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  1. LOR directory structure and re-load files

    Mine was WD Passport! No more WD drives for me. You sound exactly like me. I watched YouTube videos, canabalized my second WD passport. That didn’t work. just like you not parking correctly. Every now and then I could view some of the folders and files but couldn’t copy them. Yes I could have purchased more controllers but the happiness it brought my wife was priceless. Of Seagate can’t recover you are refunded your $. Just food for thought. If you try to remove the platters you will probably damage beyond repair JR
  2. LOR directory structure and re-load files

    Seagate has tool online that may help retrieve some files. I did that and only was able to recover a small fraction so then I contacted Seagate. I sent them the failed HDD and they recovered 100% and put the files on a new HDD and sent it back. Cost was around $600 but it was all children and family pics so well worth it. ironticly it was my wife’s backup drive and only used when she needed to load pics. Stayed in safe. When I opened the drive enclosure I found the date of mfg was 6 years prior to me buying it. It was already passed the life expectancy when Passport sold it to me. i will never buy another Passport device. It was only 2 years old and maybe used 10 times. JR
  3. Singing Faces

    Will send Pent Lil Drummer Boy Private Use Only - no sharing ,selling or trading JR
  4. sorry-another newbie with problems

    Great tool. I am guessing LOR wanted to implement it because the designed those smaller trees. Always a reason. I've used it maybe 5 times counting tonight. (today) LOL JR
  5. sorry-another newbie with problems

    Worked great, OP- sent a converted tree sup and full instructions. It took 15 seconds. The CCR tree sequence was produced by my great friend James Morris. I do have authorization to share. You will just need the mp3. Merry Christmas JR
  6. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    You beat me to it. Happy Thanksgiving all’ JR
  7. Merry Christmas Sign

    Gas station promotion signs (my in laws own a service station) or Lowe’s or HD full 4x8 coro sheet $20 i have posted here several times at getting to know the service station where you fill up. Perhaps you volunteer to help change out the promotion sine age in exchange for keeping the old. JR
  8. Song not playing

    From a singing face point of view I can tell you that this happens more than discussed with digitally recorded/ remastered sound tracks. When sequencing to these tracks sometimes you you may have to sequence differently than normal. ( I am talking only about singing face sequencing) There is no rhyme or reason I just put it on “stuff happens” list and move on, over come and adapt. While sequencing this did you notice any erratic behavior with the scroll bar? JR
  9. sorry-another newbie with problems

    It is a very easy process in SS but you must have version .24 for the tool JR
  10. sorry-another newbie with problems

    Actually if you purchase the editable sequence and a SuperStar License you can very easy 10 seconds with one click convert your 16x50 tree sequence. Timirrow after I recover I will test one of my 16x50 with SS tool to ensure but the option is there. I know it works with making the tree larger 12x50 to 16x50 and matrix sizing as well. But since I haven’t tried to go from 16x50 to 16x25 let me try for you. shoot me anpm with email and I will send you the end result. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays JR
  11. Pixie 16D board and sequence question

    I don't think we are discussing the same thing you are or I am not sure what you are referring to. We were discussing 2 different issues. 1- configuring his pixie16 and 2- converting his old 12ccr sequences to 16 ccr sequences if he decides to expand on his tree. JR
  12. Pixie 16D board and sequence question

    Sounds like your old ccr controllers would be a better choice for additional props than the pixie ccr tree. Just due to the proximity where the props would need to be. Maybe even use 1 for the star on your new tree. I purchased a star for my pixie16 tree but this year it will be starless, I sit on it since last Feb and never made it.
  13. Pixie 16D board and sequence question

    No, even easier but you must have a SS license. Its a feature in SS Abd works great. I have found some problems while testing out downsizing but for expansion it is working. The SS actually reconfigured the sequence, even images are reconfigured .And literally 10-15 seconds once all parameters are set. (Old sequence size and new sequence size) that’s it. Just takes a little digging to figure it out. JR
  14. Random channels comming on

    Yesterday while adding networks and reassigning units to them I realized something. Both of my controllers creating that ghost lip movement are g3 controllers that have the g2 stamps on their PCB’s. Im gonna see how they do once my show is up and running. If still probs I will reassign them to a separate network to see if they clear up. The only thing I’ve done with them at this point is since splitting they will no longer be used in the 500k enhanced speed. They are still on same assigned network and ports. JR
  15. New setup for ccc-II

    Looks like a one sided conversation you are having. I think you will need to provide more details. Controller type , you know things like that. More details needed if you want someone to help you decipher your issues. in This hobby there is no such thing as to much info. JR