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  1. JMB72

    Thank you!!!

    I wanted to send a big thank you to everyone that shared there sequences with me. Your hard work (with some modifying by me) made my Christmas display the biggest and best it has ever been. Once again, Thank you and hopefully I will have some good ones to share before we get into the next Holiday season. THANK YOU ONE AND ALL!!!!!!
  2. JMB72

    new year eves Lynyrd Skynyrd

    I would love a copy as well. Thank You James!
  3. JMB72

    new year eves Eagles

    I would love a copy as well. Thank you for everything!!!
  4. JMB72

    New Year Eves Katy Perry

    I would like a copy as well. Thank you!
  5. JMB72

    New Year Eves Bon Jovi

    Yes please. Would love a copy
  6. JMB72

    New Year Eves 80 Montage

    I would love a copy as well please Thank you for all your hard work and sharing!
  7. JMB72

    Dear Santa Tim McGraw

    I always like the sequences you make. I would love a copy, Please! Thank You!
  8. JMB72

    Faith Hill - Where Are You Christmas

    I would love a copy of it please! Thank you!!!
  9. JMB72

    Jingle Bell Rock

    Can I get a copy as well? Thank you!!!
  10. JMB72

    Frozen compilation

    James, If you don't mind, I would like to have a copy of this. Thank you!
  11. I was able to get the music. Thank you!!!
  12. Does anyone know where to get the music for world of color? I can not find it anywhere. I have wanted to do a sequence to this song since I first saw the show at Disneyland.
  13. JMB72

    Let It Snow By Chicago

    I would love a copy as well. Thank you!
  14. JMB72

    Disney Electrical Parade Wanted

    I would love a copy of the 3 minute version also please. Thank you!
  15. JMB72

    A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

    May I get a copy as well please? Thank you!