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  1. Ok with the solid rod between my connection point where the two 10 foot section connect. The pipe did NOT break at the connector this year. First year ever it did not break. So, by putting the solid pipe inside where they connect did the job. We had gust of wind between 50-70 MPH. I am just taking down the tree now. So its been up for 5 months. LOL...
  2. I set up for Halloween. I put out my singing monsters and drummer, guitar player. Make things easier for me. I put my singing trees and guitar player dancing Santa in the same place as my Halloween displays. Hoping this year make it even easier. Instead of running 8 extension cords to each prop. I spent Money $$$ and bought 16 conductor cable and quick disconnection plug.. Put a plug on each display and run the one cable to each display instead of 8 extension cords. Make it easier to move displays around and clean up after season.
  3. So far I been ok with it. I needed the same for eyes on the sing Christmas trees. I cut the stain in the middle where there are 2 wires and added wire and put a plug on the end. If you count 25 bulbs then you should see 2 wires instead of three. Go to youtube and search shorting Christmas lights and get a ton of videos. Custom lights here on web link.. https://www.1000bulbs.com/search?breadcrumbs[0]=christmas-lights&breadcrumbs[1]=christmas-mini-light-strings&facet.multiselect=true&page=1&q=*&rows=15&son=0&sort=price+asc&start=0&filter=(category:"1994")&filter=(a_bulbs_per_string_t_fq:"20")
  4. Seems to be the same set up we used to put our CB antenna on back in the 70's.
  5. another rainy weekend, whats up. with this rain. Going to have to wait for the ground to freeze to get in the back yard. Good news is my Mega tree is still standing, just cant take it down without swimming to it..
  6. 24 hours of rain again. So my daughter built Noah Ark. This site scks on trying to load pictures.
  7. looking for songs for new years eve, Richard365@yahoo.com Thanks
  8. looking for songs for new years eve, Richard365@yahoo.com
  9. I am looking for regular songs and Patriotic songs to play for news years.. Richard365@yahoo.com
  10. More rain with lighting and thunder. Keeping the life perseveres by front door. Just wondering how much snow we would have if it was cold enough.
  11. Another 2 days of rain and wind. Still standing. But back yard is under water. Keep any stakes in the ground is impossible. Guess maybe tie it down to the fence. 3 sides are fence one side is the house. This is with the one inch black pipe with one inch round stock at the connection of the 2 pipes. I put the 36" star on my spare 10' section. Next year I have to decide stay with the 1" and hope when I put the star on top. It can handle it. Go with 1-1/4 pipe I already bought. Go and spend more money and buy the military grade antenna.
  12. I just bought 500' of 16 conductor wire. To run to my singing monsters and skeletons. I am putting plugs at the ends. So, make it simple to just unplug the cable. Take down the singing monsters and replace them with the trees and snowman. Then reply, boom done. Now I will have one cord instead of 8 extension cords to each project. I will have alot of extension cords now. But I won't be tripping over them. Trade them in for a raft. 4 days of rain last week. 2 days this week. Backyard is underwater. Going be 63° today.
  13. Left mine out all year rolled up. Only notice that my orange cords the color faded. They are designed for outside.
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