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  1. Thank you both. Will try suggestions next chance I get. For the Santa it's really just the mouth that moves. So it should be simple. I just swore I read somewhere that lyrics are typically tied to channel "x" and was hoping that truly was the case.
  2. I created a singing Santa face. Are there any suggested standard channels to tie the moving lips to? Like channel 7 is ties to lyrics for example? Or is there no pattern to LOR sequences? Thanks in advance for any guidance. Ryan
  3. Hello all, new guy here, very confused. Previously used the Showtime Starter package 16 channel box (w/ FM) with success. Pretty comfortable with how that went. Building a show, mp3's etc. Bought a 16 pixel tree kit. Set is all up. Not sure how to work that into this display. Do i just bring the Cat5 cable back to the main 16 channel box? and are the sequences built separately in the suite where you build the shows (to the memory card?). Its not really lit up right now. Just a few dots around the bottom. So i assume its awaiting instruction? Hoping there is a default or generic Tree sequence of some sort to attach to my songs until i can further customize it. Any guidance would be much appreciated.
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