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  1. Great prop! I'm going to attempt to build one. I'm curious how the string of bulbs laid out. Did you use the cosmic color bulbs? Then was it one 50 bulb string to every other vertical strip? Did you use the Superstar editor with a 16 CCR license?
  2. There’s no Ethernet cable as it’s standalone, but next year I may bring the laptop as a backup.
  3. We had our annual rock fest this year where I have a light show going on at our campsite. First 2 nights it worked great, the last 2 I only had music and no lights. Any ideas wny? I'm using the Kingston SD cards they sell on the LOR website. Now that I'm home I made up another SD card, and that works fine. when we operate this at fest there's no scheduled time it runs, I either power it on, and push in the sd card, or the sd card is already in when I power it on. When I set up the show using LOR Hardware I select the LOR MP3 tab, selected are Plays anytime powered (you provider timer), Loop through showlist continuously , I then add the sequences, and the I Create Show. Do I need to place the SET TIME file on the SD card? Then in the wizards I take the defaults. Is that correct? These are the steps I used in creating both SD cards, is there any explanation why the first card worked for 2 days then stopped working?
  4. We’ve got some older rope lights that don’t have power chords, has this kind of end in the picture. I’ve got extra led power chords but I’m not sure if the rope light is led or incandescent, is there a way to tell? The led chords I have will push on the pronged end but there’s basically two female threaded ends. What will happen to the lights if I apply power to this? If they’re led I’d expect it to work, but what if they’re incandescent? Would it ruin them?
  5. Setting up the campsite now at rock fest, on our site is a 60’ pine tree that has lights in it but we’re missing 2 power cords, any idea if these are available anywhere? Would an other option be to splice the wire and put on a different chord?
  6. the finished props, with 3 days to spare! Thanks all for your suggestions. Both of them are one continuous light with black tape or flex conduit suppressing light where I don't want it. May work the skull head some more and get the mouth singing.
  7. Was able to get the props built over the weekend, now it's time to get the lights added.
  8. After talking with several lighting websites most thought they did not have a product for me, mostly I think because it's such a small time project and not worth their time. Except one, I ended up going with a LED light by Cbconcept, they seemed to have a good selection of T, 90, and end fittings and power chords. The cut interval is 19" which I'd rather be smaller but I figured I can always double up the light where I have to on the frame. Moment of truth this weekend putting everything together.
  9. TTT, once again, rock fest is coming up again and this may be a problem yet again. Is there anything I can put in between the generator and the controller so that the controller gets the reliable power it needs?
  10. since I'm welding all the pieces of rebar together one thought I had was to weld in steel round pipe where I want light suppressed, shove the rope light through and caulk the ends. I'll look into the elwire, being that it's such a low power supply I wonder if it would be bright enough. most of them I've seen use a battery pack which I would not want, I'd need an inverter so I can hook it up to 110 and control it with the LOR. Also waiting to hear back from a rep at Environmental Lights where they have a 24v led strip lighting where you can cut the wire every few inches, plus they have T and L fittings so I can get the "dead ends" I'm seeking, that was pricey though and only 5M rolls, so I may do a combination of the two, regular rope light for the general outline, and then get the same color of the 24V light for the small detail pieces.
  11. We drew this out on a piece of subfloor plywood by using a standard paper size image and then using a projector to enlarge it on the plywood, then we traced it out. The projector controlled the size of the image and kept it to scale.
  12. The weather proofing isn't as much of a concern for me as the small segments of lights needed that dead end. Most of the rope led lights I've seen online have cut intervals at 3'3", I've got pieces in there under a foot, is that even doable? Ideally that would be best, the other option is to loop everything with a continuous light and suppress the light where I don't want it.
  13. Is it possible to build a weatherproof rope light to follow a pattern I'm building out of rebar? See attachment. there are a few spots that "dead end" where I'd like to preserve that detail, is this possible? Is there any kind of 90, 45 T fittings to hook different light strings together?
  14. Would a true sine wave UPS be what I need? Feed the UPS with power from the generator, and feed the controller from the UPS?
  15. Thanks, is there such thing as a unit that accepts power input from whatever wave and outputs true sine wave power that the controller likes? I don't have specs on the generator's we use, if anything I'd say the RV generator may be putting out the right power as it did work every night. It didn't seem like anything consistent we did corrected the problem, what worked one night didn't the next but after restarting and unplugging, a few times it started working. Once we got it working it ran continuous with no problem.
  16. https://youtu.be/KehSkB0tLRch A partial song in our campsite setup.
  17. Hi, I recently had a light show setup at our Rock Fest campsites. Seemed like every night (4 nights total) we ran into a glitch when first starting it up. The music was there but no lights. There's little you can do on the unit itself for resetting other than power off, pop the card and put it back in or unplug it but seemed like different combinations of those did finally work and it was working. I've read a few on here that SanDisk cards could be a problem, and that's what I was using. If that's the case then I'll get some Kingston cards that LOR recommends for next year. My concert was our power feeding it, there's no electricity at these campsites so it's generator power. We have a 7500 RV generator and a 5000W portable so plenty of power, is the power coming off that generator "clean" enough for that unit, or is it just maybe a problem with SanDisk cards? Is there some kind of unit that the generators can feed, which I can draw power off for the unit if it's a problem with my power input? Great times and great fun, we had the most rockin party campsite at the Fest and the light show was great! Thanks LOR and everyone that answered questions for me in getting this set up in a fairly short amount of time.
  18. Thanks, , each campsite is 20'x30' and we have 6 together in a block, so they are crammed in tight and close. Mute point though as I think I'm going to still go with the LOR1602Wg3-MP3 controller and get the LED light strings you can get on amazon like these, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00SSCF32C/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 they plug in to AC, I won't be able to change the color but I didn't intend on that anyways. As for the dumb RGB's, I'll save that for another day as this grows every year. One more question, in our camper configuration I like the idea of plugging in an SD card for and not having to take my pc out there. I'll build a box to house it in to keep it out of the elements. Is there an audio cable coming out of the controller box to plug into our stereo system ? Or does it need to be FM broadcast? I would rather go with the audio cable if I can. Also, with this particular controller box, as I develop songs and want to test it out, do I have to transfer over to an SD card and run it from that or can I still use a USB-RS45 adapter and connect the computer to that, and that to the controller? Thanks!
  19. I'm new to this and looking for some direction on what hardware to get. I've already purchased the license and I've sequenced a few songs, and happy with how they are in the visualizer, now I'd like to take it to reality. My configuration is this, our Rock Fest campsite has 8 campers, each camper will be outlined in it's own dumb RBG light. I like the idea of using the 16 channel controller & MP3 Director, even though this first year I'm only using 8 of the channels. Are the power chords coming out of that unit AC power chords? So a dumb RGB ribbon as sold on wowLights would need some kind of power supply to convert to DC? I guess that's my biggest question how do I get from the light controller to dumb RGB lights where each 1 of the 8 lights are on its own channel? I also have a couple of 4' light bar, 12V Dc as you would put on a vehicle that I would also like to incorporate into the system. Thinking there I would need a AC to 12V DC30 converter. Thoughts? Thanks, Mark
  20. Hello, I'm a beginner in this technology and looking for advice on what components I'd need for an idea I have. In July a bunch of friends and I get together at a local Rock Festival. I'd like to set up the 6 campers and the tree in our group of campsites to be synchronized with lights to a predetermined rock soundtrack. I do have a computer I could use. Power is provided by generators To connect lights into our current stereo system what would be needed? What equipment would I need to start out? Thanks, Mark
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