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  1. ok, hate that I spent money and now its useless. Seems like I been threw this before when I used to DJ. bought all these Programs to play and mix music, videos and karaoke. After about a year later they came out with new software . They didn't honor the old stuff anymore. forced you to buy new stuff or go to another company.
  2. My Question is. Is it worth going from S4 to S5. Right now most of my display are the Animated / Singing Elements . Trees , monsters, Skeletons. I only have the 16 pixel tree program to go with the music. Getting ready to program the rest of my stuff, lights on fence,roof, candy canes and so on.
  3. I still have my mega tree up. would like to still use it until I am able to take it down. Looking for none holiday songs to play. Richard365@yahoo.com
  4. I still have my mega tree up. So, does anybody have any programs for Saint Patricks's Day for mega tree?
  5. I would like a copy thanks. Richard365@yahoo.com
  6. Ready to torch everything. Brand new control box not working right. Bad connections in it. LOR S4 program keeps coming up not responding. New Back porch spotlight not working. I dont need this extra stress.
  7. Ok, out Christmas shopping now. See about later. THANKS
  8. It's been 4 years . I had holiday coro talked me threw it for my mega tree. Why I am looking for video to watch or instructions.
  9. Ok, now I have cat5 cable hooked up. I am using LOR . I need the YouTube link. That let's me to operate the box from the computer.
  10. Looking for either singing trees or mega tree. If anybody did this song already. LELAND MARTIN - Flags On The Christmas Tree.
  11. right now everythings on test mode except the mega tree, until I learn to program my lights. I have the older version of LOR4. seems like more people use xlights to make programs. watching youtube videos trying to get idea which I should use.
  12. ok, If I turn down the brightness by going on the web IP address page. If I unplug cat5 cable from the box. would the lights stay dim, do I have to keep the cat5 cable plugged in to keep brightness down.
  13. I am running one AlphaPix Classic 16 - E1.31 for my mega tree IP address that is running fine with the programs I bought for mega tree. I have another AlphaPix Classic 16 - E1.31 contoler running lights on the fence Smart C-9 bulbs and smart bullets for Star and 2 snow flakes. I been just using test mode to run them. If I start to program. What IP address should I use??? I also have another AlphaPix Classic 16 - E1.31 running candycanes with Smart / Pixel RGB LED Rectangle Module on test mode. What IP address should I use? same with roof outline I have c-9 bulbs using another AlphaPix Classic 16 - E1.31 box. Would I set the IP like this ; & ; ?????
  14. I would like a copy.. Thanks. Richard365@yahoo.com
  15. I would like a copy sent to Richard365@yahoo.com "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". thanks again JR appreciate all that you guys do !
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