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  1. Advertising In The Show?

    So, I gave our city attorney a call, and he said that it's fine. He said that if anyone has an issue with it in the future he will deal with them at that point, but he doesn't have an issue with it, and doesn't foresee there being an issue. . . That being said, I'm still hesitant given the things you all have brought to my attention...
  2. Advertising In The Show?

    Hmmmm, sounds like I need to make some more calls! I was just hoping that since it was kind of just my name, and my house it wouldn't be a problem. . . But I could be wrong. I'll keep researching it and I'll keep everyone posted.
  3. Advertising In The Show?

    I looked further into it, and contacted some local offices. Since the display is still done on my personal property, it's not considered a "public performance" or a commercial display so I don't need any BMI/ASCAP licences. Now obviously if it became an issue or anyone said anything, I would get the necessary licences! If I were to move the display off of my property then things would change, but as long as I live there, and as long as it all remains on my property I'm covered!! I was just afraid of how "tacky" it might look having the banners out. . . However, I really like B.Y.R.G.'s "matrix" idea!! Sounds like I know what else I need to add to the show for next year! Thanks for the feedback everyone! Again, I was more-so concerned about the tackiness of the banners.
  4. Quick question for you all. . . I was thinking about "advertising" in my show, and was wondering what you all thought of the idea, or if anyone has ever done something similar. Basically I was just going to put 4 small banners down my the road, in a way that wasn't overly distracting from the show, but they would still be noticeable. They were going to say something along the lines of... "Light Show Sponsored By: Matt Stout - Realtor ® --- Looking to buy our sell a home? Call Matt today!" Obviously with the company logo and my cell phone number on it as well. However, I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on this?? Good idea? Bad idea? I mean, even if it only generates one or two listings from it, then it would be worth it... But at the same time I don't want it to be a big eyesore during the show, or distract from the show... HELP!!!!!
  5. New to DMX, and moving heads! Help please!!

    A small update for you all!! Looks like we are able to get the cost for this addition to the show down to about $20k Which is nice to know!! And that's including the professional to install the mounts to the roof, as well as the covers for them!! Sadly the covers are more than the lights themselves. I'll be buying the controller, and first light towards the end of this month so I can start testing and figuring out how they work, and how to program them!! So be looking for another update around then!
  6. Multiple house controller stand

    That is seriously insane!!! (In a good way!!) I can't wait for my house alone to require that many controllers!!
  7. New to DMX, and moving heads! Help please!!

    Already tackled that one!
  8. New to DMX, and moving heads! Help please!!

    Our setup will end up costing us about $50k between lights, controllers, covers, and wiring.
  9. New to DMX, and moving heads! Help please!!

    Time to revive a dead thread!!! I think it was December of last year I went out on a limb and messaged Tom on Facebook asking about his DMX heads, not expecting to ever hear from him. Well, randomly last night I FINALLY heard back from him!! I'm super excited for this. He has been BEYOND helpful, and I'm super excited to get this ball rolling. I've learned what type of DMX heads I am going to need to buy, as well as the protective covers for them. (Sadly the covers are more than the lights!) I had been planning on adding them to the show in 2018 possibly. However, given the cost of the addition to the show, it will be a 2019 addition instead of a 2018 addition. The positive note to the extra year is that it gives me more time to figure them out. The current plan is to buy a smaller less expensive DMX head to "play" with. Basically to help me figure out how to program them, and control them. Once I get it all figured out I will buy the actual show heads. I will also do my best to keep this thread going as I progress through this DMX head journey so if anyone is looking to do the same, hopefully this will be a place they can come for help!
  10. House Outline

    So, not going to lie... I'm glad I clicked on this thread and read through it. I am really glad to have found out about the binder clips. I had never thought of that, and it will save me a LOT of heartache this Christmas season!! Thanks for the tip!
  11. Fear of Heights

    I was seriously just talking to my partner about this last night. The one thing I HATE about this hobby is having to cover the peaks of our house with lights. Something about being 35+ft above the ground while straddling the eve. It makes my palms sweat, and stresses me out. Thankfully for this year we are buying "roofers shoes" which have small cleats on them to help with traction on the roof. My biggest fear was sliding down the roof. I guess tennis shoes are the best thing to wear on your roof. That being said, next year we are upgrading our roof line to RGB nodes, and I bet those will end up staying up year round. On a side note, recently I went to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson NJ, and rode Zumanjaro: Drop Of Doom... When you have a fear of heights slowly being drug 415ft up in the air, just to be dropped straight back down is a bit to much. I seriously thought I was going to have another heart attack! Talk about fear of heights... NEVER AGAIN!!!
  12. What to do with bullet pixels

    For what it is worth my vote goes to wreaths!! I have 5 wreaths going on my house this year, ranging from 36" to 90" all covered with bullet nodes (as shown below) They look great, and there are so many effects you can do with them!! It's worth a shot!
  13. House property with a hill in front

    Glad to hear you found a better property!! Can't wait to see the show! Edit: Just because I was curious, I just looked up the house!!! WOW!! You got lucky!! I can already see so much potential for a light show there!! I'm slightly jealous!! Congrats on the house!!
  14. Speed Settings in Pixel Editor

    You know, I haven't been able to figure that out, but I have found myself wondering the same thing! I just end up having to listen to the same thing over, and over, and over, and over, and OVER!! I'll be following along to see if you get an answer!!
  15. Needing details to add pixel led strips for arches.

    I too followed the above referenced video for my 4 pixel arches. McMaster Carr wasn't as expensive as I was thinking it would be for the tubing... However shipping was a nightmare!! That being said, if I had to do it all over again, I would still order the tubing through McMaster Carr, and I would still follow the above video! The arches turned out great, and everyone seemed to love them!! Now that we are talking about it... I wonder where I could squeeze in more arches?! ... I need a bigger yard!!