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  1. Dying Pixels??

    UGH!! I am about to write of HC forever!! Now that we have fixed the pixel issue... We are having controller issues. We need to replace 6 fuses, and a few other elements. This controller is right at a year old, and it's always been kept inside. (Even during the show!) I don't understand why we are having such issues!!! Are Holiday Coro products usually this bad??
  2. Dying Pixels??

    Sad to hear you are having issues too. But glad your's are still under warranty!! I don't even know how to find out if mine are...
  3. Dying Pixels??

    We are going to try to limp through this year with them, and next year we are changing out ALL of the strips with nodes. I've heard the nodes are much more durable. . .?
  4. Dying Pixels??

    So time for a bit of an update. . . My partner has been slaving his life away since about the time this topic was started trying to get hundreds of new pixels soldering in place, (and working on some power jumping that wasn't done last year.) When he was done splicing in and soldering he siliconed all the points he had worked on to make sure they were waterproof again... and this is where things get bad... So, we let them dry for a few days, and hung them on the house to try to prepare for the Halloween show... we turn things on to test... and nothing but a cluster f**k. None of the colors were right. Nothing was working the way it should... It was awful!! . . . and then we found out the grave mistake that was made. Turns out the silicone he had been using was a water based silicone, which has caused things to short out... AGAIN! So, now we need to quickly order replacements, and fix all the issues to hopefully have it up and running soon. UGH! What a nightmare. I mean the first part with the dying pixels was bad, but now this?? I don't know how much more I can take!
  5. Dying Pixels??

    I've decided that I'll be replacing ALL of my strips with nodes for next year. Sadly, I've got to limp through this year...
  6. The Envasion of Mega Tree Climbing Skeletons

    I'll keep that in mind!
  7. The Envasion of Mega Tree Climbing Skeletons

    Well, I broke down and got my first skeleton for the mega tree!! His name is Skeleton Matt, and he has been riding around in the car with me for the past few days... Turns out he is scared of car washes!!
  8. Dying Pixels??

    Quick question for you all... So last years show used a LOT of these Holiday Coro pixel strips: http://www.holidaycoro.com/product-p/700-white.htm They worked great throughout the year... I was very careful during setup, and take down, and storage... Then today I went to start testing things, and nearly every other RED pixel on all of the strips isn't working... No idea what could have caused this... But anyone else ever had a similar issue?? Help please!!
  9. How Long Is Your Entire Show?

    I may give the shuffle a try. I never thought of doing that.
  10. How Long Is Your Entire Show?

    I was thinking of trying to trim mine down to about 30 minutes too. I don't want it to be so long that people wont sit around for it, but I don't want it to be so short that people don't really get to enjoy it.
  11. Hey all!! As the busy season is upon us, I have been slaving my life away trying to get everything sequenced that is new for this year. I have added some new songs here and there, and a few more new songs over here and over there... and next thing I know I have like 30 songs for the show. I think it might have over done it a bit... and it got me to wondering: "How Long Is Your Entire Show?" (Time wise, start to finish) I've seen some shows that are only 14 minutes long start to finish, and I've seen some shows that are over an hour long start to finish. . . So how long is yours, and what do you think the perfect/ideal length for a show is?? Thanks in advance for your feedback!
  12. Advertising In The Show?

    So, I gave our city attorney a call, and he said that it's fine. He said that if anyone has an issue with it in the future he will deal with them at that point, but he doesn't have an issue with it, and doesn't foresee there being an issue. . . That being said, I'm still hesitant given the things you all have brought to my attention...
  13. Advertising In The Show?

    Hmmmm, sounds like I need to make some more calls! I was just hoping that since it was kind of just my name, and my house it wouldn't be a problem. . . But I could be wrong. I'll keep researching it and I'll keep everyone posted.
  14. Advertising In The Show?

    I looked further into it, and contacted some local offices. Since the display is still done on my personal property, it's not considered a "public performance" or a commercial display so I don't need any BMI/ASCAP licences. Now obviously if it became an issue or anyone said anything, I would get the necessary licences! If I were to move the display off of my property then things would change, but as long as I live there, and as long as it all remains on my property I'm covered!! I was just afraid of how "tacky" it might look having the banners out. . . However, I really like B.Y.R.G.'s "matrix" idea!! Sounds like I know what else I need to add to the show for next year! Thanks for the feedback everyone! Again, I was more-so concerned about the tackiness of the banners.
  15. Quick question for you all. . . I was thinking about "advertising" in my show, and was wondering what you all thought of the idea, or if anyone has ever done something similar. Basically I was just going to put 4 small banners down my the road, in a way that wasn't overly distracting from the show, but they would still be noticeable. They were going to say something along the lines of... "Light Show Sponsored By: Matt Stout - Realtor ® --- Looking to buy our sell a home? Call Matt today!" Obviously with the company logo and my cell phone number on it as well. However, I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on this?? Good idea? Bad idea? I mean, even if it only generates one or two listings from it, then it would be worth it... But at the same time I don't want it to be a big eyesore during the show, or distract from the show... HELP!!!!!