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  1. also remember, that unless you're using very high quality power supplies you should try and stay under 85% of the maximum rated output. eg a 12V 350W power supply you should try for no more than about 297.5W of load. If you are close to the limit, consider running the controller at less than 100% brightness, or use less than 100% brightness in the sequencer, especially when using all white. It can be handy to have a spreadsheet with all your props in it to work out power requirements etc, attached is a sample one with some sample data: power calculator.xls
  2. Xmas Rhapsody

    Hi James would be interested to see what you have done with the pixels for this song. Did the singing faces (for xLights) last year, posted the timing tracks on their forum ( http://nutcracker123.com/forum/index.php?topic=3856.0 ) Have added a lot of pixels this year, still struggling with sequencing it
  3. Smart RGB -- Advice Needed

    however, the alphapix does have dmx output and you could run your lor controllers in dmx mode (Falcon boards have the same capability) the wonderful thing about this hobby, so much to choose from and everyone has an opinion on which is best I have no opinion, I just provide options
  4. Smart RGB -- Advice Needed

    good info @Mr. P there's an alternate link to (16 ch) controller comparison http://nutcracker123.com/nutcracker/rgb_controllers/ if anyone's interested. @lightingnewb depending on what sort of props you're building and what sort of look you want; you might want to opt for pixel strings rather than strips.
  5. 2016 Engh-Lights

    The definition looks a lot better than I would have thought 3" spacing would be? How many sheets is that? FYI an alternative to the HC net is Boscoyo matrix panels
  6. FYI, a couple of other screen/video capture programs: ActivePresenter - save as various formats, but no auto upload to YouTube. More complicated, but lots of features. Flashback Express - save as WMV format only, or upload to YouTube. Easier to use, but less features.
  7. Xlights import to S5

    I don't believe S5 is some sort of "upgraded model of xLights" as such. Though it does look like the S5 programmers have emulated methods used in xlights, and possibly other sequencing programs, when developing S5 would matt or mike like to confirm? xlights has a convert to lms and lcb function, with lcb a popular method for pixel effects is it true lcb has been dropped in s5? If so, I doubt the xLights programmers will update to provide compatibility for whatever new format s5 is using ( especially if comments on fb are anything to go by )
  8. Mini Christmas trees out of tomato cages

    another tip for tomato cage trees: if like me, you have "concrete jungle" and no where to "plant" you cage trees; get some cheap plant pots and some gravel and 'pot up' you trees. worked quite well for me last year, long row of trees down the side of the driveway
  9. "Bumper Songs"

    Learn something everyday. Never heard the term "bumper" before, and I have some in my show!
  10. as @mpageler said if you only have 16 channels you can still look at sequences with more channels and then copy paste channels that work with your layout. Here's some 32 ch sequences (not mine) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/eiyuksrshyvd3q7/AADJ6bYBiYN0OZSVFQ_awZ5Qa?dl=0 (link active till end of july)
  11. My Halloween Animations

    Impressive stuff if money is no object and you don't have the mad DIY skills like @Disparky there's always the SkullTronix option
  12. Tesla Model 3 Easter Egg.

    Ha Ha. I first read that as (missed the a ) Then thought "LOR must be making huge profits if Mike can afford to buy three Teslas." LOL "should have gone to Specsavers"
  13. Forum problem with Tapatalk

    It wasn't just Tapatalk, forum was down for everyone even via the web Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  14. Devil Went Down to Georgia

  15. Singing Pumpkin Faces

    try this thread http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/32213-holiday-coro-fixturesprops/