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  1. Nicely said, and those with those three qualities understand what pulling at the ok bootstraps to get themselves back in their feet is all about. JR
  2. Just think of the light show that could be done on his car though JR
  3. Never a problem about heat esp with the pixel controllers. We are also in a pretty warm climate esp with the Halloween setup. K6CCC and Mr. P and several of us had this discussion a couple years ago. I think Jim has the temps from his attic. I have 4 in my attic as well. I do have two vents in the largest enclosure but no fan. Someone had told me "I needed to get a fan" or they would fail. At that time Jim explained his thoughts of the heat on a non AC controller. I was also told to sit in a closet with a heater in it and see if I over heat. There is a big difference between an electrical component and a human being. Unless the military reprogrammed me or place my skin over a robotic shell, but I still bleed. LOL I think Jim is in your area. For some reason I was thinking you was in FL until just looking at your info. JR
  4. Yes you can do it with external wp psu’s However I prefer not to have anything external to my controllers with the exception of the cables. My second dual pixie Controller uses 1 750w psu. It’s a huge psu. The one mentioned above with 2-350’s hasn’t had any problems controlling the matrix and like you we have had horrible rain for the past 2 years esp 2018. Record breaking. JR
  5. For a matrix you can get by with 2 - 350W PSU's. Let me find my build thread or my picture and link it. I have the dual pixies dual psu's on my first matrix. The problem you may face is finding an enclosure large enough to fit everything. I found mine on ebay and it has a lot of room. JR
  6. If there is any chance that you can get to hang out with this great group of people it would be worth your while to do so. These minis are only a once a year event (the close ones to you). It beats starting out and trying to learn this stuff on a forum because you will get hands on, network and make friends with people who know this stuff. If I wasn't so busy I would drive there from Alabama in which I have done before. The OKC group are great. JR
  7. I was done very fast as well. At one time I believe there was a thread by Devmike or Dan that gave tips on how to approach the sale. Of course I’ve never been in a hurry but I was helping someone with questions and was on the sale page and had to order. JR
  8. Decisions, decisions and decisions. If there is a chance that you may want a larger tree later get the pixie16 16x50. If unsure you can always add another pixie8 later on down the road and replace the 25 ribbons. Or use the pixie 8 and short strings for arches or something and get a pixie16 and new ribbons for a tree. Also circles would be a great addition if you go with option 2. JR
  9. To help you learn you can simply get any of the shared sequences from James or I - or anyone esp roof line and copy paste from them to your rgb channels. That would be a good economical learning point as you await the arrival. A lot of people will order and wait until they receive stuff before attempting to learn. By then it may be to late. Practice will be your best friend. You will also want a good viz or preview to see how it comes together. JR
  10. If you have Superstar you can change the size from a 16x50 or any size to the new size in seconds. So using purchased or donor sequences not a big deal. The problem is the resolution as Mr. P states. My tune to sign at 8x24 is totally worthless to display images of any resolution. I use it for words and affects only. If you purchased the LOR 16x25 tree go to Brian’s site Superstarlights.com and get the prop file for it there. It will clear it up for you. It is free to download. I assisted quite a few members when it first came out and they said the images came out fine in the vis using his prop file. JR
  11. Someday I will reproduce this without papagayo and get it out to all who have received this copy. Subscribed for future reference. JR
  12. I needed at least one more 50W RGB Flood, got 3 from Dennis last year and just felt I needed 4 more. LOL JR
  13. Now this I may be able to grasp, esp after you helped me set that pixcon up. JR
  14. that was easy, no red button required JR
  15. Back on the sale- Does anyone know if the sale will accept PayPal? I have always use cC and I was asked that question today. JR
  16. Got it, I think you or Mr. P mentioned that to me before and why I have been avoiding more than 14. Being all LOR the best thing I ever did was split off into networks. I had zero bugs two years in a row. The good news is LOR is conservative with the number of pixels and length of runs from controller to first Light. If I have a show this year I may tear the 16 rule at set up. Do you know the reasoning behind the 16 network rule? JR
  17. I use two Blackwebb 7 port hubs and two additional ports on my gaming laptop. Haven’t tried a third hub yet but I was able to take 14 to 12 networks last Christmas. i have 2 hubs for expansion but I have 2 ports not completely maxed. If I am able to do a show this year I am only adding less that 10k more pixels and 7 RGB floods- I hope to be good. JR
  18. Must be nice! Alabama voters want it but the powers will not even vote to bring it up for a vote! Then at election time the voters drink the coolest new flavor cool aid and forget about the lottery. ~ repeat JR
  19. JK, I’m happy with my 12-14 networks. Not adding a whole lot this year and have enough wiggle room to add what I am adding. It would be nice to have one single usb hub vs the 2 I use now. But they have been trouble free just take up space on my shelf. Only needing some more 50w floods to add to the 3 I got from my friend here last year. Building 5 more pixie16’s luckily have all of that. JR
  20. 40 per string - need 2 strings per tree row. Only 90 available in July, not enough to build a tree. JR
  21. I’m gonna need a 20 port USB hub pretty soon. JR
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