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  1. Arches for Halloween

    So, I know I am WAY late to the discussion... But I LOVE this idea... I'm really wanting to try it for this coming year now!!
  2. Extension cord storage ideas

    We use big plastic totes from Walmart. We try to keep the extension cords sorted in the totes for the different areas of the yard they go to.
  3. How do you keep it fresh?

    I'm not sure about everyone else... but to keep our display "fresh" we try to add new things/props every year. Some year's it's minor additions, some years it's more major additions. New songs? - Yes. I try to do a few new songs each year, and shuffle up the playlist so they aren't in the same order year after year, (or night after night for that matter.) New display additions? - Yes, as I said above we try to add new things to the show ever year. Some minor things, some major things... But always something new! Do you ever go back and re-sequence entire songs to change things up? - Yes. Pretty much ever year. Anytime we add something new we try to change the majority of the programming to reflect it. Do you just change up the show by mixing in the different songs? One year Jingle Bells, the next year Jingle Bell Rock? - Why not have both songs every year? Just change their sequencing? What do you do different each year to keep your display fresh, people interested and almost as important, yourself interested and motivated to do this each year? - I LOVE our light show. It truly is a passion for me. I know a lot of people just do it for the heck of it, but I LOVE doing it. Of course, like most things it is a labor of love. But knowing the joy that it brings to others is more than enough to keep me going. We have a really well know light show here in town, and it has been pretty much the SAME thing year after year for the past 22 years. Everyone who comes by ours always comments on how they LOVE that we add something new each year, and that we add new things each year! . . . This hobby is like most others, the longer you do it the more you learn. Every year you learn something new that you will use the next year to keep your show "fresh" and more amazing year after year. Sure hope this helps some!
  4. Tennessee Mini 2018

    10 hour and 28 minute drive for us?! Yeah... That won't get to happen But I hope everyone has a great time!! Can't wait to hear about it!
  5. Time to start

    7 Sequences for Halloween?! Just curious but how many people stick around for most of the 7 songs?? I can't seem to get people to stick around for more than 1 song during the Halloween season.
  6. Our 2018 Display!

    Well, it's still a LARGE work in progress... But here's a new preview of our 2018 Light Show!! As always any feedback is appreciated!
  7. Our 2018 Display!

    Well, now that 2017 is behind us... Most of us have started working on our 2018 show already!! I figured I'd go ahead and create this thread as a place for me to not only share my progress for the 2018 show throughout the year, but also as a place for me to share our 2018 videos in... You know, a YEAR when the show is finally up and running. Not a lot is changing, prop wise, in our show for 2018. The main things that are happening is the replacement of the spiral mega tree with a pixel tree... And we are replacing a lot of the RGB strips with pixel nodes. That being said, I've been working on a new song for the show for 2018... and thought I would share a "preview" of what it's going to look like! Check it out below, and any feedback you could provide me with is greatly appreciated! Thanks, and enjoy!
  8. What to do next year…

    As others have said... Go with "smart" pixels!! If you don't you'll end up regretting it!! It's easier to treat the smart pixels like dumb pixels until you figure out the more "inelegant" features. . . But you can't go from dumb to smart!! I vote for all 10 windows, and the door. But that's just me. I've found the more props you have the better sequences turn out. It gives you more things to assign specific beats to, and helps the music make more sense!
  9. Our 2018 Display!

    You know, now that you mention it... I came to the same conclusion with my pixel strips. I stored them in the attic of the house... where it gets REALLY hot in the summer time... And BOOM! Dead pixels everywhere. However, the ones that stayed in the house had no issues.... So needless to say, all pixels will be stored inside from now on. We are limiting ours to 100 pixels per output. Our large wreath on the house has 171 pixels on it and NO color fade problems. But just to be on the safe side, (And to make things easier) we are going with 100 pixels per output on the tree. Hopefully it will work fine for us!!
  10. Our 2018 Display!

    Yeah. . . Between power supplies, controllers, and enclosures (And everything related) was about $900! I sure hope it's going to be awesome!! It looks amazing in the visualizer. . . I'm just curious if it will look half as good in Real life...? Hmmmm... I won't be very helpful on this topic... If you ask for my advice you'd probably end up spending $5,000 you didn't even need to spend to begin with!!
  11. Where do you buy your RGB pixel lights?

    I'm right there with you! We just bought everything we needed for our Pixel Mega Tree from HolidayCoro during their pre-season sale... And spent WAAAAAAAAAY too much money... But I agree, the pricing is just too good to pass up!!
  12. Our 2018 Display!

    I think it's probably a pretty normal tree!! It's some where between 17-18ft tall... And covered in about 5,000 pixels... But it's all the small things that seemed to add up... The lights, the star, the lights for the star... the tree topper... the plastic mounting strips for the lights... You know... all the little things you don't think of having to spend money on when you decide this is what you want in your show.
  13. Our 2018 Display!

    Well, just placed our order for the 2018 light show. Holy crap pixel mega trees are expensive!! To change our spiral mega tree to a pixel mega tree just cost us a $3,100! Hope this hobby doesn't cause me to get a divorce!!
  14. Where do you buy your RGB pixel lights?

