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  1. Having to restart Visualizer

    I have noticed lately that every time my computer shuts down the screen when unattended, when I return I must restart visualizer before it works. The P.C. Power settings has the hard drive never shut off, just the screen after 15 minutes. Sequence editor still goes along great guns, just visualizer does nothing. Tried just shutting down the simulator screen and restarting it to no avail. Does the same on my laptop. Any guesses on how to make this stop other than changing the computer screen shut off time? Using Version 4.3.18
  2. Sync Toy Problem

    This was going to be my last resort type step, server is old but trusty so far. But I fear this might be the best "easy" alternative. My biggest snag for doing this is I frequently take the laptop on the road, and I can't access the server while away. I do not have it set up for external access for various reasons! Getting it to the show computer would be an easy drag and drop then, don't sequence with that one at all. run the show only! Will google Echo and see what that will do. Thanks for the input Phil!
  3. Sync Toy Problem

    Looking for advice. I have sync toy set up to pair the LOR folder between my laptop, office computer (where 80% of sequencing happens) Show computer out in the yard shed, and our server which is just a storage hub, not running LOR. I am having problems with sync toy deleting files it isn't supposed to, or overwriting newer files with older files and just all such strange stuff. Luckily I had been putting the finished sequences on a portable hard drive too so I haven't lost my work.... yet..... lol.. Looking for a sync toy alternative that isn't cloud based, that can keep all the folders updated with the same info. Any help or suggestion is appreciated!!
  4. Please don't forget clipboards!!!

    YAY! Love the clipboards!
  5. Is there such a thing.....

    Thanks guys! New to the RGB thing this year!
  6. Is there such a thing.....

    Is there such a thing as dumb RGB's that come on a wire, not in a strip? sorta like how the smart pixels come? Would make life easier for one of my conversions!
  7. 5 Kills 4

    OK, Wanted to try 5 so installed it on my laptop in a different directory than my 4 installation. And now I can't run my 4. Desktop shortcuts are blank, and won't run from the 4 directory. Fixing to uninstall and reinstall my 4. Is there a way to have both on one machine? Don't want to have to convert everything to 5 until it is a done deal, but wanted to start playing with it when I had time
  8. White Twinkle - Twinkle dumb RGB and DMX

    Got the files, Will sit in a bit and play! Thanks so much!!
  9. White Twinkle - Twinkle dumb RGB and DMX

    That would be most excellent! Have fun with your fireworks! Sent from my B3-A30 using Tapatalk
  10. White Twinkle - Twinkle dumb RGB and DMX

    That would be awesome and greatly appreciated! my email is bdwillie@att.net. look forward to trying it. I did try the shimmer and it wasn't quite what I was trying to get. Have a safe 4th, fixing to hit the road for the morning!
  11. White Twinkle - Twinkle dumb RGB and DMX

    Cool! Will give it a try tomorrow! Just wanted a twinkle for approx. 10 seconds. Keep ya posted!
  12. White Twinkle - Twinkle dumb RGB and DMX

    That's what I was afraid of! Thanks!!
  13. White Twinkle - Twinkle dumb RGB and DMX

    Didn't think to use shimmer, That'l work!! Thanks!!
  14. OK Guys, gotta question. Have been reading and digesting, and have gotten off to a good start, but now I have a question I can't figure out. Using some dumb RGB's I need them to twinkle white. If I use the tinkle command on the top row of the DMX RGB channel in sequencer, I get multi color twinkle out of the dumb RGB strip. I understand why, the three colors of the RGB are randomly twinkling, providing random color. How can I make it twinkle just white, I.E. all three colors twinkle togather to get white twinkle? Is there a command I am missing? Or is this not possible due to being dumb strips So far, I have figured out enough to almost get the hang of dumb pixels, but this has me flummoxed. Thanks in advance!
  15. Drum Prop idea

    Well I was finally able to get to my drum project. Think it turned out ok for a hairbrained idea! Used a cheap three channel DMX controller from Amazon. Used the RED channel for the drum head, The GREEN channel for the right down and left up stick, and the BLUE channel for the right up and left down stick. Of course as soon as I got the phone out, one small section of the drum winked out, will fix that in a day or two. Will try to get a Vimeo address posted for it. Not fancy or the best in the world but still kinda proud of it!! https://www.amazon.com/RGBSIGHT-Channel-Controller-Decoder-Control/dp/B013E1XU7Q/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1498438862&sr=8-5&keywords=3+channel+dmx+controller