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  1. Keith, Where in North Florida, I am in Jacksonville up at the airport! Would love to see your Display! Have time to go look now that ours is up and running..
  2. In power options tell it to never sleep, or power down hard drive.
  3. This has me stumped...I have a wirecage tree, just plain old multicolor LED strings. Have that set up correctly in preview. I also have a set of LED strobes in the tree. How do I make a strobe string in preview? I know this has to be simple and my tired old brain is just overlooking it. At the moment I am just going with a single large bulb in the middle of the tree just to represent a strobe on and off. Any help would be apprecited!
  4. Chief financial officer said I can have one of the V3 controllers! P.M. me the details please, assuming paypal for payment? My zip is 32218
  5. Let me conflab with my chief financial officer! will get back to ya
  6. What versions are the controllers?
  7. How much for the controllers and what gen are they?
  8. HO scale trains!, and photography of real ones!
  9. When working in preview, I like to save as I go in case the computer burps or something. As of now, if I add or edit a prop, and hit save on the preview design page (not the prop, the whole preview), it will close the preview. So either I can't save as I go when making multiple changes, or after I save a change I have to reopen the preview. Right now there is a save and cancel option. Is it possible to add third button for save and continue so there is an option for saving that doesn't close the preview design box?
  10. Sorry, My bad, so used to saying visualizer.... In preview that is. I can import the file as a new prop, so yes ya can, but I can't seem to be able to replace an already established prop with an imported one.
  11. An lff file is a visualizer fixture file, or an importable prop. I can import the lff snowman file and he makes a neat one, just can't seem to find a way to change my already in place one with the importable one. Neat idea with the clip art, will have to look into that! Thanks!
  12. After attempting a horrible snowman in visualizer, (so bad it could cause nightmares!), I found an "lff" file online and downloaded it. I am attempting to swap out my horrendous frankensnow with the file I found, but find no way to import it while I have the prop selected. Do I have to delete it and re-add it or is there a way to swap out the custom made for the lff file. Thanks for any help or suggestions!
  13. YES YES YES!!! My day will be complete!
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