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  1. bdwillie

    Congratulations and Early Renewal

    just an upgrade! Thanks for checking though!
  2. bdwillie

    Congratulations and Early Renewal

    Renewed mine and upped it to pro. Now I can Pixel if I wanna! LOL! Awesome upgrade!
  3. bdwillie

    RGB Leaping Arch's for sale

    So Tempting! Live in Jacksonville too! I hope you are able to sell them. Not ready for smart pixels yet!
  4. bdwillie

    What is that symbol?

    AHA! Thanks!!
  5. bdwillie

    Deleting a channel in S5

    What k6ccc said! You can add and delete to your preview all day but If you don't refresh your preview in the sequence itself, it will keep using the old preview with that sequence. Whenever you change your preview, if you want that change to occour in every sequence already done, you have to refresh each sequence. I am not at home also so I cannot give you a step by step.
  6. 5.0.24 RC2. Just noticed a symbol next to my channel names. Don't remember seeing it before. What does it mean? Looks like a picture of the sun?
  7. bdwillie

    How to create equalizer effect on RGB nodes

    I used the VU wizard ( ithink that's what it's called) and ran it 8 times with 8 different percentages and got 8 tracks. then it was just a matter of post 1 on for track 1 post 2 for 2 etc.... I have 8 poles with dumb rgb this year. that's how I did it. can't get more detailed as I am at work and sequencing computer is hope. I do know that once I figured it out it was quite easy.
  8. bdwillie

    Extension Cord Routing ideas

    Sounds neat, but those could be LOOONNNGGGGG pieces of pvc in some cases! Why not just zip tie the cords together into a bundle, then you can roll the whole bundle together. easier and smaller storage space. We do this for items with cords running the same direction. Label both ends of course!
  9. Downloaded and installed, went well. Started checking out the items in the release note, found the preview tab, and for grins and giggles clicked on my preview I am using for 2018. Right off the bat, Channel conflict! Never realized I had one! Quickly fixed it and tried a sequence. Well durn! There is a prop in a dead spot that now lights up! LOL! Thanks guys! Works great!!
  10. bdwillie

    Newbie in Fort Worth

    WELCOME TO THE INSANITY! It really looks harder than it is. You will be fine!
  11. bdwillie

    Preview Problems

    Glad to help, but can't help with the intesity files, No pixels for me..... yet......
  12. bdwillie

    Preview Problems

    Unfortunatly I think you have to redo your props for version 5. I had to, but for me it wasn't that big a deal, and it gave me the opprotunity to redo some that were iffy in S4. If you use an S$ preview in S5 you will get the colored dots.
  13. bdwillie

    No LED light

    Check to make sure U1 is not in backwards! I haven't built a LOR kit, but many others and usually all the chip orientation goes the same direction.... USUALLY but not always. Looks like the chip under the connectors, it looks as if it has it's dot toward the right, while all the other chips have thier dot to the left. This could be normal, but something to check. Usually a chip gets hot of it is overloaded or put in backwards. If it is backwards ya might have toasted it. Just my two cents! Good luck!
  14. Don't know if it would apply or not but make sure commlistener is running. Good luck! Hope you get it running
  15. bdwillie

    2018 Spring Sale

    My lone item purchase came today! Happy Feet! Thanks Light=o=Rama!