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  1. Can I cut a 50 set of lights down?

    You can see if this web site helps with your LED lights. https://oelo.com/buy-now/kits/
  2. I went a bought this FM radio transmitter years ago. It goes from 0-15 watts. So distance is no problem. They give you different antenna lengths, so you can pick the correct length for what frequency you will be using. https://m.ebay.com/itm/CZE-15B-FM-Transmitter-Broadcast-Radio-Station-0W-15W-w-Adapter-Antenna-US/172837095331?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20161006002618%26meid%3D088b3c11a31d47e0b4cfebc195601b1a%26pid%3D100694%26rk%3D11%26rkt%3D30%26sd%3D182812443257&_trksid=p2385738.c100694.m4598
  3. Hiding CTB16PC control box.

    Yes, I am living in the house I grow up in most of my life. We moved Delaware 1969 . All threw the 70's . The front door was never locked. With 4 kids running in and out it would have been pointless. Now it's locked. I started into this 3 years ago. This is my forth year. First year I just had the talking santa. I had that in back yard behind the fence. Next year I put it on the ground outside the fence and put up 4 singing trees. I heard talking outside and then a noise. I looked out the window it was two older teens drop kicking santa. I ran after them, but being 55 years old I couldn't run as fast like I was a teenager. Last year I added the Megatree. Put that in the back yard on 20' pole. Didn't have time to do the arches. This year added the dancin santa and the guitar playing snowman. Looks like I might nit have time to do the arches again. Since I have to try to ad in the snowman and dancin santa into my sequence programs I have already. Also bought C-9 bulbs to add to fence outline and house. I have to solder ends on all of them and I hope this week to hook up the mega tree and hope all the lights work. Looks like alot of people had problems with there lights working this year.
  4. Blow Mold Problem

    If you don't have them. Flickering light bulb would give it a cool effect. Do a search " flickering light bulb ". Do it on youtube and watch videos to see what kind you like best. Wal-Mart flickering light
  5. Blow Mold Problem

    Just use a meter. Find the problem with in 10 minutes. Check for input voltage. Then check for voltage at socket. Then you check voltage at input of candle. I seen a web site that sold light bulbs that flicker. Not sure if they had them in a normal light bulb.
  6. Hiding CTB16PC control box.

    My concern is. It only takes one bad apple ro ruin the fun. Some punk seeing the box during the daytime. He might not know what it is. But, decides to steal it to get some cash. I would like to try to hid them. I do keep most of them in the back yard behind the fence. Wasn't sure someone found a activity seen that would help hide them.
  7. I am just wondering how everybody is hiding there boxes . I really don't feel like building them. Did anybody find any kind of decoration I can buy to would blend in.
  8. Mega Pixel Tree?

    I used PixNode Strip(tm) - 12mm RGB Node Node Mounting Strips for Pixel MegaTrees. I just tywrapped them on. Still isn't perfect. But I am already to switch to bullets. Since the tree is 20 feet. One strip isn't long enough. So had to add another strip. Then I staked them into the ground. Get them on holidaycoro
  9. Mega Pixel Tree?

    I have two 10' sections of black pipe. Going up 20' is to much for fence pipe. I had four 18" stakes and I used rope for guide wire. This year I am using wire. The rope kept stretching. We had so much rain and high winds last December . The ground got soft and the ground stakes pulled right out of the ground. The tree fell 2 times. This year I am going to cement a pole in the ground. So if you think the tree going to be in the same spot. I would cement one in. Put it under the grass level and put a pipe cap on it for off season. I still might have to put cement in to hold the guide wires. I also used holidaycoro. The pixel strips are 16' 6" long with 50 pixels per strip. The extra 4' was good for me because I have 3' - 4' bushes along my backyard fence. So you can't see the bottom of the tree from a distance. I seen alot of people complaining that there pixel didn't work right this year after putting them away for the summer. I have my fingers crossed. I did buy bullets to do a matrix this year. If worse comes. I will use the bullets for the mega tree.
  10. If you have holidaycoro 4 pin. Buy here. http://www.holidaycoro.com/Waterproof-Cable-Pigtails-4-Core-s/1939.htm
  11. Dripping Icicle Lights

    Cheap Meteor Shower see what I bought. When they worked. It looked great. Neighbors all loved them. But didn't take long before they had problems. I liked the ones that where different colors. Won't buy them again.
  12. Dripping Icicle Lights

    Mine broke first season. They sent new ones and they broke before Christmas. They used speaker wire to connect them. Bad connection and water got inside from what I can see. They are all made in China.
  13. Sylvania Stay-Lit Lights ?

    My cheap ones I got at Wal-Mart for under $1. They seem to be ok. I used Sylvania not sure if they where stau-lit ones. I used them on my talking Santa. This would be the third season.
  14. Small singing faces

    I used 10 foot 2x4 screwed to the side. I tywrapped the 2x4 to the back yard fence. I have 4 foot bushes in front of fence. So I had to get them high enough over the bushes. We had 40-50 mph winds and the tywrappes held.
  15. Singing Faces HELP

    Something to think about. Plan next years project now. It's cheaper to buy lights after holiday. Get the 50% - 90% discount.