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  1. Didn't want you to feel unanswered but that last reply is almost 7 months old. JR
  2. I’m just hoping they get more in stock since unlike you, it was my fault I missed them. It was the first sale that I had something on my list and missed it, the faces as well. Just wanted one more Zuzu for songs that have multiple female parts. They are great props. JR
  3. Thanks to everyone who attended. We had a few more than we had last week. This time you were able to see me in real time sequencing. Thank you to whomever suggested it , my apologies for not remembering who asked. Once again hopefully everyone walked away with more knowledge than they had prior to attending. This time the video went to the Zoom cloud so hopefully I wont have any problems with it. JR
  4. Sorry my friend these are all standard led/ incans 5 mouth movements JR.
  5. Sorry my friend these are all standard led/ incans 5 mouth movements JR.
  6. Get as many channel sequences as you can. Don't limit to just 16 since you will have to select props from them for yours. And by the end of next year you will have 64 channels or more. The addiction begins. Visit the Sequence Sharing section and request what you see. Even face sequences can be copy and pasted in to your non face lights and a lot of people do this. Give you at least lights to the vocals to help you get started. Welcome to the forums JR
  7. I just scrubbed this thread for late additions to the class. Email going out now. If you get the email and don't wish to attend just ignore it. Some of you wanted to attend the last one but didn't so I am including you just in case. Please have the lcc loaded and turn on the first 4 rows of each face. This way we will all be in the same screen. Anyone else who would like to attend please add your info here or PM or email me if you have my email. The cutoff time will be 4:00 pm Central time. The class will start a t 6:00pm Central. The waiting room is open so early birds can talk to one another. That worked out well and I didn't once use the mute button on my own. We had a short period with a technical glitch/ user error but hopefully this time I remember to hit the "share audio from this computer". Hope to meet some new friends tomorrow. JR
  8. Getting ready to send as soon as I check this thread See you tomorrow my friend JR
  9. I will be scrubbing this thread tonight looking for the new attendees that didn't attend last week. The same link should work, if it doesn't post here or PM me. I will also look at it tomorrow at 4:00 pm but after that you may get missed since I have to set everything up. I look forward helping you learn how I sequence the 5 mouth movement sequences. PM me your email if you wish to attend. Also please read the initial post , it has a link to the required song. JR
  10. I can’t send pics without either a phone number or email so if you would like shoot me a text. We are very limited here .However looking at your you may have plenty of options since these are so light, durable and bright. 1- hang from the home where the viewer can see it. They are bright so no problem with there and the way I used the Boscoyo strips is very easy. Place a screw or hook at the top wherever you want to mount, zip tie the top corners to the strip and hang on the hook. Place a stake in the ground at the corners and use another strip at the lower corners and some string to put tension to keep them from blowing with the wind. This makes it a very easy prop to hang. 2- run a section of 2” grey pvc pipe beteen the two trees and so the same as above. 3- Get the green T fence posts and use a post hammer tool to drive them in. Build a two part wood frame - top and bottom rails. Screw the wood to the posts and then secure the faces to them. Using screws or hooks. The faces do not weigh anything at all. I have the controllers ziptied to the bottom but for shows they will be zip ties to the back of the prop. I use this technique for my 8 large circles and it works great. All of the above make it easy to take down and store. The first one will take up the least amount of storage but it looks like you may have storage space. My T posts and pvc all get stored outside by my barn and will last a long time exposed to the elements. Hopefully this helps and if you want pics pm me the info. JR
  11. Please read above and include the statement if you agree Thank you JR
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