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  1. dibblejr

    The Greatest Show Lms Faces

    You can find it within sequence editor. 1- open SE 2- open The Greatest Show 3- View 4- Sequence Info it should be there. JR
  2. dibblejr

    Sequences from Movie The greatest showman

    If you don’t get them the entire ST is on my 2019 list. Just ran out of time this year. Spent far to much time on Halloween JR
  3. dibblejr

    Help with purchased sequence

    Why can’t you just copy the sequence from the LOR sequence and Paste it to your config (pixel channels) Thats how we do it. I just taught someone that lesson yesterday. They thought it was as simple as using the LOR purchased sequence to control their lights. And test it can be done but you have to change the unit IDs and network assignments in the purchased sequence. Ince you create your own config you simply copy/ past the purchased into yours and done. JR
  4. dibblejr

    Pixie 16 not recognizing device

    Follow my Pixie16 Config Step by Step in the General Hardware section of the forums. Its stickied at the top. JR
  5. dibblejr

    What RGB to start with?

    Sorry, tough non existing crowd today. Where to start depends on your wallet and your time. You will need the pro level license. It will be an upgrade for you. If you feel you must have SS starting out you will need at least 16 CCR’s. They do not come in only 16 so whatever the next level up would be the one to select. If you buy the tree kit that will theoretically only run the tree. In order to add arches you would want to not build the tree or leave off a couple strands for the arches. Or you can buy just the Pixie16/ Pixcon16 controller and build your own tree but there’s that monster called “time”. I am on my phone so can’t see what software version you have. IMO- S4 is the place to start since you will probably get faster responses to your questions. IMHO To keep it simple you can buy the LOR kits - comes with controller (Pixie16) easiest and Pixcon16 adding a little more learning. You will have to build the tree - about 16-18’ . There are a lot of us sharing ccr tree sequences to get you started. It is a little late seeing how I’m not sure LOR can get them to you, if you decided to buy. Keep in mind you should also buy a red 485HS adapter. Most people do not know this. If you do pull the trigger the Pixie16 is easy to setup if you look at my Pixie16 Setup Step by Step in the General Hardware section of the forum. It will be at the top. As mentioned the pixie is the more affordable and easiest pixel controller to purchase. Also keep in mind the wattage I prefer 12 volts. The pixie will also communicate with your ac controller as long as your AC controllers are Gen3 so daisy chain them together once they are set up. Hope this helps. Need more answers just ask. jR
  6. dibblejr

    Help with purchased sequence

    Can’t help with the S5 part but you should really create your own configuration and copy from the purchased into your tree. There is a much easier way in SS to make the tree larger SS Edit Select All - that will encase your entire sequence Tools Move/ scale effects Scale - you just select the starting size and change it to the new size all of that may take 30 seconds If you wish to view the new tree you then go to Layout and add your new size in the CCR mode Hope this helps JR
  7. It depends on how many units he is using. And how many other RGB props. Normally the cause of his situation is channel / unit conflictions. Improper unit ID settings during initial setup is what I find to be typical. Most people just starting out do not need more than 1 Network. No Matter how many networks you have if they are not configured correctly the problem will remain or maybe be worse. If you happen to be using a pixie controller please read and follow my steps to setup a Pixie16 in the General Hardware section of the forum. You can also run the verifier. I cannot see what version of software you are using on my phone. JR
  8. dibblejr

    Christmas Sequences

    Any RGB sequence (16 units/ channels) will for you. You only need 16 channel RGB sequences. Dont limit yourself take what you can get. What is your Pixcon16 controlling may help. JR
  9. dibblejr

    strobe light strings?

    They are stand up. Got to meet them at the Expo when I picked up my order. I can’t wait for the rain and snow to end so I can start setting up. Yes I said snow. First snow in Nov here since 1918 high temp today 38 70 degrees Sat Sun Monday. Gonna take advantage of it JR
  10. dibblejr

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    While watching lights
  11. dibblejr

    Christmas Vacation

    You open the vis two different ways. Open SE and the sequence with the ccr tree sequences 1- easiest- double click on the tree vis file I made you 2- open vis manually, then file open , find the vis wherever you stored it 3- once you open the vis you will see your tree 4 - file 5- use simulation mode 6- another box will appear with no tree 7- you can use the “play SE” in that box but I find it faster to minimize that box go to SE hit play. Once the sequence starts playing I then reopen the minimizes screen. Your tree will light. Ive had a couple glitches in the past that’s why I open the sequence first then open the vis file JR
  12. dibblejr

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Takes it all
  13. dibblejr

    Pixie 2D box not holding the RGB order

    I’d look at the LOR documentation and ensure all jumpers are correct. Or if it’s new submit a HD ticket and see if they wi replace it under warranty. May take a while though. JR
  14. dibblejr

    Pixie2D CCP setup

    Glad we got you up and running. Just remember before copy paste the RGB from purchased sequence that there is something there besides a few seconds here and there. Or the color fade tool to create your own as your RR goes through the various boroughs. My pleasure to assist. JR