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  1. Our 2018 Display!

    Ugh!! Just finished sequencing the ever popular Star Wars Mashup. Holy crap, I think I finally found something more annoying to program than TSO! If I never hear that song again I'll die a happen person! (Well, at least till next year when I have to re-do it for the new lights)
  2. Our 2018 Display!

    Well, now that 2017 is behind us... Most of us have started working on our 2018 show already!! I figured I'd go ahead and create this thread as a place for me to not only share my progress for the 2018 show throughout the year, but also as a place for me to share our 2018 videos in... You know, a YEAR when the show is finally up and running. Not a lot is changing, prop wise, in our show for 2018. The main things that are happening is the replacement of the spiral mega tree with a pixel tree... And we are replacing a lot of the RGB strips with pixel nodes. That being said, I've been working on a new song for the show for 2018... and thought I would share a "preview" of what it's going to look like! Check it out below, and any feedback you could provide me with is greatly appreciated! Thanks, and enjoy!
  3. Our 2018 Display!

    Well, this is the first of two shipments for this years show (there's about 5,000 new lights in this shot) and we still have another 3,000 to come in! What have I done?!!
  4. Hey all, I've got a question I'm looking at getting some help with. So, our neighborhood get's hit VERY hard with trick-or-treaters on Halloween. (Of course our bright flashing house sure helps draw them in!) That being said, the placement of our home on the inside corner lot means that kids are ALWAYS cutting across our yard instead of sticking to the sidewalk. . . Which has resulted in us only putting props on the house for the Halloween light show instead of having any of them out in the yard where they could pose a trip hazard. So my question is, does anyone have any advice, or feedback on how I might be able to deter kids from walking across the yard so I could still put out props in the yard, and not worry about them tripping over them , and/or causing any damage?? Thanks in advance! ~Matt
  5. LOR and Qater Features?

    Hey all!! Does anyone here have any experience using LOR to incorporate water jets/water features in their light shows?? Looking at possibly adding some. But not sure where to start. Any advice anyone could provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Assistance with Design

    Again, was not trying to be an ass!! Just trying to help. Can't wait to see how the house looks when it's all lit up! . . . You better share photos!!
  7. Assistance with Design

    I've circled it in green for you: It's nothing major. I just feel like as well as you have the house covered this one missing area might become a bit of a "dark spot" when the lights are on. Don't get me wrong, the house looks amazing, and will look great when lit! Just trying to point out something I noticed that might keep you from being frustrated when everything is complete and that one area is missing!
  8. 100% Brightness?? Do you EVER?!

    Hey all, quick question for you... Do you EVER run your Pixels at 100% brightness?? If so do you not get complaints that they are too bright?? Right now we are running our show at 50% brightness for the majority of the show, and ramping up to 75% (very rarely) for bright "pops" in songs!! Just curious to see how other people handle the rather BRIGHT brightness of the pixels!! (Also, I apologize for bringing up a topic that I'm sure has been discussed about 2.8 billion times.) Thanks!
  9. RGB Floods -- what do you do with them?

    It's not "too much?"
  10. RGB Floods -- what do you do with them?

    As a lot of people do we use them to create a "wall washer" effect. I've been considering buying another set to face "out" to really give those bright pops something a little... more? But can't decide if it's worth it yet.
  11. Square vs bullet pixels

    You have noooo idea. We try to budget ~$5,000 a year for the light show. . . However, the DMX heads for 2019 are going to cause us to double-triple the budget for that year. Needless to say those are the ONLY upgrades to the show for 2019!
  12. Assistance with Design

    1.) .... Why permanent lighting?? (Just curious!) 2.) The right edge above the garage doesn't have lights on it!! That's going to create a weird "void" wouldn't it?? (Just trying to help!)
  13. 2018 Spring Sale

  14. Our 2018 Display!

    So as we are working away on the 2018 show I have managed to get a somewhat moderate celebrity to agree to do all the voice over work for our Light Show!! So freaking exciting!!
  15. Lights Around Windows

    Best of luck! Let me know if I can ever be of any help! I love helping others design their show!
  16. S5 View?

    That did it!! I had no idea about the grid configuration thing. Thank you!!
  17. S5 View?

