props that there is no way to reorder them there. Any ideas??
  7. Is there a way in the S5 preview window to play back just one specific prop without everything else going as well? Probably a silly question, but I am getting distracted with the other props for some reason while trying to finish this one tree! If not, no biggie, and this is usually not a problem for me but my attention span seems to be wandering about today!
  8. Whew! I can quit racking my brain now! Thanks Matt!
  9. Matt, The link for preview preferences is exactly how mine are set. Yes the save image with preview is clicked. Also please note the preview window for playback IS NOT afftected, just the preview design. Also the older previews created before version 5.4.2 are fine and do not do this. I am at a loss as to what to try next
  10. gsmith37064, Thanks for the suggestion! I did try it and used a different file name to make sure I wasn't reloading the same file, and no go. Still reverts back. I'm glad ya like the layout! Keeps me busy! Also to add to the confusion, I have two other previews from previous years that use the same photo and I just went and checked them, they ARE NOT having this issue. Just this one preview. Good Lord I hope I don't have to redo this whole thing again... will go and add that to the original post
  11. This just started when I upgraded to 5.4.2. When starting Sequence editor, if I go to the preview tab and click on the current preview I am using it is out of proportion and things are off the screen with no way to scroll. See photo on left If I delete my background image, and reinstall it, everything snaps back into place where it should be. See Photo on right I have made sure that the maintain aspect ratio is checked in preferences. As soon as I hit save and the design preview closes, when reopen the design preview, it reverts back to out of proportion like in the left photo. I have been using this same photo, and mostly the same set up since before S5 Beta. Have been using it through S5 Beta, all the way to present. This has never happened until the upgrade to 5.4.2, and is consistent. This happens every time you open Preview Design. Any ideas? This DOES NOT EFFECT the playing preview that you watch your creations on, only the DESIGNING preview. EDIT:! Also to add to the confusion, I have two other previews from previous years that use the same photo and I just went and checked them, they ARE NOT having this issue. Just this one preview. EDIT II OK so discovering in edit 1 that the old previews did not have this problem, I created a NEW empty preview using the same photo, and it exhibits the same problem as the photos, no props have been drawn yet. I have this photo on multiple separate directories and back ups, so I pulled it from an older backup from 2017. Same issue. Pulled photo copy from 2018 directory, same issue. pulled photo from original on server backup under artwork. same issue. I also tried under the preview tab to right click on an older preview, selected copy, and saved the copied preview. These seem to be just fine. So I reloaded the old preview, and replaced the photo with the same file, re-saved, reopened and the old preview remains correct. Seems to just be previews that are CREATED, not copied. So now I am really confused and don't think it is the photo as the older copied previews with the same photo are fine. EDIT III Went back to 5.3.8 on my laptop and this DOES NOT HAPPEN preview design works correctly, saving and reopening as it should. Computer Specs HP Pavillion 64 Bit i5-7400 3.00 GHZ 8 Gig Ram Windows 10 Home Version 1903 OS Build 8362.778
  12. Would it be possible to add a separate save and exit button next to the save button in preview, and let save do just that without the preview closing?? As of now, if you hit save preview goes away and you have to restart it. Would be nice to save an object when making multiple changes without waiting to make all of them before saving. Just a thought! Stay healthy everyone!
  13. Keith, Where in North Florida, I am in Jacksonville up at the airport! Would love to see your Display! Have time to go look now that ours is up and running..
  14. In power options tell it to never sleep, or power down hard drive.
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