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  1. Im starting a class here in a few minutes so no time to give a detailed reply but you can start here since you have pixies and I will check back later on. You can cut and splice new wire in between. You can cut off and reuse pixels. Depending on how many pixel controllers and lights you may need additional networks and can be got using a powered USB hub. JR
  2. Exactly, I mostly use individual props and rarely use the vis any more anyways. I use my vis for the LOR singing Quartet and not much else since I already know what everything looks like. I mainly use it when someone needs help with the vis. JR
  3. I just use the 12" spikes, rebar drive them in the ground and anywhere there is a connection it gets looped and ziptied to the top. The connection point is always the high point with the loop at the bottom. I also place buckets over the top of the spikes in some areas.
  4. It was sent at 8:52 am and then I just resent Resent/ actually forwarded the other with the copy paste from this email. It looks the same though. I didnt get and rejection notice and it is from and to hotmail. I will check in the morning. JR
  5. Will send you everything later tonight when I get home JR
  6. Its that time again, for those of you wanting to participate. Tomorrow, Saturday July 11 @ 6:00 PM Central Time. Anyone that hasn't attended and wish to attend sign up here or send me a PM with your email address and I will send you a link and required files. To those that signed up last week but have not received the files I have been busy but will get them out later this evening. Thank you to all that attend. The more the merrier. JR
  7. You have to add them to your preview. I followed the help manual and it worked really good. I am only using S5 to run the show because off the motion effects and ease of some of the other effects. I don’t like having to have a preview but it’s a must. I really like adding props on the fly sometimes. I know that’s not a video but it’s what worked for me. As well as some great help here from some great guys. JR
  8. The easiest way for you to build your prop if you need / want your prop and not a shared one Use your picture as you did Controller only use 1 channel and fill the prop, set the color , channel unit ID and network Repeat that 7 more times and then convert to group to have them in one singing tree group. JR
  9. Yes, I forgot to mention the problem with his prop. It appears the OP built it two ways or something. I was able to change the 1-8 but not the tree rows. OP- if you don't need the actual prop you can just add 8 individual strings as well. Jim - does that happen to be the prop file I sent and you converted? If so Im gonna download it, just in case I ever need it. Thank you JR
  10. Figured it out, as stated its been a while since playing around with regular lights Go to the peview design Right click on the individual channel - modify. It will take you to the preview design for that one channel. Change the color from "multi" to "single color" then choose that color and save. Do the same for each channel one by one I used your preview and wrote a test seq and it worked JR
  11. Sending you the video just in case JR
  12. Video is in your in box Let me know if it helped, I cant see well today JR
  13. You will have to turn down volume. Speaker and headset both recording audio and boys are watching a movie There seems to be a problem with Camtasia and my sequencing computer audio mixer. Its common with alienware My apologies The video is finalizing JR
  14. Orville not the same. Have to set this up in S% with Preview Design he just missed something. Video is uploading Will send via PM JR
  15. You are missing a step some place. I have 5,4.2 on my show computer and it works. I will make you a video. JR
  16. Actually I do have 3 DMX I can get 12 singing bulbs per controller. (per testing with my Covid show) . I went out and purchased a huge network switch. For my pixies, yup cant wait to test the pixielink that will open up an entirely new world and save me from having to buy any more non LOR controllers. I got a great deal, couldn't pass it up on some. As much as I dislike buying used. S5 has made me step up a little. JR
  17. When you add the controller top right box say 8 channels "max circuit" It will only add one row (channel in the bottom box" Now On the left drop down Choose your color and it will add the ports along with that color JR
  18. You should be able to click on the channels - right side and select individual colors on the left side drop down. I did this for another member and my original controllers when i started playing with S5. JR
  19. While getting you the link I just discovered "Blackweb Electronis" must be affiliated with Walmart only. I cant find it any where else except 1 used one on Ebay. Guess I need to go to the 4 stores in my area and get a couple extra. JR
  20. Go to walmart and get the Blackwebb 7 port powered hubb. 4 years going strong. I use 2 for my show. You can get on walmart. com and have it shipped. Currently showing out of stock but your local stores may have it or online , I just know they work https://www.walmart.com/ip/Blackweb-7-Port-USB-3-0-Hub/630442973 JR
  21. I got you covered, since I know you and know your email by memory. LOL Sending in 3-2-1 You've got mail JR
  22. Orville, exactly. The OP's problem was completely different since it dealt with the LOR RGB singing faces. In S4 the I remember a few years back someone calling me and asking how they can get their AC singing face lights to color as my S4 animator. They liked my sequencing color and wanted to change their light colors. After a couple back and forth rounds I realized he was trying to get his lights to be the same color as my animator colors. My reply was simple - must change the bulbs. The lightbulb went off in his head. JR
  23. Sent with instructions, enjoy Happy 4th of July JR
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