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  1. Jaynee, have you considered doing the mini trees using smart pixels? any color you want then have you considered "leaping arches"? again, using smart pixels. the Virtual Santa is a crowd pleaser, simple to set up and not that costly - added bonus if you opt for a reasonable projector, you then have a projector for home movies the rest of the year I've started to write up my 2017 shopping list - for one "megatree", two matrix columns and one 24*48 matrix plans don't necessarily match time, money or ability
  2. If building a "MegaTree" (180, 270 or 360 degrees) straight smart pixel strips, or bullets/nodes, is the way to go these days. LOR are even selling kits now (not a personal recommendation, for example only) Not only can the software emulate spirals but you can do a whole lot more exhibit A for small spirals trees, a single 5m/16ft smart pixel strip wrapped around a tomato plant trainer is ideal, eg: small spiral trees Majority of trees you see with multiple strands wrapped in spirals aren't using smart pixels and that was the only way to do "effects" in the past. IMHO
  3. my 2 cents worth (haven't used a pixcon): 1. you may be better off using pixel strings rather than ribbon (easier to cut and join (usually), easier to go around corners) 2. looking at the comparison guide you'll probably want the Pro version for pixel control and DMX http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-suite-software/ 3. looking at the manual it looks like you can connect the pixcon directly to your LAN (interesting) 4. if using pixel strings you can join them together as 1 continuous string (up to 340 on each port according to the manual), or cut them down to length; BUT you'll need power injection.
  4. how are you doing the " Zara schedule immediate play command " ?
  5. "We don't want the Christmas Lights Addiction Problem --->"
  6. speaking of voice overs, found out about this on another forum Santa Clause voiceover on fiverr
  7. and if your worried about how much energy consumption each plug is going to use you could always get an Electricity Usage Monitor / Meter
  8. Both LOR and xLights you don't need to worry about controlling each pixel. You just put an effect on the prop and the program does the rest. same as a matrix, eg; in xLights use the text effect, write your text and voila (well almost ). PM sent
  9. Q1 - you guess right, you'll need a 30 sec sequence - you could put that in the Cleanup Sequence section (i think). I'd probably instead of steady 100% intensity, fade / ramp them down to say 30/20%; so when the next song starts there'll be more of a "pop" in the light show. Q2 - you guessed right again Though I'd make a longer animation sequence, say 5 minutes, and then loop that for the 2 hours. I'd also consider having the lights at say 50% brightness, enough they can be seen, but not enough they can be seen from space or by the neighbors who are trying to sleep
  10. OzAz

    New to LOR

    lor tutorial videos on youtube listentoourlights LOR's youtube
  11. maybe try http://boscoyostudio.com/products/
  12. To add to @default comments, I also can't see using an app for doing the programming, but I could envision using an app to run sequences, create playlists, start/stop shows; similar to applights. But to get all that working with LOR, and all the multiple different controllers people use, is a BIG ask.
  13. OzAz

    New to LOR

    Hi Simon, fellow Aussie, LOR and ACL forums member. I'm a noob myself, but happy to help where I can
  14. 16 channels represent 16 individual outputs, usually you attach 1 string of lights to each channel. You could connect a piggy-back or power board to a channel to connect more than 1 string to a channel but you have to be very careful about power draw on each channel and total for each controller. You could also have 1 string of lights that consist of multiple strands if you get the connectable type light strings. Again, see note about total power draw. LOR has a good FAQ for this: How Many Lights? What is a mega tree two types of mega trees in this video the 3 big trees at the 1:10 mark would all constitute a "mega tree". People are going towards the pixel version (0:20 mark of video) of mega tree. The actual arches are made and come in 2 main types: 1. multiple individual strands of lights wrapped around arch (arch usually made from plumbing conduit) (see 0:50 in above video above for example) 2. pixel strips or nodes attached to arch. arch made from plumbing conduit or hdpe conduit this video shows a pixel hdpe conduit type arch Hope this clears up a few of your questions.
  15. 1 thing - be careful with wire colouring they sometimes get it wrong look at the back of the 1st led and physically check which wire actually goes to the +12, Gnd and Data connections, then match that to the relevant alphapix outlets for further reference here's HC's wiring chart http://www.holidaycoro.com/v/vspfiles/downloads/instruct1.pdf
  16. try installing the lor usb driver first before attaching the dongle
  17. sent to all above. if anyone else wants these please ask someone who's now got them to share with you. I'll be disconnecting my link in a few days
  18. it's funny, xlights was originally mostly a show scheduler, now that's the weakest part of the program. From what I gather, the developers aren't that interested in updating the scheduler as they believe most xlights users are using a Pi with FPP to run their shows.
  19. Thanks a lot Bill and Terpsmurf Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  20. Hi Bill, any chance you could send me a copy? ozaz@ozaz.org
  21. just the weekend before halloween and halloween night this is what I've done to 1 of my wireframe singing christmas trees for halloween - sheet of coro and a few cable ties - mouth parts light up ok thru the coro (a little diffused), outline turned off of course. a bit rough, my first attempt at cutting coro, but hey, who said ghosts had to look perfect
  22. are your 2 x 16 ch controllers the AC ones? What sort of lights are you planning on the roof and house outline? I'd think of splitting the roof into 3 sections (left middle right) and reducing window to 2 (is the little half circle really required? Will that be a bit harder to attach lights to?) most mega trees I've seen use either 12 or 16 channels, so maybe increase yours to 12? controller 1: 1,2,3 - roof 4,5 - window 6 - garage 7 - door 8,9,10,11 - mini trees 12 -16 - ??? controller 2: 1-12 - mega tree 13,14,15,16 - mini trees
  23. Hey James you champion you, revered amongst lighting community and all round nice guy, any chance I could get a copy of this sequence ? ozaz@ozaz.org ? Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
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