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  1. Friendly Neighborhood Competition

    This is pretty much the same thing I have going on. 3 years ago no one was decorating besides us. . . Now there are a few homes on the street with lights, and my immediate neighbor want's me to do her house next year too!!
  2. The wife's first sequence........Believer.

    Look awesome!! Tell her she did a great job!! The sequencing was spot on, (and I'm a stickler for good sequencing!) It's hard to believe this is her first one! It looked so good!!
  3. Our 2107 Display Videos!!

    As promised here are some new videos!! Was going to do more, but ran out of space on the memory card in the drone. (Too many pictures of properties from today!) Anyway... Enjoy, and be sure to watch in HD for the best experience. Feedback is much appreciated, and I will have more videos up soon. (Hoping for tomorrow night since Monday nights are usually slow traffic nights too!) Jingle Bells: Joy To The World:
  4. UN-Updating Props?

    Sorry for the double post... But... I GOT IT FIGURED OUT!! (I don't know how... But I did.)
  5. Our 2107 Display Videos!!

    I actually broke out the drone yesterday and got it fully charged and ready to record last night. But we had such a HIGH amount of traffic last night that I knew I wouldn't be able to get a good video. Usually Sunday nights are slower traffic nights for us, so I'll hopefully be recording new videos tonight, and getting them edited and posted tonight too! Thanks for the interest!!
  6. Hey all!!! First off, I sure hope this is the right forum to post this in... If not, my apologizes. So, as we are planning and prepping for our 2018 show it got me wondering where is the best place to buy LARGE quantities of bullet nodes?? You know... Like 10,000-15,000 bullet nodes. Previously we have been buying these: http://www.holidaycoro.com/12mm-Pixel-Node-With-Waterproof-Connections-p/711-wp.htm but that's about to get REALLY expensive. I mean, if that's our only option... We will do what we have to do, but are there any other sites/places to buy these that might be a little bit better on price??
  7. UN-Updating Props?

    Yeah... So, no... I kind of just updated the 2017 show props... I actually have the entire 2017 show and all of it's files on Google Drive, and on the "show computer." However, I do I just need to remove all the files with the changed PE prop setup from my laptop (That I do all my programming on) and then re-load them from the drive using the files with the old PE prop setup?? Can it really be that easy??
  8. UN-Updating Props?

    So, quick question for you all. We *thought* we knew how we wanted to make some changes to our set up for next year. So I went into the PE previewer and made the changes. Deleted some of the props that were going away, and replaced them with the new ones. However, after taking a second look the way we are going to change things isn't the way that we had originally done it. Is there anyway to like... "un-update" the props? So they can go back to the way they were and still have all the same sequencing done?? Or is the damage already done?!
  9. UGH!!! Total ribbon tree failure

    We ordered some of those from Holiday Coro and they were delivered in 2 days!! Hope you get what you are needing, but glad you found the issue and it isn't anything super major, or expensive!!
  10. False Feedback?

    This is so true. I saw a few comments that said "were you even suppose to tune your radio?" ---- Like how the heck did the miss all the signs saying "TUNE YOUR RADIO TO:" I only do social media, but thankfully in such a small area the social media goes a long way!! However, you won't see me contacting local media outlets for news coverage or anything like that!! That's just a bit too much attention. SAME!!! I LOVE sitting in my car when I get home from work and watching the show. The lights are perfectly timed, and that makes me smile! -- I guess I should stop worrying so much about what other people think of it, and just enjoy it for me and those who really appreciate the show! So sadly true.
  11. Pixel lights or current lights

    So pretty much, yes. Every channel is it's on set of lights. Say you want just your roof line to be it's own "set" you would plug all your roof lights into one of the 16 channels. If you had one big star you wanted to do it's own thing you would plug that into a different one of the 16 channels. If you had 5 bushes, and you wanted each bush to do it's own thing you would plug each bush into a different output on the controller. So If you did the simple set up above, roof, star, and 5 bushes it would take 7 of your 16 channels. (I sure hope that makes sense) Yes. All of our pixels we use are custom cut to the perfect length for where we need them so we don't end up with any bulbs where we don't want them to be. Just MAKE SURE TO WATERPROOF THE END YOU CUT!!! I know it sounds dumb, but just try to remember that!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If I were to make a suggestion I would say go with pixels! When I started this I swore I would NEVER buy pixels and put them in my show... and well, next year the entire show will finished being transitioned over to pixels. You just get so much more bang for your buck. So many more options, and colors, and effects. They are for sure the way to go.
  12. False Feedback?

    So, kind of a question, but more of a rant. . . This year we have a had a great increase in traffic over last year. (Due to a lot more work on my behalf.) That being said, I noticed one of my friends on Facebook share the light show, and a LOT of the comments on it took me back a bit, and frustrated me. . . and they still have me frustrated. In our show I don't use every light all the time. Anytime a light is on it has a beat, or a voice, or a sound... Or something that it is representing. So needless to say that makes points, and songs where the house isn't lit up the entire time, and just the props in the yard are doing things, or vice versa. . . So, I was going through these comments on said post and a LOT of the said "So disappointed. Half the lights weren't even working." ---- "Waste of time, most the lights don't work." --- "Awful show, waste of time, nothing works." --- "Lot's of lights don't work. They should just give up, clearly they don't know what they are doing." -- There were TONS of comments like this... it just has be so frustrated, and taken back. Which I can understand where they are coming from (I guess) because the "major" light show in the area that has been doing this for 20+ years prefers the "quantity of quality" approach when it comes to programming. They take the "every light is always on all the time" which makes it look a bit like they just set the entire house to "twinkle" in the Sequence Editor and said "Yep, that works." So we have had a LOT of GREAT feedback, a LOT of comments saying how "everything is perfectly timed," and how "every light has it's own beat," and how "the lights really tell a story, instead of just a bunch of random flashing." That being said, how do you get around negative feedback like this?? Because those people start telling their friends not to come because it's a "waste of time" or it "doesn't work right." When you know everything works right because every night you watch the entire loop of your show so you can make sure nothing is messed up. But once the negative word get's around... Obviously that will affect traffic. . . Sooo... Advice?
  13. 2017 Drone Video

    AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!! Fantastic job on the sequencing, and the layout of the display. It all looked beautiful!! *sighs* I wish I had a bigger yard!!
  14. UGH!!! Total ribbon tree failure

    Now that you mention it... I just had one of my mini trees fail tonight. Like, these HC ribbons aren't that old, and this is their first season out. They shouldn't be failing already. Hope you got yours fixed.
  15. Heres my 2017 display, Hope you enjoy!

    I LOVE it!! Your sequencing is fantastic!!! Great job!