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  1. Anyone getting a response for your requests? I haven't yet!! Not sure is he's still a member/user or not. If anyone has gotten a response, the offered sequence could you forward it to me? Think its awesome and would love a copy for my use. Don't think he would mind as he's offering it out. Thanks. Randy
  2. Trying to copy and paste from one sequence to another with all the channel information (channel color/name).
  3. Still learning! Have a question, Trying to merge (copy & paste) a tract (sequence) into a totally different sequence thus adding the new tract/channels into a different track and also keeping those original channels. Just confused the heck out of myself! Basically merging two different sequences together I guess. Is this even do able? Any help is appreciated. Thx. Randy
  4. An AWESOME show!! Looks like you put a lot of hard work into it. I as well would appreciate a copy of your sequence and info for correct sound file if does not include. RandalTTaylor@gmail.com
  5. and they are... Just looking for possible pre-sale information. My mind is swirling with ideas for next yeas show and gonna cost me a fortune.. Just looking to save a few bucks where I can to keep the wife off my back!! Great!! Thanks.
  6. New to LOR, Dec 15 I've caught the virus!! Anyone know when LOR puts their residential controllers on sale? Or know of a place that has great deals on them? Looking to purchase a few more. Thanks in advance. Randy
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