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  1. Good morning, I need assistance building a Visualizer fixture. Here are the basic parameters: LOR S4 Version 4.4.4 (Newest Version) Matrix: 83 wide by 18 tall (I am using these numbers because I am changing an existing coro Tune-In Sign) Hardware: PixCon16 with 16 x 100 bullet pixels. I will be using 15 of the 16 outputs where each output is one DMX universe. First pixel will be at upper left of matrix. I will then go in a horizontal zig zag pattern, using all 100 pixels for each output. This is a complete list of what it will look like: Row 1 - Left to Right, DMX Universe 1 Pixels 1-83Row 2 - Right to Left, DMX Universe 1 Pixels 84-100, Universe 2 Pixels 1-66Row 3 - Left to Right, DMX Universe 2 Pixels 67-100, Universe 3 Pixels 1-49Row 4 - Right to Left, DMX Universe 3 Pixels 50-100, Universe 4 Pixels 1-32Row 5 - Left to Right, DMX Universe 4 Pixels 33-100, Universe 5 Pixels 1-15Row 6 - Right to Left, DMX Universe 5 Pixels 16-98Row 7 - Left to Right, DMX Universe 5 Pixels 99-100, Universe 6 Pixels 1-81Row 8 - Right to Left, DMX Universe 6 Pixels 82-100, Universe 7 Pixels 1-64Row 9 - Left to Right, DMX Universe 7 Pixels 65-100, Universe 8 Pixels 1-47Row 10 - Right to Left, DMX Universe 8 Pixels 48-100, Universe 9 Pixels 1-30Row 11 - Left to Right, DMX Universe 9 Pixels 31-100, Universe 10 Pixels 1-13Row 12 - Right to Left, DMX Universe 10 Pixels 14-96Row 13 - Left to Right, DMX Universe 10 Pixels 97-100, Universe 11 Pixels 1-79Row 14 - Right to Left, DMX Universe 11 Pixels 80-100, Universe 12 Pixels 1-62Row 15 - Left to Right, DMX Universe 12 Pixels 63-100, Universe 13 Pixels 1-45Row 16 - Right to Left, DMX Universe 13 Pixels 46-100, Universe 14 Pixels 1-28Row 17 - Left to Right, DMX Universe 14 Pixels 29-100, Universe 15 Pixels 1-11Row 18 - RIght to Left, DMX Universe 15 Pixels 12-94Pixels 95-100 of Universe 15 Not UsedUniverse 16 Not Used Can anyone assist me with building a Visualizer S4 Prop with these parameters? -Scott
  2. Right now I am basically prepping and experimenting; I haven't actually purchased anything yet. My plan is to purchase and use one of these: http://store.lightorama.com/12v16bupipaw3.html
  3. Yeah, that's why I was using the custom setting. I'll probably just put in a ticket with LOR support.
  4. I can see what you were able to do and I am able to replicate it, however, I foresee two problems: (1) It still shows the "no matching channel" thing down below instead of showing the prop name. (2) With that way that is laid out, it appears that channel number 1 is at the top of every single column. The problem is, it won't be like that - column 1 will be laid out top to bottom, then column 2 will be laid out bottom to top, etc. I'm only going to be using 15 strings of 100 bulbs (an 18 x 83 pixel grid is 1,494 lights), so I will be using all 100 in each string, doing a zigzag pattern, then doing the next string, etc. I even tried upgrading to 4.4.4 which is the latest version - no change. -Scott
  5. Really appreciate you taking the time. Any chance you can post a screen snip of the prop setup dialog so I can see what you did?
