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  1. Just seeing if anybody has done a Sequence to this song? Its my moms favorite song. I have the 4 singing trees, 16 channel mega tree and the talking Santa. Only have solders Silent night so far for talking Santa. Have not seen any others.
  2. I am Interested to, thanks, Richard365@yahoo.com
  3. Richard365@yahoo.com Thanks very much..
  4. right now I have 2 LOR1602wg3 and CTB-16PC daisy channed. Now I have CMB24D-V6. CAN I add THIS TO THE CHAIN or do I have to hook it up to the router??
  5. ok, I was under the impression that's Music one was just for lights and music and the animation was for singing trees and santa and stuff.
  6. I did created with animation, because I am using singing trees and santa. So you saying even if I am using them always use Musical???
  7. I am looking for someone near me that has S4 for to show me how to set up for DMX and stuff. a lot easier for me to meet and learn.
  8. I named all my units to do a Sequence. I install a song it only plays one minute of the song then stops. How do I get it to play full song? I have Play/ Play range/ Full Sequence.
  9. I have LOR S-4 Pro. what do I do to get my holiday core to work with this. I bought the 46x46 pumpkin with Dumb RGB 27 Channel DMX Controller / Decoder . I copy and paste Ghostbuster sequence and I can see it working when I am in the Sequence editor.. But non of my lights come on. I need to give the box a ID and have the program see the box.
  10. I am guessing light o rama doesnt have singing santa already made up. Trying to do my own. but looks like it will take a while. unless you know some short cuts. right now just have santa. next year once i get sanat down, i will add the 4 trees and few other things. If you like you can sedn any santa stuff to me. Richard365@yahoo.com Richard
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