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  1. Triacs

    Amazon seems to have them, but not prime. https://www.amazon.com/STMICROELECTRONICS-BTA16-600BWRG-TRIAC-220AB-pieces/dp/B00LPJK76W/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1513353911&sr=8-7&keywords=BTA16-600BWRG
  2. Never Mind! A reboot sorted it out!! Starting over with 5. Not brining in anything from Version 4. I have 5 arches, all on the same 6 channels, all mirror each other. I have created the prop and a single arch works fine in preview when a sequence is played. I made 4 copies of it to place in the visualizer section where they will be around the yard, told the copies to use the same channels as the first arch using the drop down. When a sequence is played, it will only show the original arch. The other 4 won't show. If I add them to a group, the 4 copies show up in the sequence editor. Only one should be required since they all are on the same channel. If I click on reset props and groups and include them in the props, I then get all 5 copies of the arches, still using the same 6 channels, in sequence editor and still only one shows up in the preview when a sequence is played. This was easy in Version 4, Could make all the copies I needed and they would all work with only one instance of them being needed in sequence editor. I hope this makes sense! HELP!!!
  3. Being original.

    I must confess that my first year, (last year) I did get borrowed sequences from a few people, I was new and lost, and whatever I tried on my own just didn't work. I was able to take those borrowed sequences and learn, learn, learn. Proud to say that all of this years sequences are my own. When we decided to add some new props for this year, I tried to get them to mesh with the borrowed stuff and it was taking forever to "patch" the stuff in. I ended up in February just wiping everything and starting the same songs from scratch. Worked all year on them. Are they perfect? Oh hell no, but they are all mine and my wife is proud. I will however, be eternally grateful to those who shared, as I would still be struggling if I had to figure this out on my own...
  4. Amazon Download Issue?

    I wonder if that is why I keep having melody issues keeping sync'ed. Been using default 192kbs. Thanks George! Haven't seen that tidbit before!
  5. Reliability once the season kicks in

    Exactly why I bought one in the summer sale! Working on finding a DMX back up now!
  6. A little advice please! I am working on my final song for the year. Found the music on Amazon, song I have been looking for quite awhile. Ran it through audacity and saved as a constant bit rate before starting anything. Used beat wizard and got my standard timings I like to work with, used tapper to get the melody down pat. All is perfect. Sequenced for about 30 minutes and called it a night. Today, the melody timing is off time quite noticeably, the length of the entire song. Just the melody timing grid is off, the rest are fine and still spot on. Any idea why it shifted?? The items sequenced to the melody yesterday are still fine, but no longer line up with the grid mark it was started at, they seem to start at mid grid so to speak. It's like the whole melody line shifted a tad to the right. Any idea how to get it back without tapping out a whole new melody track??
  7. Will this work with LOR

    I have 1 Universe, all set up and functioning correctly, using only about 32 channels total. Not a lot of RGB this year.. I have backup hardware for almost everything (even the show computer), except a DMX dongle and FM transmitter. Would this work as a cheap emergency backup? Could my spare LOR HS dongle work as a DMX universe and be used in a pinch? (kinda doubt that one but don't know for sure until asked). DOn't want to not have a back up, my luck anything I don't have an extra of WILL quit! https://www.amazon.com/Interface-Adapter-Controller-Lighting-Freestyler/dp/B00W52VIOS/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1509884594&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=usb+to+dmx&psc=1
  8. Radio Sign Lighting (without electricity)

    Lowes and Home depot both have solar flood lights, I think at Lowes they are around $18.00. Just googled, here is the link https://www.lowes.com/pd/Portfolio-12x-Black-Solar-LED-Landscape-Flood-Light/999996016
  9. Will the Gen 3 controllers work exactly the same if they are run in DMX? I want to say I read somewhere that they will not shimmer or twinkle if run in DMX mode. Also will the Red high speed dongle output DMX? The reason I am asking, I have one high speed LOR adapter running my 5 controllers now, and a used USB to DMX adapter to run 1 universe that has maybe 40 channels used. If I could run them all in DMX it would sure make it easier to not have to run an extra set of data cables just for those 40 extra DMX channels. I understand that I will have to make an adapter for the LOR boxes and change all the addresses for the 5 controllers. and trust me, this is a next years project. I am curious as I plan on redoing all my channel line ups, and props when I start messing with the new 5. after this season is over Thanks Guys!
  10. Changing default directory

    Thanks Don!! Bookmarking!
  11. Changing default directory

  12. Had to uninstall and reinstall Lightorama while looking for a computer gremlin, and I screwed up. I forgot to change the directory during installation to where my files are so it is defaulting to the users/yadayada/yadayada/yadayada.... you get the point. Is there a way to change the default directory or do I need to uninstall and reinstall. Perused around in the preferences tab but didn't see anything that would help. I know I can browse and select where they are, just want to change the default directory. No biggie if I have to uninstall reinstall again..
  13. Newb to LOR, can I use lights I already have?

    Welcome to the madness!!
  14. Having to restart Visualizer

    I have noticed lately that every time my computer shuts down the screen when unattended, when I return I must restart visualizer before it works. The P.C. Power settings has the hard drive never shut off, just the screen after 15 minutes. Sequence editor still goes along great guns, just visualizer does nothing. Tried just shutting down the simulator screen and restarting it to no avail. Does the same on my laptop. Any guesses on how to make this stop other than changing the computer screen shut off time? Using Version 4.3.18
  15. Sync Toy Problem

    This was going to be my last resort type step, server is old but trusty so far. But I fear this might be the best "easy" alternative. My biggest snag for doing this is I frequently take the laptop on the road, and I can't access the server while away. I do not have it set up for external access for various reasons! Getting it to the show computer would be an easy drag and drop then, don't sequence with that one at all. run the show only! Will google Echo and see what that will do. Thanks for the input Phil!