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  1. As usual SELLERS please do not ask. No more games here, no warning from me. You will just be reported to LOR staff since this is the only place I share. You will also be reported to ebay, paypal and receive emails from them requesting your work. By that time I have already done all of the homework for them. Please do not share with other forum members or on any other sites and facebook groups, if they want the sequence they can ask. If anyone contacts you outside of this thread please let me know. If you are caught sharing or selling you will receive a post within your request stating you are a seller or sharer for others to know, along with the other steps mentioned above. Its simple – INTEGRITY and RESPECT. If someone wants it they can ask here, that’s how we keep them free. I have time and friends that help me identify someone and then will simply purchase some sequences or ask for the shared copy. I look at the work, break out the original and send both to the powers, along with email or any other proof I have. Ebay and paypal work at putting a hold on the account (if being sold) refund me the $ that was made (if any) and then block the IP, bank accounts and cards used to sell and accept payments. This will require you to copy and paste channels 5-8 differently so please pay attention to your channels. Mine are unique to assist me with sequencing. Channels 1-4 should be the same as the commercial sequences. James will be adding the other props to this sequence and share once completed. This is faces only. Do not forget the statement in your request or you will not receive a reply. " Please send a copy to (insert email address) I agree not to sell or share this on any public forum, other member of LOR or any websites. I understand that changing any part of the sequence does not make it mine to share or sell" Music not included. Song Info Artist - Kicking Harold Title - Gasoline Album - Space Age Breakdown Purchase Link ~ https://www.amazon.com/Gasoline/dp/B000Z7WFWE/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=kicking+harold&qid=1596640862&sr=8-3 If you need my word document on steps required to use this just ask. I try to remember all that have previously received it. JR
  2. If it has 2 networks or more you will be able to run 1- regular and 1 Aux A You will need to connect the player to another controller or via the usb adapter to your computer. What model do you have? JR
  3. You'll be fine with aux A for the tree. Don't forget the red HS adapter. You'll need it. Just let me know when you are ready and need assistance, JR
  4. Shoot me what you have and I can build you a visualizer. Existing vis .lee if not unit ID's, networks and props types. You didntt even need to ask. JR
  5. I am with you but I dnt keep a spreadsheet, just a screen show of NP and a current config LOL So I am more screwed up than you. LOL JR
  6. In my reply that happened to post at the same time as yours, my ref was to the post above his. Not your my friend. Some people get all wrapped up in the Hex system. I just ut all of mine in the next open unit IS since the bales mean more to me than the consecutive unit ID's, JR
  7. No. Take a look at my video and tutorial on setting up a pixie controller. Dint get all confuse by the above statement. Just set in to 17 with the HU and let the controller do the rest. (or whatever beginning unit ID you wish as long as its not one you already use. You assign the first ID and the software will handle the rest. You then add it to your sequence as the first unit ID and SE will do the rest. Do not try to manually add ports with a pixie controller. Go to the General Hardware section of the forums - top of page is my writeup and you can skip everything and go right to the video. JR
  8. No better place to buy an LOR tree kit than from LOR. If you already know how to sequence them yes you can add it to your sequences. You only need to add it to your config in the appropriate network. The pixie16 is the easiest pixel controller to set up. I have an entire tutorial at the top of the General Hardware section of the forums. You will need the red high speed adapter and if you can a spare. The CCR ribbons are about 16’ , the pole should probably be at least 18’ There are several places to purchase the coro or wireframe RGB star and the designs are as many as places that sell them Gilbert Engineering, HC, Boscoyo ti name a few. Feel free to ask if you have additional questions. JR
  9. Yes, and it is easier to resequence the entire song than it is to change the number of movements. Because all movements must be changed in some way. srbsharon Anothet member that just got in to the LOR faces and a great friend almost purchased Holiday Coro or Holiday Sequences face sequences for them. Luckily he asked me before he pulled the trigger. As I stated earlier don’t make that mistake. Only LOR sells their face sequences unless one of their approved vendors has them. Just remember it should state that they are for the LOR Singing Quartet faces or something similar. JR
  10. Warning- from your original post I was thinking you had the typical trees. You said “I got HC singing trees” but later you said LOR. If you have the HC (5 mouth movement) trees you are good with my shared stuff. If not read below. None of my sequences being shared here will work for the LOR trees. LOR is the only place to get them. I wanted to let you know before you waste money on sequences that are not for the LOR trees. Also the LOR singing trees are easy to set up. You just need a sequence. There is a link to a free sequence that I can provide you. They come already configured just connect controllers and if you don’t need to change unit IDs you will be good. If you need additional help with the trees feel free to pm me and we can exchange telephone numbers. JR
  11. Not sure in S5 however in S4 when I inserted device I selected my LOR floods and inserted 2 non RGB channels On/Off For and AC controller and non LOR device l like my other non RGB strobes, I just add the strobes just like any other string light. Add sequences whenever you want them on. Hope that helps JR
  12. Or you can ask me through the Shared sequences. What are you looking for and I can tell you if I sequenced them. I have over 300 that I have done. Also James has every one of my face sequences built along with other prop sequences in a zip file. ready to send. Just don't ask for a balloon shared file directory, it wont happen. We tried and it got abused. You can also attend my FREE singing face zoom class every Saturday unless announced changes. Search for class and you will see it. JR
  13. I have seen you pop up on my screen several times but when I admit you disapear. Just wanted to let you know JR
  14. I posted this in another thread or two since they were dealing with similar issues but will start this one for more attention. In January when I first tried S5 I had the same issue and it forced me to go stop trying to use S5 (frustrations and losing time ) trying to fix the issues. When the latest version came out it seemed to resolve the problems so I ran my covid show as a test and all was well. From March to July I had no issues whatsoever with the preview, sequencer or ME rows. Last week when trying to test a song from a friend for singing faces that at the very beginning .010 where the singer starts, it appeared that the song started and S5 could not pick up the first words. I sequenced it in S4 without a problem. My problem, I was unable to try to replicate the song problem in S5 because 1- my ME rows all but disappeared. This is in my preview "JRs Halloween" and not the show preview. When I went to prop definition everything was there. When I tried to add ME rows they would all only control the entire singing face prop. The face prop has 8 ME rows. I also had individual channels, when I scrolled through the channels they were all out of order even though my props are grouped. I was also missing 12 nodes in each prop. Once again when I visited Prop Def it showed all nodes. When I went to "add channels" magically the channels and the sequence appeared in tact. So in an effort to play the sequence with only the sequence written to the individual channels instead of the MW rows I had the same results - all props on one face were moving at the same time. So I reached out to the forums to see what either I am doing wrong or if there is anything wrong internally. Thank you in advance to new replies and to my friends who replied in the other threads. JR
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