    So I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this question or not... But here it goes anyway... I'm starting to get slightly frustrated at S5 (and it's probably my fault!) So, in S5 when you have a sequence open on the left side of the screen is all of your props. I have drug all of the props into the order that I want them to appear (to make programming a little easier.) Once I got them all in the right order I "saved the view." But it only seems to save the view for that one sequence. Like, when I open a different sequence or start a new sequence the view re-sets to match the previewer I'm guessing? So my question is how can I/can I get that saved view to open on other sequences?? (I sure hope that made sense...)
  18. S5 View?

    I've tried that... But it just keeps resetting the "view." This is what I am trying to get to stay rearranged on all the sequences... (Hope the picture helps explain what I am trying to do!)
  19. Lights Around Windows

    Option 1 gets my vote. It looks the most "clean." It also keeps you from over crowding in case you do want to do the matrix on the pillars in up coming years. Also, I know you said you don't have a lot of yard... But there is space to put in some mini pixel trees, or some coro canes!! I would really take a look at bringing some stuff down to the yard too!! It will really expand the possibilities in the show!
  20. Lights Around Windows

    Ah, my bad. I misunderstood! I'm having a challenging time visualizing what you are trying to explain. (I'm a visual person for it to make sense to me!) So I went ahead and drew out what I think would look best on your house! I would do window frame outlines (like what you have described and what I showed) on the windows. (Shown in red on the photo) Then I would take these from Holiday Coro and make pixel matrix on the pillars between the windows. (Shown in green on the photo) Obviously you would want to do the same thing on all the windows and pillars between the windows on the front of the house, I just couldn't draw all of them because of the angle of the photo. By doing your props as drawn above I feel like it will create a great look, and if done right it won't be that hard to program. I don' think it will be "too much" if you do the programming right. Usually I don't have all my pixels on all at the same time except for some bright pops and things like that. Otherwise, I bounce around the house using different props for different sounds. But that's a WHOLE different story, and topic. You should be able to do what I have shown with the items you purchased. Hope this helps a little, and best of luck!
  21. Lights Around Windows

    We took Holiday Coro intelligent Pixel Strips and zip tied them to a wooden frame we made. The frame was made out of 1X2's. We painted the wood black with a sealant paint, and they have been working great. Here is a photo that shows them after we finished painting them, and once we got the zip ties in place: And here is what they look like on the house: (Ignore the drooping lights. We hadn't fully zip-tied them in this photo. This photo was taken when we were testing them. But we REALLY like the reflection that the lights make on the glass of the window. It looks GREAT during the show! Here is a video so you can see them in action: If you have any questions or I can help in any way feel free to message me! Best of luck!
  22. Arches for Halloween

    So, I know I am WAY late to the discussion... But I LOVE this idea... I'm really wanting to try it for this coming year now!!
  23. Extension cord storage ideas

    We use big plastic totes from Walmart. We try to keep the extension cords sorted in the totes for the different areas of the yard they go to.
  24. How do you keep it fresh?

    I'm not sure about everyone else... but to keep our display "fresh" we try to add new things/props every year. Some year's it's minor additions, some years it's more major additions. New songs? - Yes. I try to do a few new songs each year, and shuffle up the playlist so they aren't in the same order year after year, (or night after night for that matter.) New display additions? - Yes, as I said above we try to add new things to the show ever year. Some minor things, some major things... But always something new! Do you ever go back and re-sequence entire songs to change things up? - Yes. Pretty much ever year. Anytime we add something new we try to change the majority of the programming to reflect it. Do you just change up the show by mixing in the different songs? One year Jingle Bells, the next year Jingle Bell Rock? - Why not have both songs every year? Just change their sequencing? What do you do different each year to keep your display fresh, people interested and almost as important, yourself interested and motivated to do this each year? - I LOVE our light show. It truly is a passion for me. I know a lot of people just do it for the heck of it, but I LOVE doing it. Of course, like most things it is a labor of love. But knowing the joy that it brings to others is more than enough to keep me going. We have a really well know light show here in town, and it has been pretty much the SAME thing year after year for the past 22 years. Everyone who comes by ours always comments on how they LOVE that we add something new each year, and that we add new things each year! . . . This hobby is like most others, the longer you do it the more you learn. Every year you learn something new that you will use the next year to keep your show "fresh" and more amazing year after year. Sure hope this helps some!