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  1. Look through the "sequence sharing thread" James Morris and I have about 400 shared CCR tree sequences. Just reply within each thread. JR
  2. I did start it yesterday while bored but with a lot in my plate I won’t finish it in my normal few hours. May get it done early next week. Been hechtic for me this year. Gotta slow down and enjoy the boys as we all get older. JR
  3. I use 2x4’s or 2x6 on my larger ones. My two snowman are over 6’tall. I also use emt conduit to prop them up. Last season we had some 80mph winds and one snowman turned a little but did not fall over. AL will cost use good $ and not add weight. Best of luck JR
  4. You are very welcome. Will fulfill your requests later when I return home. JR
  5. You can put nodes inside the tubing as well. Just depends on what you want. JR
  6. Depends on what you want to do with them. Bullets are more forgiving while handling and easier to repair if one goes out. Can use either for arches. As far as using 1 strand for 2- they will be small and depends on what controller you purchase. IMO- circles look better than arches - I got rid of all arches and went to circles. Circles can be used for all holidays and can be arches if wanted. JR
  7. Hope, prayers and thoughts to you and your family. What its all about right here, people helping people. JR
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