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  1. What version of the pixie4, 8 and 16? Sending you a PM JR
  2. Seems as though my back up of photobucket, tinypic has [Foul Language Used] down. I sent you a PM with my cell. I can text you pics easier than finding a solution to my pic host problem. JR
  3. Well, I will somewhat join your club. Mine will open and I can open an existing vis file, however it will not load “properly” my new config file nor will it let me modify an existing vis file. When I try to create a new vis the curser (pencil) is there but it won’t let me draw a string or strand. Just a dot. Now I am forced to view individual props instead of a full vis. I know support is gone or going away due to S5 but perhaps someone knows a fix for both of our problems. JR
  4. Only good thing was the food. We were at the MK and over 1/2 rides were down the 2 days we visited. We had a special event, reason for only 2 days but with the diversity of ages between 14 of us, it was more than enough. Disney has become like most other huge companies "non customer service driven". Spent 6 hours the first day trying to fix the tickets we purchased through their site. Only comp give Fast Passes and with the rides being down they were worthless. Next year not renewing the annual membership. JR
  5. Or did it? We evacuated to FL JR
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