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  1. dibblejr

    Mega Tree Parts

    They must have lumped them back together then because right after Beta testing they had their own separate link. When I purchased the first pixie16 there was only one manual probably as you are stating. Cant open the LOR site in this hotel room. Interference I guess. (On my phone) My apologies. JR
  2. Sleep is highly over rated! JR
  3. dibblejr

    Mega Tree Parts

    OP- you build the tree and get a couple Of donor sequences from me or James. As long as you have the license to run the controllers (can’t see on my phone) I will convert a couple for you to test. I think you have to be S4- again I can’t see what version you have. JR
  4. dibblejr

    Mega Tree Parts

    SuperStar converts them easily in less time than it tooK me to post this. JR
  5. dibblejr

    Mega Tree Parts

    Mr. P - the pixie manuals were broken down last summer. You can find them online. Sorry iPhone and T-Mobile in Mesquite not giving me good reception or I would find the link. They still send the all in one manual with the controllers though. JR
  6. Sorry, I thought I replied to this post. See post above LOL JR
  7. You should be good Jerry. I get that quite often and I get the effects. Something about music length. I have had a couple bad matrix sup's though that were just to large and caused me headaches last Halloween. (purchased matrix sequences) JR
  8. dibblejr

    SHow Music

    I will use a few repeatedly but take away others. I get a lot of community requests to repeat certain sequences the following year. Since the shows are geared to the community and promoting peaceful relationships I will do as they asked. Since I have video security cameras if cars tend to leave during a particular sequence that will be the top of the list. As James and I produce the sequences we sequence every genre and i use something of every genre for every show. Like Janes I also have 30+ sequences ea h day for the week. Each night will show the favs with new sequences added. Since I am in a rural subdivision most of the audience will stay for the duration and some for more than one duration. JR
  9. ~Sent This is fresh off the press, James will be/ is working on his elements and will share once finished. JR
  10. Sellers please do not ask. Please do not share among the forum members, they may ask within the thread. Thank you for understanding This is the singing faces sequence only. No music. You must use the same song from the same album and also must run the song through Audacity. Save the audacity MP3 at a "constant bit rate" "128 kbps" before using. Also this is not a strictly copy/ paste unless you are using my channel config. Channel 1-4 will/ should be identical to any of the purchased sequences. Channels 5-8 you must pay attention to the channel names and copy/ paste into the correct channels for you. If you have problems feel free to ask within or PM. I also have a word doc with instructions. Feel free to ask for it. Music Info: Enya One Toy Soldier Album: And Winter Came ~ not the Amazon Exclusive version, its 2 seconds short Enjoy JR
  11. dibblejr

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    One sliding to-ya
  12. dibblejr

    Snowman Mix

    I received your PM but won’t open it until I get ready to complete this faces sequence It will remind me since I get many PMs a day. Watch for my sharing thread. JR
  13. Sellers please don't ask Private use only, please do not share among other members, they can ask within this thread. Music not included - remember you must use the exact track/ album and run the song through audacity and save it at 128 Kbps and Constant Bit Rate - if you do not do this the face movements will get out of sync. This is not direct copy/ paste unless you use my channel config. You will need to pay close attention while copy/ pasting channels 5-8. Channels 1-4 should be the typical channels. If you need my word document explaining the above just ask. If you have any questions please ask within or PM me. Music Info: Rihanna Shut Up and Drive Album: Good Girl Gone Bad - Reloaded- Exclusive edition Enjoy JR
  14. Thanks Jerry. Since its for the children will pm my address. Your copy and paste is spot on. Someday when I get all caught up I may try to send them out the typical config way. JR