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  1. dibblejr

    Pixie 8

    Did you set it to "enhanced" in network preferences? JR
  2. dibblejr

    Pixie 8

    Cant help you out with S5 but can get your controller configured properly. JR
  3. dibblejr

    Pixel Sequences just for Tree

    He will get you close. LOL JR
  4. dibblejr

    Now Sharing ~ Ring Of Fire ~ Johnny CAsh

    Sent, you should receive 2 emails. I forgot to attach the word document in the first. Enjoy JR
  5. dibblejr

    CCR Megatree

    Nothing beats 3m 5200 best under water sealant money can buy. Helped me out of a couple pinches on the lake. Of course you have to cut or trash whatever it is protecting. To the OP, the couplers really are not a big deal as long as you get them seated all the way in and I use sheet metal self tapping screws instead of those blunt head screws the couples have. JR
  6. dibblejr

    Pixie 8

    You have to configure the network. If you need help shoot me a PM with # and we will get you running. Do you have S4 or S5? Profile says S4 but your questions "S5 sequence". JR
  7. dibblejr

    Pixel Sequences just for Tree

    That's a long list but I think James Morris has most of them. He's pretty busy getting ready for fright night so if you don't hear from him you may want to reply to his sharing threads. JR
  8. dibblejr

    HU doesn’t find pixie 2’s

    I've assisted many more that had worse problems. Stuff happens. One case, after I talked him through an entire Master config remake and added 6 AC and pixie controllers, he "had no lights". I asked him to check every cable. "I did". he replied. It was a long day so I told him to take a break and in the morning call me again. I then sent him a text, "you should have lights, the only way you don't have lights is they are not connected to the controllers or the strips are bad." He called me the next morning. He had mistakenly pulled the main cat5 cable from the first controller. Bingo, all lights worked. Happy lighting. JR
  9. dibblejr

    HU doesn’t find pixie 2’s

    This may seem redundant but try connecting 1 unit at a time in and ensure HU is finding the unit ID's as expected. Not knowing what controllers now have dip switches to set the unit ID's to unit 1 perhaps there is a port sharing conflict in the unit ID's. As far as color, in the cmb is there a way in HU to select the pixel/ ribbons used along with the color order? I have all pixies so that's where I would start. Just double check the unit ID's in HU individually. The biggest thing to remember is when adding a device it is easier to assign it and set it up in HU independently. Test the lights there for the color order. Adjust in the config tab (piexie/ccr) and once happy move on to the next controller. JR
  10. Sent, Private use only enjoy JR
  11. Sent, enjoy, sent my word doc as well JR
  12. dibblejr

    Sequence Editor / Add more ports to existng program

    Sending you a pm JR