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  1. You have to read some of the above comments and reply accordingly. Thanks JR
  2. I did ruin or at least to me my Dell Gaming computer because I thought the update for the sound card “sonic something” was valid. It came from Dell/ MS. Dell being in bed with MS has still not came up with a solution. The laptop is just a year old. That happened at 8 months. Dell would replace it but I can’t lose my sequencing computer so I deal with it. I use headphones for sequencing and the scratch sound really bothers the ears. This cause all sorts of havoc with the audio in the laptop. Its still not good but it did sound scratchy from time to time. S4 had similar issues for certain songs but it would actually cause S4 to crash and the only way to fix it was hold the power button to restart the computer. All work on the sequence was lost even work saved during that session. JR
  3. Normally you get song scratching from converting YouTube pirated videos to MP3. If this is your case try using the Amazon/ iTunes or another paid site digital downloads of ripping from a cd. On another note - I have found some pro aliens with the old vinyl albums that have been digitally remastered. JR
  4. Vis to PE you. no transfer. I made one prop (Spider) in PE and then decided to just make what looks like a spider in the vis which I used only a couple times to get the legs sequencing down. I haven't opened up PE since. Between S4 and SS I have all I need. The vis is only a rough draft any way. But now I only use it to help others and new individual props. I am redesigning it though testing S5. So far all of my tests have worked once I started importing the vis. JR
  5. dibblejr


    Really good for Tune To signs. Instead of having to stretch out an effect in a song, some of them move so quick. JR
  6. Please use your own copy paste of the statement JR
  7. Singing face sequences, freehand If you want a copy of the sequence please accept the terms and reply accordingly. JR
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