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  1. As usual, sellers please do not ask. YOUR personal use only MP3 will not be provided. Music Info: Pentatonix Sleigh Ride Album: That's Christmas To Me If you do not know how to properly use singing face sequences please let me know and I will send you my step by step. JR
  2. Pixie 16 with WS2812 pixels.

    Also search my great friend James Morris and post requests in his hundred or so pixel tree sharing sequences JR
  3. Pixie 16 with WS2812 pixels.

    Find my thread “pixie configuration tips” created last week since the pixie seems to be picking up a fan base. I spent countless hours assisting others so hope the search feature would help. Im to n car so no link. It will get you up and running. JR
  4. As usual SELLERS please do not ask. Everyone else ~ Private Use Only, not to share with anyone even forum members. This is why they are free, lets keep them free. Thank you for understanding. Music is not shared, music info is included in the sequence Harry Connick Jr Let It Snow Album ~ When My Heart Finds Christmas Please include email and I will not reply to PM's all sequence request must be in public view. JR
  5. As usual SELLERS please do not ask. Private Use Only - please do not share - this will keep the free ones coming. I will include my step by step word document to help me avoid the various questions. If you follow the instructions you will have success and enjoy the sequence. Sequence Only ~ Music must be purchased at your fav place. I use MP3miliions. Music Info Artist : Simple Plan Song: Christmas Every Day Album: Christmas Every Day JR
  6. As usual SELLERS please do not ask. My shared sequences are for your Private Use Only, not to share with others. This is what keeps them free. Thank you for understanding Music is NOT included. Music Info Barry Gordon Nuttin For Christmas Album ~ Simply the Best Christmas Album Ever I will be sending my step by step word document on how to properly use my singing face sequences. Please read and follow if you want fantastic results. If you already know how to copy paste the channels correctly don't be offended when you receive the step by step, just no time to screen new users from experienced users. Sorry I will not reply to PM's. Post within to receive. JR
  7. Sent the faces along with the other 2 Private Use Only please JR
  8. Yes, that's right. Possibly Queens only publically released Christmas song. As Usual SELLERS do not ask. Private Use Only not to share with anyone ~ Help keep the free ones coming. Sequence only , you must buy the MP3 at your favorite site. I use MP3millions. Music Info Queen Thank God Its Christmas Album~ Queen Since I do not know or have time to figure out who has experience with copy/ paste singing elements I am including my word document. If you read and follow it you will enjoy the sequences. JR
  9. Sent along with the other 2 Private Use Only Enjoy JR
  10. Sent Thank you for the kind words. I will be sequencing Good to be Bad next. Enjoy Happy Holidays JR
  11. HU not recognizing CCB units

    Do these units have dip switches? Sorry I do have a couple but have never opened them. Also are they sharing the same unit ID's as the others? While assisting others with the pixies I discovered the new v2 pixie16's have dip switches. From factory dip switch #8 is on thus assigning the unit ID #1. If connected in HU with any units sharing the unit ID 1 then HU does not find the pixie and even if the user sets the new unit ID and gets the unit ID set message that unit ID reverts back to 1 in the refresh or if you attempt to configure it in the chanel config. I spent an hour assisting someone with a version 2 pixie 16 before he asked about the "dip switch". I did not know the pixie revision had dip switches. Problem solved as soon as he said it and I went to documentation. Just a sugguestion since I have not used or familiar with the CCP or CCB'. JR
  12. Sending Now Please Private Use Only Thank you for understanding Merry Christmas JR
  13. Jerry72 asked me to assist him with this. Artist: Little Jimmy Dickens Album: Still Believing in Christmas As always include your email address. Please do not sell. Enjoy JR

    Sent Enjoy Merry Christmas JR
  15. You got it Merry Christmas Carl JR
  16. Sending now Please, no Selling, sharing or trading. Keeps them free. Also sending my step by step word doc. Thank you for understanding and Merry Christmas JR
  17. Looking for Mr Heatmiser Faces

    Sent JR
  18. Hmm, none of the reminder emails made to me from the 4 above, not even in junk. Thanks for the bump ~ it worked. Sending to all 4 above with my word document step by step guide. Please Private Use Only, no selling, sharing or trading. Keeps them free and on the Nice List Thank you for understanding JR
  19. Now Sharing ~ Shiny ~ Moana singing faces

    Sent Please No selling, trading or sharing, Private Use Only Also sent my step by step word doc Enjoy ~Semper -Fi JR
  20. Sellers please don't ask. Several of you have requested it from me and for whatever reason I can no longer find your request. One of you stated that you wanted the faces to incorporate into your outline sequence. If you care to share would be appreciated. If you have produced house outline and or animation sequences for this and wouldn't mind sharing those back with me and others please let me know. Music can be purchased at MP3millions, Amazon and probably some other places. Info: Title: Shiny Artist: Jemaine Clement Album: Moana Deluxe Edition Thank you and enjoy, truly to be a hit among children and adults. JR
  21. Looking for Mr Heatmiser Faces

    Where you live in Bama? ~ JR
  22. You have mail Please no selling sharing or trading. Also sent my word doc step by step Merry Christmas JR
  23. Sent Private Use Only Please, no selling, sharing or trading. If someone wants it they can ask within the thread. Thank you for understanding Also sent my step by step word doc Merry Christmas JR