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  1. DisneyMatt10

    Glitching Tree/Show?

  2. DisneyMatt10

    Glitching Tree/Show?

    Controller: The tree has 3 - 16 channel E 1:31 controllers powering the tree. 1 strand of 100 pixels per output for a total of 48 strands on the tree. The star is powered by a separate E 1:31 controller. Again, 1 strand of lights per output and the strands range from 20-70 pixels in length. (The star wasn't having any noticeable issues) Network: Unicast E 1:31, IPv4 protocol network, all hardwired. Computer to one main switch, and a sub switch for the tree only. Network Speed: 100 Mbps from the computer. Switches are capable of 10/100/1000 Mbps. During this setup when we were having issues we were only running a total of 6 AlphaPix controllers. For the Christmas show we run 8 AlphaPix controllers plus 2 AC controllers. (Testing begins this week for the Christmas show to see if it has any lag issues.)
  3. DisneyMatt10

    Glitching Tree/Show?

    Hey all!! Running S5 for the first time... Plus this is my first time using our massive pixel tree... and I've noticed there is a "glitch" for lack of better term on the tree. If you watch the below video (pay attention to the tree...) You'll notice how the pattern isn't "smooth" there's a lot of "jagged edges" (for lack of better term) on the edges of the pattern... I have NO idea what is causing this. In the previewer/visualizer it runs super smooth. We have also noticed some "glitches" with the show. Every now and then the entire show (pixels) will freeze whatever they are doing for 3-4 seconds... and then skip forward to where they should be... (haven't caught it on video yet so can't really share what is happening.) I'm not sure if these issues are related to the computer running the show... Like if it isn't powerful enough for all the pixels given that the tree added about 5,000 new pixels for this year... Or if I am doing something wrong. Any advice on how to fix these issues is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you! ~Matt
  4. DisneyMatt10

    Our 2018 Halloween Display!

    Finally got around to getting the videos for this years Halloween show done!! Check them out!! ANY feedback is GREATLY apprericated!! (Other than the fact I need to get a new camera for recording these videos!!) Hope you all enjoyed, and thanks!
  5. We actually had the same thing happen last night! These neighbrors were out walking and asked "Oh wow! You guys have a lot going on! Is there anything we can do to help?" - So we let them untangle a knot of extension cords. ? (I doubt they will ever ask if they can help again!) As for rude comments, we got a LOT of rude comments our first year or two... But not such much any more. Now everyone who comes by when we are out working says something along the lines of "Oh my gosh!! I'm so excited that it's almost that time of year again!! We can't wait to see your lights!! They are the best in the area!" ?‍♂️ We do have some new people in the neighborhood for this year, but so far none of them have said anything... They just drive by REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY slow.
  6. DisneyMatt10

    Our 2018 Halloween Display!

    Well, it's that time of year again!! Our Halloween show starts this Friday!! Early this morning (About 12:20am) we FINALLY finished getting the new Pixel Mega tree set up! This is our first year having a tree in the Halloween show... So hopefully it goes over well! We have ONE window frame to get in place tonight, and I've got to finish running the AC power to all the pumpkins, but other than that the display is ready to go! Here is a sneak peek: Videos coming soon!!!
  7. DisneyMatt10

    More Than 170 Pixels?

    No idea how... but some how we got it all figured out!! - There was a few moments of panic, but we made it through!
  8. DisneyMatt10

    Our 2018 Display!

    Well, the tree is FINALLY back up, and ready for Halloween!! The tree grew to a staggering 25ft for this year!!! ? The show is almost ready to go. I've just got one window frame left to make, and all the AC power cords to run, but that should be finished this evening! I think it's looking good so far!! The tree came together MUCH better than I could have ever dreamed!!! (Videos coming soon!)
  9. How do you all handle a prop that has more than 170 pixels?? We re-made a lot of our props this year with pixel nodes instead of pixel strips... Which caused our DMX output to be over 512.... So now we are trying to figure out how to fix this... How do you spit a prop across two different outputs? Any advice on how to handle this is GREAT appreciated!! Thanks!!
  10. DisneyMatt10

    Our 2018 Display!

    Now that is something I can do! ------------------------------ On a separate note... I learned last night that pixels are a LOT heavier than traditional lights... I learned this after spending 4-1/2 hours putting up the pixel mega tree... Only to get everything to look up and see the steel topper couldn't take the weight as the tree started to collapse. Probably the most frustrating thing that has ever happened to me with this light show. ????? And at this point we are already about 3 weeks behind on decorating... so I'm not sure if I'm even going to be able to pull off this year's Halloween Show.
  11. DisneyMatt10

    Our 2018 Display!

    *Coming Soon* I still haven't even got the lights on the house yet!
  12. DisneyMatt10

    Our 2018 Display!

    Well, it took me nearly a year... But I JUST finished programming Pentatonix Hallelujah for this year's light show!! I tried to do it last year but couldn't get to it!! And it has taken me this long because I kept doing one thing, and not liking how it turned out... So I kept changing it... and finally it is freaking AMAZING!!!! So excited!!!
  13. DisneyMatt10

    Strobe Lights?

    Question... and I'm sure this is going to sound like a REALLY dumb question... But do you all not ever get concerned about epilepsy when using strobe lights/strobe light effects? I only ask because I had some say to me "You shouldn't do that strobe effect. That can be very dangerous for some people." Anyone ever have this issue, and how do you get around it? Do you put out "Warning Strobe lights in use" signs... Or do you just not worry about it?? In a sue happy country where everyone seems to want to sue everyone else for anything and everything... Maybe I'm just being to cautious. ?‍♂️
  14. DisneyMatt10

    Summer sale

    YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! So excited for this. I forgot a few items during the last sale! It's going to be like Christmas for me once all my items are ordered and delivered!