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  1. How do you all handle a prop that has more than 170 pixels?? We re-made a lot of our props this year with pixel nodes instead of pixel strips... Which caused our DMX output to be over 512.... So now we are trying to figure out how to fix this... How do you spit a prop across two different outputs? Any advice on how to handle this is GREAT appreciated!! Thanks!!
  2. DisneyMatt10

    Our 2018 Display!

    Now that is something I can do! ------------------------------ On a separate note... I learned last night that pixels are a LOT heavier than traditional lights... I learned this after spending 4-1/2 hours putting up the pixel mega tree... Only to get everything to look up and see the steel topper couldn't take the weight as the tree started to collapse. Probably the most frustrating thing that has ever happened to me with this light show. 😥😥😥😥😥 And at this point we are already about 3 weeks behind on decorating... so I'm not sure if I'm even going to be able to pull off this year's Halloween Show.
  3. DisneyMatt10

    Our 2018 Display!

    *Coming Soon* I still haven't even got the lights on the house yet!
  4. DisneyMatt10

    Our 2018 Display!

    Well, it took me nearly a year... But I JUST finished programming Pentatonix Hallelujah for this year's light show!! I tried to do it last year but couldn't get to it!! And it has taken me this long because I kept doing one thing, and not liking how it turned out... So I kept changing it... and finally it is freaking AMAZING!!!! So excited!!!
  5. DisneyMatt10

    Strobe Lights?

    Question... and I'm sure this is going to sound like a REALLY dumb question... But do you all not ever get concerned about epilepsy when using strobe lights/strobe light effects? I only ask because I had some say to me "You shouldn't do that strobe effect. That can be very dangerous for some people." Anyone ever have this issue, and how do you get around it? Do you put out "Warning Strobe lights in use" signs... Or do you just not worry about it?? In a sue happy country where everyone seems to want to sue everyone else for anything and everything... Maybe I'm just being to cautious. 🤷‍♂️
  6. DisneyMatt10

    Summer sale

    YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! So excited for this. I forgot a few items during the last sale! It's going to be like Christmas for me once all my items are ordered and delivered!
  7. DisneyMatt10

    Pentatonix and YouTube?

    Oh no!! That makes me sad! I hate for any of us to get our videos flagged. Did you ever find an alternative place to post your videos?
  8. So, question for all our fellow Light Show peeps. I, as many of us do, LOVE putting Pentatonix in our Light Shows!! And as many of us do, I LOVE to record the light show and put in on YouTube for all the world to enjoy! So my question is... How can I keep the video on YouTube? Every time I upload a Pentatonix video it flags it and removes it... Yet I see so many other Pentatonix light show videos on YouTube... Any help with what I could be doing wrong?! Thanks!!
  9. Well, it's almost that time of year again!! Thought I'd throw out this topic to see how others do things! We start putting things out Labor Day weekend to have everything out in time for the Halloween show. Then the day after Halloween we start the work to transition the show to Christmas! Our neighbors use to think we were crazy for starting decorations in September... But now they all know why... And they all start gathering around from Labor day to Halloween to see what new stuff is being added!! What about you all? When do you all start putting out your decorations for Halloween/Christmas??
  10. DisneyMatt10

    Matrix Video Clips?

    Hey all, quick question for those of you who do short video clips on your pixel matrix... Where do you actually go about finding the video files to use on the tree?? I'm not having any luck finding anything to work. Thanks in advance!
  11. The reviews are hilarious!! 😅 "We as many others on Amazon, used this for a vac-u-lock toy. Works great for that. I really have no idea what the original purpose is for." 😱 🤣
  12. +1 That's what we have always used, and never had any problems. We also have PVC buried 2.5ft deep and encased in concrete as a base.
  13. DisneyMatt10

    Our 2018 Display!

    Ugh!! Just finished sequencing the ever popular Star Wars Mashup. Holy crap, I think I finally found something more annoying to program than TSO! If I never hear that song again I'll die a happen person! (Well, at least till next year when I have to re-do it for the new lights)
  14. DisneyMatt10

    Our 2018 Display!

    Well, this is the first of two shipments for this years show (there's about 5,000 new lights in this shot) and we still have another 3,000 to come in! What have I done?!!
  15. Hey all, I've got a question I'm looking at getting some help with. So, our neighborhood get's hit VERY hard with trick-or-treaters on Halloween. (Of course our bright flashing house sure helps draw them in!) That being said, the placement of our home on the inside corner lot means that kids are ALWAYS cutting across our yard instead of sticking to the sidewalk. . . Which has resulted in us only putting props on the house for the Halloween light show instead of having any of them out in the yard where they could pose a trip hazard. So my question is, does anyone have any advice, or feedback on how I might be able to deter kids from walking across the yard so I could still put out props in the yard, and not worry about them tripping over them , and/or causing any damage?? Thanks in advance! ~Matt