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  1. Will try to explain this. Had this set up in S4 and it worked but I appear to be doing something wrong in S5. I need to make a mini tree, 360 up and over. each bundle will be it's own color, LED strings red, green, white, and blue. If I tell the prop maker they are multi color strings, with 4 bundles, up and over 360, it makes 4 channels, one for each bundle. Well my LEDs are not multicolor. If I just change the drop down to channel per color from multicolor, it immediately adds 12 more sequential channels. Still just have one strand each, up and over, 4 strands total. attached are screen shots, capture 1 is with multicolor selected, capture 2 is what happens when I change the drop down to channel per color. again, only using 4 colors, 4 bundles. Stumped I am! Version 5.0.18
  2. Dumb RGB White Twinkle

    Got it! Thanks!
  3. I could have sworn that there was a setting to twinkle white in dumb RGB, and it actually is white not multi color in an earlier BETA vewrsion. Was I dreaming? or can I not find it now with version 5.0.18?
  4. pixels forsale

    Thanks guys, trying to figure out what dumb nodes spaced on a wire ( not in a strip) are. Sorry about not needing the smart pixals.. Still a relative newbe here with RGB
  5. pixels forsale

    Dennis, Are 2811's dumb or smart pixels? How long are the strands of 100 roughly, and 5 or 12 volt? Thanks! Bob
  6. pixels forsale

    Dennis, Are 2811's dumb or smart pixels? How long are the strands of 100 roughly, and 5 or 12 volt? Thanks! Bob
  7. Parallel DMX hookup?

    time to go searching! THanks!
  8. Parallel DMX hookup?

    After running traces on a few of my DMX dumb RGB controllers, it seems that the DMX in and DMX out are just point to point circuit card runs with no electronics in between. If that is the case, what is stopping me from having a box in the yard that has one DMX in, and three DMX out jacks, paralleled with shielded cable? All three would be used, so no open jack to pick up interference. This would save quite a bit of hassle ( and Cable) on set up. Yes I know this would not increase my channel count on that universe, no where near the 512 anyway!
  9. I am assuming that this doesn't work for dumb RGB? I have props that use LED strips of single color, and use a three channel RGB controller to operate the effect (drummer drumming) Red channel operates the drum head, green channel operates the right down stick and left up stick, and blue operates the left down stick and right up stick. In S4 I could expand to see, and individually turn on these three independently as needed, but now in 5 it seems I have to add them as an individual channel each, or if added as an RGB I have to remember the colors to put in each individual timing grid marks to turn the channels on and off. this is the only thing so far that is a pain when swapping to 5. Attached is a link to a test video, I stand this in front of a 5 foot toy soldier. looks pretty cool from the road. www.vimeo.com/223068731
  10. Preview change not changing.

    WT1924 Upon reflection, I think I may have been hitting cancel instead of save when I would edit my preview. Not sure but that is all I can think of since it seems to be working as advertised now. Good luck!
  11. Preview change not changing.

    Default, Matt. My Bad apparently.... it is working correctly tonight. I don't know what I was doing wrong but it worked first try tonight. Thanks for your efforts!
  12. Have my preview all set out and have converted several songs to 5. First real preview question. Opened my preview (named 2018) and just did a little cleaning, straightening of items. nothing added or deleted, just moved to line up better in the yard to where it actually is. Saved as same file name. Today fired up to continue sequencing, and the preview opened with the non fiddled with preview, I.E. things are back to the original place. opened preview manager and selected my 2018 preview and is shows the updates placements. So I tried to re-import / select the 2018 preview and it still shows the previous layout. Shut down song, while keeping 5 open, back to preview manager, opened 2018 preview and it HAS the updated prop placements. So I copied the preview and saved it as 2018 2. Opened the song back up I was sequencing, and assigned the new 2018 2 as the preview. STILL has the original prop placements, nothing has moved. Tried appending AND resetting props and groups, still no joy... I don't get it! What am I doing wrong. Now I am afraid if I add a prop, it won't show up on songs I already have finished even after appending / resetting. I did not change any channel numbers, or number of channels. Just moved the props to a new location in the preview. Hope this long rambling makes sense
  13. Converting my existing sequences converted over to 5 and I may have whoopsied! I don't know how to fix it so will ask. I hid some channels, and can't seem to find a way to unhide them. I have some A/C channels that will not be used next year, some parking and tune to signs. I made an animation file to run those so they won't blink between songs. I hid them in the original sequence since they are in the animation sequence, they still show up in the visualizer turning on and off as they we programmed in the sequence original sequence. I assumed that hiding them would effectively turn them off but nope! I cannot seem to locate an un-hide type command. I am assuming I will have to remove them from the preview, and create a preview separately with just the tune to stuff? Does this even make sense that I am explaining it right? Running 5.0.16