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  1. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    On feet painful
  2. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Just a dude
  3. Alabama Mini

    See ya there. I did send you and Ricky a messenger message on possible class. Just let me know. JR
  4. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Hidden camera shots
  5. Copy Protect SE version # ?

    Mr P Cant do that within SE, with the new SE even if it was my own sequence if I protected it without making an unprotected copy I would be out of luck. With whatever version this was created in the originator could still modify it. The thing I like is being able to allow users to see the sequence and move tabs around to fit their singing face movements since mine are different than 99% Most of the people receiving free sequences and selling them on eBay would not take the time to manually copy each grid square manually. Singing faces are useless with the current protected format since the user cannot see the actual sequence. Thanks as always for the reply though. Since it was written in 2010 I just have to figure out which version was used in 2010 and hope that the current version I use would be backwards compatible JR
  6. Copy Protect SE version # ?

    Ok, I have a sequence that is copy protected. It cannot be copy/ pasted however the channels can be moved around. Under the newer versions of SE while copy protecting all the receiving person gets is the grey screen with the "protected statement". The older sequence written in 2010, the entire sequence is viewable but as mentioned above cannot be copied. When attempting I get a box that states something to the effect "The data in this sequence is copy protected and can only be copied on the original computer" My question is - does anyone know what version of LOR software would give me this method of protection? I would like to copy protect my singing faces in this manner. At least it would curtail anyone trying to sell the sequence since the only method would be to copy block by block. Perhaps DevMike or one of the other long time SE users will know the answer. TIA JR
  7. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    All are off
  8. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    the old version
  9. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Before you go
  10. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    wont need floss
  11. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    purple people eater
  12. Geo-Coding Forum Users so we can interact

    You can submit your request to wishlist@lightorama.com you never know. JR
  13. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Lose an eye
  14. Geo-Coding Forum Users so we can interact

    It would be nice to at least have a state/ region/ Providence/ country forum section. I did start a military thread but that got buried into the forums. Until a new FB page was created this past Christmas I never realized there were so many people in my area. Since everyone isn’t a member here I had no idea. I am not a FB person but was invited from a neighbor who does static displays. I have met several members from here that live pretty close and some that live far away. JR
  15. Geo-Coding Forum Users so we can interact

    Bring em on! If they can get in my house they can have everything! JR