    I buy mine from Holiday Coro.
  15. Vocal vs. Instrumental?

    I too have both in my show. I like to have a mixture of different styles of music. I tend to be a bit different than most though... In most of my show I will pick a specific prop for every specific sound. So each voice has its own prop... Each instrument has its own prop... ECT... Just start messing around in the SE and see what best fits your style. Good luck!
  16. So question for you all... I am looking at what to add to the show next year, and I'm torn between a few options... and was was wanting some feedback from those of you who may have these items in your show... Which ones have the best "wow" factor... Or which ones seem to be the biggest crowd pleasers!! So for referance here is a look at our current set up: My options are: 1.) We have 4 windows on the front of the house... I can add a pixel matrix to the shutters on each side of the windows, for a total of 8 matrix. Each one would be about 18 inches wide by 60 inches tall. Given that they aren't massive in size would they really be able to do that many things?? I was looking at having small "images" floating down IE: If a song said "Heart" I could have images of hearts falling on the matrix. Or if it said "snow" falling snow on the matrix... (I'm sure you get the point) -OR- 2.) I can replace the blue spiral mega tree to the left of the house (in the picture) with a 360 degree pixel tree. I know there are some GREAT things the pixel trees can do like in this video: My question is... On that tree how many of those features are actually possible to program just using LOR, and not having to switch to SuperStar or xLights? ----------------------------- Another thought is... People LOVE our spiral mega tree... They rave about it being their favorite thing in the show... So I'm a bit nervous to remove it from the show... But at the same time, I'm thinking the pixel tree would have so much more of a "WOW" factor to it... And I could (I hope) still have the same spiraling effect I have on the tree now... So yeah... Let the debate begin: Matrix or Pixel Tree?? Any advice you all could provide me with is very greatly appreciated.. Thank you!
  17. Matrix VS: Pixel Tree?

    That sounds like a pretty awesome idea!
  18. Matrix VS: Pixel Tree?

    I like your suggestion! That was one of the hard things with deciding to go with the pixel tree was losing all the hard work I had put into the spiral tree. But I think the change will be worth it! The controller may still be put to use because my neighbor asked me about doing her house... So I will be able to use the controller and some of the lights on her house! . . . If she decides to go forward with it.
  19. Matrix VS: Pixel Tree?

    The giant void is a rather steep hill sloping down from the house to the props in the lower part of the front yard. So it's hard to put anything on that slope. Plus, I'd rather not block part of the show with props. . . The only place I can think of that it wouldn't block any of the show, and where it would "fit in" would be to the far right of the house beside our neighbors house.
  20. Matrix VS: Pixel Tree?

    While I like the idea of keeping the spiral tree, just downsizing it. . . I don't know where I would put it in the show, and I don't really have a need for it since I'm going with the pixel tree. . . That being said, it's lights will get re-used for our "Tune To" signs!
  21. Matrix VS: Pixel Tree?

    Looks really good!! I'll have to keep in mind the spacing. Your tree looks awesome!!
  22. Matrix VS: Pixel Tree?

    Thank you all for the feedback so far. We are really looking at doing the Pixel Tree... *sighs* But I have a few questions... 1.) If we keep the sizing the way it is now our pixels would be about 9-1/2 inches apart around the bottom... Is that too far apart?? 2.) Do you think a 360 degree tree would be better than a 180 degree tree?? --- Our show is set up for people to only view the show from the front of the property. That being said, how bad would a flat 180 degree tree look over there on the side of the yard where the current 360 degree spiral tree is at?? I just feel like by doing a 360 degree tree I'm spending a lot of time and money on 180 degrees worth of tree most people will never see. . . Thoughts??
  23. Matrix VS: Pixel Tree?

    *sighs* I really don't want to have to learn xLights... I wanted to keep it with LOR...
  24. Matrix VS: Pixel Tree?

    Thanks everyone for the feedback so far. I'm really starting to lean towards the Pixel Tree. Using S5 seems to make programming it rather easy!! I did come across a video on YouTube that left me wondering... How the heck did they do that!! So maybe you all can provide me with a bit of advice. As seen in the video below: (at the 1:34 mark) How in the world did they get the tree to be a giant singing face?!?! That's AMAZING and everyone I have shown this video to goes "OMG!! NO WAY!! THAT'S SO COOL!!" So how in the world do I get singing faces transferred onto my Pixel Tree?! HELP!!!
  25. Matrix VS: Pixel Tree?

    I wish I had a huge yard!! lol, I think the drone shot just makes it look that way! I'm starting to really lean more towards the tree over the Matrix.. I don't mind using the Pixel Editor! I have been playing around with it, and the Pixel Tree and I am starting to like the way the effects are looking! I have considered SuperStar... But I can't stand the idea of having to learn more software... I was thinking of doing the tree this year, and maybe the Matrixes next year... I know nothing about p10 panels... So that's something for me to start researching!! Maybe it's an option for next year! I knew that tree was a LOT of pixels... Wasn't sure how many though. We were only looking at doing 32 strands at 100 nodes per strand... Does that sound like it would be enough, or should I add more strands to it??