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  1. Singing Faces Sequences

    You should/ may get a reply in email only. He's pretty busy these days. He and I emailed back and forth last week. JR
  2. Pixcon16 and uMP3g3 Gen3 miniDirector

    I'm not sure about the file compression down to 1kb is correct. That seems kind of small. What mfg of SD card you using? JR
  3. We started sequencing at Christmas for this season. It's a never ending cycle. The good take out of this... There are a lot of free sequences out here to get you started so no need to sweat over that. JR
  4. My great friend James standing up to the plate. Thanks buddy. OP - one of the best helped you out. JR
  5. Useful Programs

    Thanks Mr P. That's funny and exactly why I got rid of my house phone. Those 18 prop children I have kept pranking folks JR
  6. Just in case you don't get any takers since it is so close to the holidays. And just in case you ever want to try this Johns video is a great starting point. I am swamped or I would assist you with the timings. Ears are helpful but optional. JR
  7. Useful Programs

    Papagayo- as s starting tool to learn how to make singing props "sing". Or you can just ask me how to make the magic, I can teach you. The more the merrier. JR
  8. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Two old geezers
  9. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Featuring Burt / Ernie
  10. 2016 WowLights Christmas Contest Winners Posted

    Congrats Dan. It will add 16 more to your show. That's 2 singing faces. JR
  11. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    I'm on fire
  12. Now Sharing ~ Shiny ~ Moana singing faces

    Sent along with step by step. Enjoy JR
  13. Now Sharing ~ Shiny ~ Moana singing faces

    Anytime, you are welcome. I think I re produced your Owl City sequence. I;m pretty sure it was one of the ones I produced for you. JR
  14. Newbie Questions/outdoor speaker

    1990's boom box. I'm sure this new generation doesn't have a clue as to what it is. Should be easy to spot though if someone steals it since in todays standards it would be similar to walking around with a rack component stereo on your shoulders. Even gets AM. JR