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  1. Can I please have a copy as well thanks in advance ovelgara@att.net
  2. Toño

    Feliz Navidad Lma Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    I need a copy “por favor “ ovelgara@att.net
  3. Toño

    FloRita My House Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    Would love to have it ovelgara@att.net
  4. Toño

    Thunder Imagine Dragons Lms Faces Pixel Matrix

    Can I please have a copy ovelgara@att.net
  5. Toño

    Soy principiante, colombiano controlador de segunda

    BIenvenido Jairo si necestas ayuda mandame un mensaje
  6. Those who have the small 24x24 singing faces where do you put them and how do you attached them to your House need ideas I was thinking on putting them on the roof. thanks in advance
  7. Toño

    Small singing faces

    I Got the 4ft ones once again thanks for your help I was able to raised them about 2 1/2 feet from the ground
  8. Toño

    Small singing faces

    Thanks jr I’m going to see if these would work 3 in. x 3 in. x 6 ft. Green Metal Heavy Duty Fence U-Post https://homedepot.app.link/6RaZhJ4NOH
  9. Toño

    Small singing faces

    Thanks for all your replies I’m trying to keep them two feet above ground level since I’m in the Chicago area and we get snow
  10. Newbie looking for the minions jingle bells 32 chanels or 16 my 5&6 year old boys would really appreciated . thanks Omar ovelgara@att.net
  11. Toño

    Singing Faces For Sale

    I was in Peoria two weeks ago for work and a few of my coworkers went to Springfield the same week too bad you didn't post them back then I bought the small ones back in January I bet the big ones are pretty heavy with the lights installed
  12. Toño

    Singing Faces For Sale

    Wish you were a little closer I'm in the Chicago suburbs ?
  13. Toño

    Now Sharing ~ Shiny ~ Moana singing faces

    Would love to have a copy ovelgara@att.net
  14. Toño

    Singing faces

    This would be my second year with light o Rama I just received my singing trees and I can't wait to test them out anyone willing to share any sequences I would appreciate it thanks in advance Omar ovelgara@att.net
  15. Toño

    Singing faces

    Thanks for your help I really appreciate it
  16. Toño

    Thank you!!!

    I have to agree thanks to everyone that shared their sequences. thanks James Morris
  17. Toño

    Light em up sequence

    Can you send one my way ovelgara@att.net
  18. Toño

    Let It Snow By Chicago

    Would love to have a copy ovelgara@att.net
  19. Toño

    Looking for Minions jingle bells

    Thank you bill from me and the boys
  20. Toño

    looking for Spanish Christmas songs

    This one might be a good one for Halloween la llorona
  21. Toño

    looking for Spanish Christmas songs

    Here's another one "el tamborilero" lil drummer boy
  22. Toño

    looking for Spanish Christmas songs

    You should google Noche de Paz it's silent night in Spanish im currently working on this one
  23. Toño

    Free 80 channel sequences

    I would like a copy of joy to the world ovelgara@att.net
  24. Toño

    My Light Setup (Studio C)

    I'm actually a tech manager for chuck e cheese and currently have a new version of the show that uses Rgb lights called circle of lights no more animatronics I'm new to this website the store that I work at its only a year old The show its run by dmx Rgb lights almost like lor I bet Matt have a few videos of the new show
  25. Toño

    Frozen compilation

    Can I please have a copy Thanks James ovelgara@att.net