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  1. YES YES YES!!! My day will be complete!
  2. Just downloaded and installed 5.2.4. Changed to the pointer! AWESOME!! I can see that so much better! Hit the square I need every time! THANK YOU SO MUCH MIKE BROWN and the team! Such an awesome company and group of guys! Thanks again! Can't wait to get to sit down and sequence again! 😍 Love it!
  4. i just picked up a used controller that had channel issues and broken data jacks, I updated the firmware and it cured the channels from not functioning correctly. might want to try that or do a reset to factory before throwing triacs at it. Replaced both RJ45 jacks and it has been rock steady since then during testing.
  5. Not really, I wil get used to it eventually....
  6. Cussed that silly pencil again today! LOL Driving me batty!
  7. Is there a way to change the pointer in sequencer to something different than the pencil? Would like the old standard mouse pointer. I seem to have trouble hitting the right spot with the pencil, getting old ya know....It's too small / skinny for me to see where it is pointing. Just curious!
  8. What does that do? If you check it does it change the dimming curve via software? Just a box to check to remind you the item is LED? Don't recall seeing that in S4 . EDIT! Just saw this is gone in Version 5.2.2 and replaced by a drop down dimming curve. so question has changed to what curve should I use for string LED lights? Second question about S5 Visualizer. I have a view where like things are grouped together, using the preview groups option. When the groups are displayed in visualizer by clicking the plus to expand, I have a second row that says member props, and I have to expand that also to get to the props. Why the member props row, isn't that kinda redundant, or am I not understanding it's purpose. And can you change the crosshair pattern of these two lines to something else, like a solid divider color or something. It sometimes confuses the heck out of me thinking I have items on full twinkle, when in fact it is just the divider. Pic attached Do love the upgrade other than that annoyance!
  9. Yessir! that bit me in the butt first year so it is always the first thing I check. Looks like it MAY have been a corrupt driver associated with the actidongle. cautiously optimistic, it is still working!
  10. The desktop is an old HP business machine. Power supply is on amazon for 39.00 I think I may have found it the issue with the back up machine. Corrupt driver for the actidongle. So far holding it's own today. Weird how the drivers go belly up when you least expect it. Not convinced yet it is fixed, cautiously optimistic.
  11. I have a problem. Not sure where to start. Run a sequence in editor, everything works EXCEPT the DMX stuff. Actidongle lights are flashing as they should, all controllers have dmx signal indicators going, but non lights. If I unplug the USB cable, and replug, it starts working normaly, until I shut down and restart sequencer, or a show on demand. Then I have to unplug and replug the usb cable again to get it to work again. In the control lights tab, both dmx 1 universe and LOR are checked. Did not have this problem last year. another wrench in the works is my show computer died three days ago and I am using a backup. So I don't know if it is an S5 problem, a computer problem, or an actidongle problem. I have tried, new usb cable, rebooted machine. I am looking for a power supply that will fit my old machine, it isn't a standard one. Any ideas??
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