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  1. It appears that when I chase across a set of groups that all the individual sub channels are included in the calculation of the chase. Is it possible for the chase to only effect the groups as a whole groups? Frank
  2. Just want to throw this out there as I have run nearly every iteration of light control software that has existed. My first show was in '03 on the original LOR software. Since then I have always been looking for that next 'great' thing that was going to make sequencing easier and less time consuming. I used Spectrum, Aurora, Light Show Pro (V.1 and V.2), Vixen(to a lesser extent), LOR S2 and now LOR S3. I have to say Kudos to the team! keeping an xml file format and a simple no frills UI has made jumping back into LOR a breeze. I cannot emphasis that XML thing enough either. I was able to quickly write scripts to add all the channels I needed and make different groups of the channels so I can sequence various elements an many different ways. Groups work brilliantly and RGB being very similar to groups is also very powerful. Anyways, I just wanted say thanks as after what I went through with Halloween with a different package I was dreading getting all my sequences ported into the much larger channel count for this year. If you value stability, predictability and extensibility this is the place to be. (and Devs please don't change the parser to be strict on circuit numbers ) Frank
  3. Kudos to Jeff Sand for the winning answer! Sure enough the min value got set to 10% some how. That is very weird since I have been using this board for 6 seasons with no issues...
  4. HEllo all, Last night during my show one of my controllers went a little haywire. I have been using this controller since 04 with no issues but last night it got into a state where all channels were on at about 75%. You could still see the channels pulsing to full power as I would have expected in the sequences but they never went back to full off. When the show ended I ran the HW utility and and got the same behavior. It appeared that they stayed on even when there was no heartbeat on the network. However; I am not positive on that as when I left the house this morning they were off. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot? Thank you, Frank
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