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  1. LOL "figure out what you are not going to tell the wife"
  2. Thank you Ebuechner, I suspected I could somehow join the fixtures but wasn't sure. Thanks jerry72 will try your viz file.
  3. Thanks Ebuechner, but that's where I got the 12 fixture one from. I'm after an 8 fixture prop
  4. Hi, does anyone have the 8 channel version of the HolidayCoro Singing Christmas Tree (SCT) Visualiser Prop? I've got the 2013 HC Singing Christmas Tree.lpf file, but it uses 12 fixtures in the prop, my SCTs have only 8 fixtures: 1. Tree outline 2. Eyes Open 3. Eyes Closed 4. Top Lip 5 Lower Lip 6. Bottom Lip 7. O mouth 8. Middle Mouth If anyone has this prop I'd be very happy if you could send me a copy. ozaz@ozaz.org
  5. I'm using a few year old laptop, running windows 10, and have no problems sequencing and visualising. HOWEVER, the Pixel Editor won't run, I get an error stating OpenGL is too low a version. So if you plan on buying Pro version and using Pixel Editor you'll need a fairly new graphics card that can run OpenGL 1.5 or higher
  6. Thank you Saxon, That video explains a lot.
  7. OzAz

    New forum

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  8. Well done, I'm a long way from having anything near that, but thanks it's given me a few ideas.
  9. Hi John, I'm a newbie too, but from Australia where we also have 240V AC and thus similar issues. If the UK is anything like here in Aus, 240V AC lights are very scarce. The LEDs you mention in Q3 with the transformers can not be run on an AC Controller without modifying the transformer, I found an article here about that: http://auschristmaslighting.com/wiki/Bypassing_Multi_Function_Controllers not for the feint hearted. I got some ready made singing tree faces from a company here in Aus and they use 24V DC M5 LED strings http://www.christmascreations.net.au/colour-mix.html These can be run from the LOR DC Controllers. So perhaps that's an option?
  10. Hi Old Sarge, I wouldn't mind a copy of those singing tree sequence files, please. ozaz@ozaz.org PS. I'm an ex Sarge (Australian Air Force) who's old.
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