  6. I am using Pixel Editor to set up an 83x18 matrix (I am revamping my existing "Tune-In" sign to bullet pixels). I am trying to figure out what's going wrong with my prop setup. I am using LOR version 4.3.34 and, at this time, I have no plans to upgrade to S5. Capture2.jpg shows my current prop setup. I haven't had the chance to type in the numbers for every single pixel yet - 1,494 is a lot of numbers to type in. Capture1.jpg shows what I see on the pixel programming screen, instead of just one line for the prop itself. Please note that I see this even if I change the prop to a width of 6 (which I have already typed the numbers in for). I would welcome some suggestions into what I am doing wrong. I am completely new to Pixel Editor but I followed the Pixel Editor Intro Video instructions when I created this prop. Thank you!
  7. The original strings had 150 bulbs (I plan to use 150 pixels) and they were spaced about 3 inches apart. You're welcome to PM me with your other suggestion if you don't want to post it here. -Scott
  8. I recently acquired a snowman from my parents; it originally had 150 clear incandescent lights which didn't work. They were going to throw it away so I offered to take it in and make some modifications! I want to maintain that look of a snowman lit by Christmas lights, but be able to vary the colors and patterns. Therefore, I want to replace those incandescents with pixels. This will allow me to make the snowman a wide array of colors, make different parts of the snowman different colors, and even do more advanced effects, such as having the snowman all blue and then have individual lights twinkle white. I notice that Light-O-Rama sells the pixels in bulbs (too big for this), bullet style pixels, and square pixels. Based on maintaining the look of the snowman lit by incandescent lights, which of the two options (bullet and square) do you recommend I use? Thank you! -Scott
  9. jfuller8400 - Thank you! I really enjoy doing the trailer every year as it gives our Facebook followers a little taste of the songs I've chosen for this year. BYRG - Haha exactly! I don't know how familiar you are with Fresno, CA but food trucks, especially taco trucks, are HUGE in this area. In fact, one of the biggest events we have each year is with our local AAA team (Fresno Grizzlies) and they do the taco truck throwdown where many trucks compete for best tacos. Weather is looking good as well - I'm really looking forward to our event. -Scott
  10. Hello everyone, It's that time of year again! We're all set for our opening night on November 19th, and we're even getting a taco truck this year so people can enjoy food while they watch the show. Here is our 2018 teaser trailer. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RObgroWJXmw Scott J. Davis
  11. @LORAdmin Wanted to make sure you saw this - vendor partners should be accessible. This sounds like a deliberate attempt to avoid providing customer service to me.
  12. Interesting ... their physical mailing address is in Tennessee. Kingston Springs, TN uses area codes 615 and 629, the first of which matches the number I found. Area code 502, in the number provided by LORAdmin, refers to Kentucky. I will be very curious to see which number (if either) works for you. Please let us know! Also @caniac, on their website under "Refund Policy" they list the number 615-378-1431.
  13. Took a bit of searching, but I came up with (615) 378-1431. https://www.yellowpages.com/kingston-springs-tn/mip/christmaslightshow-com-500385207 Let me know if it works. -Scott
  14. Hi Mguinn, I have been told by LOR that the S4 visualizer does not support a feature with more than 50 pixels/bulbs. I personally agree with you in not using Pixel Editor or Superstar so I am curious if a workaround has been found on this. My guess is that you'd have to create a separate feature, but you'd also need to match the way that the CCB-II controller handles the channels. I know with the Mark I controllers one pixel string was the main unit ID (with 300 channels), and the other pixel string was the main unit ID plus one. Does the CCB-II controller do the same thing (but with 600 channels per string), or does it actually separately itself into four Unit ID's? I am using two 50-pixel strings on my mega tree this year but next year I plan to use two 100-pixel strings so I am definitely interested in learning more about how all this works. I have been told that the S5 software (which was announced - I believe - almost three years ago) does support the longer pixels, but it still hasn't been released to the public due to what I have been told is technical difficulties. There is a beta version of the software available, but I am not going to base my show (or even my programming) on a beta version of the software. I am interested in getting in touch to share thoughts on this issue and would love to chat by phone if you're interested - send me a PM if you are. Thank you - I hope this does help a little bit at least. -Scott
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