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  1. Save the most money. I bought all my lights I needed for this year projects. 2 weeks after Christmas. They where 90%'off at Wal-Mart. Orange snd Purple going to be hard to find after Halloween. Do to non of the stores stock alot of lights for Halloween like they do for Christmas. I did find a few mix in with the Christmas lights.
  2. I bought the monster faces and the 4 singing trees last year. They seemed to be ok. I had the talking Santa for 2 years. Its ok even after 2 teenagers dropped kicked it. I repaired it with Black duct tape. I just recieved the guitar snowman and skelton. The skelton drummer and 71" American flag. I also bought the tombstones. Thats what I have to put together between now and the holidays.
  3. You shop at different stores you will find different count in bulbs. I even went to the dollar store . They had a string of 20 bulbs. They where label indoor use. But for a dollar I can chance it. I got the 4 trees, santa clause, 4 monsters for Halloween. Then this year I order the big American flag, skeleton drummer, skeleton guitar player and santa guitar player and tombstones. I bought all the lights at 90% off after Christmas. So I saved alot. I made a list on what colors I need and number of bulbs. Went shopping.
  4. One controller works 2 trees. Each tree has 8 strings. You can get one controller that works 16 strings. Light -O - Rama controller CTB16PC16 or Professioal one LOR1600w. You can get on ebay and look for used ones. The lights are M5 lights. Best time to buy them is a week or two after Christmas when they are 90% off. Tip on lights. You can find youtube videos on how to cut the lights. You can buy like 75 lights,100 light. 150 light, 300 light string. Say you need 20 lights. Smallest light string you can find is 75 lights. The 75 lights you can cut in half to 35 lights. ( look for youtube video how to ). So you now only have 15 unused lights. Same with the 100 lights you can cut them to two 50 strings and with the 150 lights cut them to two 75 lights snd do on. I bought all my lights for this year at Wal-Mart at 90% off. I looked to see what I was buying this year. More Halloween stuff. Wrote down what colors I needed and lenths. So best to think ahead when xmas stuffs at 90% off.
  5. This be my first year for this. I went a bought The RGB Pixel Strawberry C9 Bulb. So I wouldn't have to run different strands of lights.
  6. There are tons of videos on youtube on making tombstone. I been watching all day.
  7. Best time to buy the lights fir ding trees, monsters, skeletons. After the holiday. I bought mine at Wal-Mart for 90% off. I bought lights for skeleton drummer, guitar, snowman guitar, american flag, tomb stones. 90% off makes them dirt cheap. Other stores have them for 50% or 75%. Usually one week after the holiday the cheaper sale starts.
  8. You can cut the string into two. If you have a 100 string. You can make it into two 50 strings. You will notice after the 50th bulb. There are only two wires not three. You cut where the two wires are and dead end the first set. Put a plug on the second set. There is a video on youtube. When I find it. I will post it.
  9. Runs in the same theory as bumper cars run on.
  10. You should be able to use any lights. You have to figure real carousel use 110v lights.
  11. I am just starting out like you. If you are using LOR software. I seen that you are able to control how bright you want the lights. I turned down the brightness of my mega tree. It was lighting up the whole back yard.
  13. so on my alpha4 with IP 51. The DMX start Universe. SPI output should be 21 threw 25. where it says E1.11 RS-485/DMX512 Output Configuration to Univererse. I should change that from a 1 to number 21 ?
  14. I am guessing 17-20 would be the star? I just order the 50" star yesterday and I have another Alpha 4 for that.. I have another Alpha 16 that I am putting together now for the house outline and the Matrix.
  15. I have the IP address down now. AlphaPix 16 mega tree AlphaPix 4 arches AlphaPix 4 snow flakes AlphaPix 16 is set on Universe 1 with SPI number 1 threw 16. Now with AlphaPix 4 arches . Keep it at Universe 1 and number them 17 threw 20 ? OR do I change the E1.11 RS-485/DMX512 Output Configuration to Univererse 2 and number them 1 threw 4? Reason I am asking because I was on S4 Pro and looked at the Mega tree . You can see the Tree is using 1-16 and 17 on are unused.
  16. Ok , I made new IP for my AlphaPix 4. ( ) . Now with my DMX Start Universe. Do I number them the same way I did the other. 1,2,3,4,? With my E1.11 RS-485/DMX512 Output Configuration. Do I keep it at DMX Universe 1 ? or do I change it to 2 ? since my other control is 1. This one I am using for my arches If I can ever figure out how to make 16' arch stand up. or I can make eight 8' archs. my lights are 16'.6" long.
  17. I have 2 AlphaPix 16. One is program for the mega tree 16 channels. Its set as IP with SPI Output 1-16. Now I want to use my other AlphaPix 16 for my roof outline and Matrix. What should that IP address be on the second unit? should it be
  18. i am doing Matrix next year, I have the 3" spacing and I order the bullet type. when you installed your nodes, Did you go by the way holiday core shows you, go up one row and down the next? Did you go Horizontal. left to right? what program did you use to make the display? I have s-4 Pro. Contact me when your video is made. Richard365@yahoo.com
  19. 2 things you could do, email them and ask if they are planning to do one. the other would be to buy one of them, then buy blank core board from them. or buy one online. then trace it with there copy and make your own holes.
  20. I just notice i have those iceicles also. Not as water proof as they tell you. had to modify the wire, with the wind and the wire tied to the tree branch, he wires brook lose on the LED board, had to resolder and reinsulate. So i made a service loop and ty wrapped the wire to the iceicle so when the wind blow, it pulled on the ty wrap not the wire.. I used laser on the tree, have 2 different kinds, one from around $200 , not the 29.99 ones in the store. lasers look alot better on the tree branches than on the side of the house. I did the same thing with my CCR mega tree, made it 20 feet tall , 4' missing at bottom you cant tell do to the 4' bushes. I first tied 2 ten foot section of fence post, but it started to bend and first wind storm we had blow it over. then had to go to ridig pipe and that fixed that problem. I had 18" stakes in the ground, but they still got pulled out, so i tied the mega tree to the fence. Now i would lose tree and fence if a bad wind storm comes..lol..
  21. I tried to make it into a loop, stupid thing just kept on bending over, how you make your stay straight up? cut mine 20' each, because of the 4' bushes they will be behind. that give me 2' of empty space so you would only miss 2 feet of arch, nobody would notice. try keep stuff close to house or in backyard, since there year i had 2 teenages drop kick my 46" x 46" talking santa. I had a idea who it might be, just knocked on parents door ask if they seen 2 kids run bye. made sure they knew I carry. took a day to fix with black electric tape.
  22. I bought 4 Smart / Pixel RGB LED Strip 30 LEDs/m 10 Pixels/ (16ft-6in/5 meter Roll) - 12v / 2811 . Since they where 16.6 feet long. I was assuming I would have 4 arches that big. Looks like most people only make 10 foot arches. I bought 1 in. x 100 ft. White PEX Pipe. Looks like there is no way I can make a 16' foot arch. i was going to mount them on top of the 3' fence. My other choice would be make two 8' leaping arches. I don't feel like cutting the pixel strips, so was going to run one strip threw two arches.
  23. James you must have every song. LOL , like a copy thanks. Richard365@yahoo.com
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