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  1. IF you're sharing, any chance I can get a copy. Had finalised my short halloween show but this would be a great addition ozaz@ozaz.org cheers
  2. Hi Orville and others in storms way, hope you get through it OK. Must be a bad one as we're hearing a lot about it here in Aus
  3. not that I know much as a newbie myself, but.. For DMX you are going to need either the LOR iDMX1000 or an USB-DMX converter/dongle like an Enttec or compatible device i have 1 of these Also some rgb/pixel controllers have built in DMX converters. LOR's dmx page
  4. check your messages Ramsey Thanks for tip mpageler you reminded me I have two old strobe lights somewhere, might have to find them and set them up for my lightning and thunder sequence James, you have everything
  5. I have 4 pixel arches, but as this is my first year of lighting I'm not using them for Halloween. I don't have many props for this Christmas so need something for visitors to look forward to. Might use them next year, in suitable Halloween colours, with fake spider web in the arch
  6. pixels because this https://vimeo.com/183692443 This page has the LOR Plug-n-Show: Pixel Package Deals
  7. Similar to Doug's Wire Frame trees, I got 4 from a guy that makes them from aluminium tubing, here in Australia: Christmas Creations - Singing faces He uses blue for eyes open and yellow for mouth parts, the girl ones have red for mouth parts. Looking forward to using them for my first ever display this year.
  8. That's quite amazin how do you link all the LOR controllers over such long distances?
  9. Saw one of these on another forum, where the owner could remotely activate it to stop it on either naughty or nice. They used to ask the parents (without the child hearing) which way they wanted it to land for their child. Apparently quite a few parents are just a little bit evil
  10. That's not a bad idea Jaynee, but didn't it annoy the neighbours?
  11. Hi don't forget to check the Sequence Sharing topic 1. Legally you are supposed to own your own copy of any song your using. Be aware that some people modify the song (shorten it, cuts bits out) for their sequences so make sure your using the correct version. 2. I find it easier to have my sequence open with my configuration, and the other person's sequence also open and then just copy/paste as required. 3. I'll send you a link for some. They don't have to be 16 ch to match your 16 ch, as above you can just copy the channels that will fit to your configuration. 4. LOR sells some, holidaysequences dot com sell some and there's a few others. Usually they have a video so you can get a feel what they look like. Also check the Vendor Marketplace topic. As for the quality, that's for you to decide
  12. and if you are worried about heat ( as some are in Australia where temperature can still be over 30C - 86F at night ) you can add a vent like I've seen others do. 1 or 2 of something like these Ventilator and even a fan on 1 of them will do the trick, I hear. and if you want to get fancy, like I've seen some people do, you can add a Mini LED Temp Meter to the front of the box
  13. James, any chance I can get your halloween sequences? Do you mind if I share them on my dropbox and provide link to people who request them? (I'll acknowledge they came from you)
  14. sent you a message Brucey Please note people, I'll send the link via forum personal messages rather than email so no need to supply your email address any issues let me know
  15. someone had an ftp site with a heap of sequences but the site is no longer available. Luckily I got a copy of some of it. (hope they don't mind) I've put the folder from Dr Wizard on my dropbox, they are 32 Channel sequences, great for newbies like me. If anyone wants a copy let me know and I'll PM you the link. It's thanks to people like the person with the ftp site, Old_Sarge and others, that I'm going to be able to do my first light show.
  16. everything, This is my first ever show: 1 LOR AC - running 240V rope lights 4 house outline (aqua) 8 mini trees (4 red, 4 green) 4 spirals (blue) 4 Pixel arches 4 Singing Christmas trees A few miscellaneous non-programmed lights
  17. Papagayo from lostmarble.com Get the old version Or try xLights you can program your singing faces and then convert to LOR Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  18. OzAz

    newbie needs help

    Dan, if you got the ShowTime Central starter package with the pre-loaded Plug and show SD card, then yes you can have a show up and running in minutes (well a few hours, plus many more hours building props, hanging lights and wondering where to put the controller boxes etc etc etc ). RTM, then plug appropriate lights into the controllers, connect the network cables, connect power to the controllers and switch everything on. The 6 songs + animated filler sequences will automatically start playing and the lights will flash. Done. Well sort of...
  19. OzAz

    Sequence music

    When I started this crazy hobby at the start of this year, people kept telling me music for LOR had to be 128kbps Constant Bit Rate mp3 to work best. Is this still the case? If you don't already have it Audacity download there's also a link to the LAME mp3 encoder you'll need, on that page. You may also want the QM Vamp Plugin but make sure you get the older version 1.7 (this plugin allows you to create timing marks for beat or bar or note-onset etc).
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