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  1. Try the hub, I know we had this discussion on the phone and I can’t remember the outcome. For my mini ran Tune To sign the HUB solved my non computerized memory issues. It created the card quick JR
  2. It’s gonna be a couple days at least. In the meantime if you read some posts you will find a statement that you need to copy paste in your request, if you agree with it. Just wanted to let you know so that when I do return home and start filling requests you don’t get skipped. Happy Holidays JR
  3. As my friend Mr. P above states, I use S4. I have added S5 as an experiment to a desktop but have no plans to venture in to the unknown. LOR staff are very friendly and professional whenever I have had to submit a HD ticket. I try to lesson some of their burden where and when I can. If its not broke don't fix it is one of my mottos I will stick to as well as Mr. P 's K.I.S.S. principle. JR
  4. Easy answer ~ No, without the sup file there is nothing you can do. This is one way of preventing pirated copies. JR
  5. That's one of the reasons I gave up on Ray. I get all of my stuff locally at comparable prices without shipping or haggling problems as well as products being discontinued. JR
  6. This is very useful information for me and perhaps quite a few others. though I have no thought of converting I will be playing around with S5 on my old desktop and who knows maybe one day may decide I like it. Thanks for this info JR
  7. Not knowing S5 settings and creating shows I cant help with that. You may be able to create it in HU. Open HU Click the MP3 tab Fill out selections on left side of screen Add sequences to the right side box Click create show and answer the questions as they appear. Be sure to read them well before moving on. Maybe that will work but no promises. JR
  8. Have you tried the "HUB"? I never had problems with my remote sign controlled by an old mini director. Last week I had a problem for several hours and tried the HUB. It asked me if I had the black box, I answered yes and my show was on my card in 10 seconds. JR
  9. Please read any of the comments above and see the new agreement and reply accordingly. Trust me its as much if not more of a pita for me as it is all of you. Thank you Happy Holidays JR
  10. Totally missed that, figured when we spoke on the phone for the few minutes you had the correct license. You will ne PRO level for the pixie16 no way around it. JR
  11. My apologies, due to medical issues as well as setup slowness caused by those issues I have not been able to get on this. JR
  12. No problem ,you figured it out well before I sent it Happy Holidays JR
  13. Whats a YCM sequence? If you haven't finished configuring the pixie16 its not gonna work. It uses 16 Unit ID's (consecutive) you will need to let the HU configure it and not attempt to manually add the unit ID's You have my # but I cant help with S5 JR
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