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  1. I knew you would be, just didn't want to call you at 1:00 am I do think we need a sequence trader section. JR
  2. If someone will put together an RGB roof outline and some other stuff together for this I think I will do the faces and I may be able to convince my great friend James Morris to put together a CCR Tree and Matrix. If he agrees it will not be shared until the volunteer to do the rest follows through. I would love it if more people would share their work as a trade off. Anyone already has the RGB outlines let me know, feel free to shoot me a PM or in the public forums so everyone can see. No big deal. All I need is the album and track # for the music. I do not need the mp3 or other media file. Just let me know. JR
  3. Please read above and place the appropriate statement in your reply. My apologies. JR
  4. That would have been a great time to have them place some mounting hardware on your roof. JR
  5. I don't know about you but its not about a contest. Its about the children and the good spirit that our shows bring to on lookers. I believe all of what I said above was in their announcement for the show and or in the rules for entering. JR I would like to change the wording of my previous post though. I don't mean to make you think they were not looked at. They were still looked at, they just wasn't judged the same way. A lot of people received honorable mentions and videos posted on youtube so obviously they are being looked at.
  6. Orville - I can help you need as far as SE. As for framing, all of my singing faces are mounted to either 2X4 or 2X6's pressure treated. You could just roll them up as we discussed before and put them back in the box for storage. If I was going to do that I would design an al frame or possibly a pvc frame that would collapse or fold in n itself. I did that a long time ago. I gave another member BostonChris my pvc frames a couple years ago. For pixels I would use grey 2" pvc. You will need some T's and elbos and for legs you would use a 2 1/4" T on the straights so they can fold up. Think of them as sort of like the old, when we were young pitching backstops. That's how it would look. Im not sure if I still have pics of what I gave to Chris but maybe he will see this and chime in. JR
  7. There are a ton of them. Do a search in the sharing section and you will find a bunch. Search word Parody James and I have done a bunch. JR
  8. This year it changes to a computer drawing, the entries were not individually looked at. You would have probably known by now. Some of us made the honorable mention or whatever they called it and our videos were placed on YouTube. That was last year with the honorable mentions. It was released around Aug 2019 for the 2018 season. This year 2019 season started the computer generated winners. JR
  9. It will work however you want to put the 1200 pixels in it but 24 rows of 50 or 12 rows of 100 works well. Unless something changed in SS the demo should function fully but with your free 2 ccr's you can not export mre than those. Waiting for pictures to upload to pb. JR
  10. Orville - if you go to Holidaysequences . com and click on RGB products and the last item in Matrix Board you can see the pictures. There are like 10 pictures there from various angles. This is ABS plastic and probably what LOR uses since that is the standard type of matrix panel. It is very sturdy and durable. This is not hard plastic nor this plastic. I am guessing 1/8" thick. I still have your phone number if the same and can snap a picture of mine. Even my new pixel mini trees are made of this instead of coroplast. Feel free to message me about the phone number. Better yet I will upload to photobucket and post here in a few minutes. My boys wake me up at about 6-6:30 every mourning so I know that sleep is highly over rated. JR
  11. These are fine rolled up. All of the matrix material of the same design and mini trees are all rolled up. Not sure what to tell you about S/H unless you selected a faster shipping mode by mistake. These wont crease. You are probably thinking tight rolled like in a tube. All of the matrix I order come rolled but in a triangular or square shaped box and is not tight rolled. Two for the S/H is probably about what should be expected based on they will have a little weight to each box. Since the pixels are installed I imagine it is not very tightly rolled which would mean the box is larger. On the plus side, when done for the season roll them back up and out in the box. Convenient. I have helped people that purchased these and they have never said they had a problem with them. I imagine you may be over thinking this a little. The controllers are the same or similar to the ones I gave you. Probably fit right inside the prop once its rolled. Remember I haven't ordered these so I can only guess as to how it may be shipped. Think matrix panel which is 4' x 8' rolled up in a box that is 6"x6" and once taken out it will lie almost flat and stays flat once it is mounted to a frame. Its not coroplast, its plastic sheeting , atm I cant remember what its called but it is strong and durable. We roll up pixels all the time here where its hot. Think the pixel mesh, rolls up like carpet. You've got a few pretty good displays down your way that have pixels that may be able to show you how they get rolled. I think a couple guys have the mesh. Almost 1:30 and I just stopped sequencing. LOL JR
  12. dibblejr

    Prop mounting

    Since they are not huge what I would do is buy some mounting clips for 1/2" pvc. HC and others sell them but I use HC. You can also make your own out of pvc but the will show up on your home. Mine are clear and stay up year round. Mount the props to the pvc pipe and snap them in the clips. They are strong so you don't need a bunch of them. I have 8 holding up a 70' section of my roof rgb nodes. JR
  13. Sent enjoy I also want to apologize for taking so long to get these out but I have been very busy with everything else. I visit the forum throughout the day but normally on my cell. JR
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