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  1. New video for 2017

    Great job, Brian! Your display looks amazing and I love how your house is visible from more than one side. I also absolutely love your song choice - I thought I knew all of the instrumental TSO songs but somehow I missed this one. Will definitely have to incorporate this song into a future show. Well done!
  2. 2017 Bryan road Christmas light show

    Great job! I really love the spiral tree - can you give me some tips on how that is done? My daughter watched the video with me (she's six) and she was loving the pink tree too! Nutrocker is definitely one of my favorite TSO songs - I love how they go from their usual classical/rock recipe to the jazz solo section. They may not have known it at the time but many of their songs were MADE for Christmas lights! -Scott
  3. Davis Family Christmas 2017

    Thank you! The mini trees and floods were new additions for this year. The mini trees are only about 11.5 inches apart so they really make a statement with certain patterns. And the floods with their RGB versatility give me a ton of options when it comes to colors that aren't red, warm white, blue, and green like the rest of my main lights. And for the record I LOVE your nickname on here - great electrical pun. Very sparky!
  4. Good evening everybody, I'm proud to present the complete video playlist for my 2017 light show. It took about 250 hours of total work and it was totally worth it. I'm particularly proud of what I've been able to achieve in just two years - I don't accept donations of any kind, so everything you see is funded 90% with my own money and 10% with money earned from labor I have put in. When sequencing I put a lot of attention into the various sections of the music and trying to make various sections of my yard "dance" to that music. I'm really happy with the outcome and I can't wait to see what it looks like next year (which I've already started sequencing)! Thanks for watching! Davis Family Christmas 2017 Playlist
  5. Davis Family Christmas 2017 Trailer

    Thank you! I really appreciate it. If you need any help with the Baby It's Cold Outside sequence file (for the timings or even my effects), PM me with your E-Mail and I'd be happy to share my sequence if you think it will help. -Scott
  6. Davis Family Christmas 2017 Trailer

    Correct. I put quite a bit of thought into this as I did start on Black Friday last year. Basically, I decided that if I put all this time, effort, and money into my display, I want to maximize the amount of time I use it. I also used the same lights (though different color combinations) to do my Halloween display. The RGB floods really helped me with this due to their ability to do the yellows, oranges, and purples. I plan to post a video of that once I get around to recording it :-)
  7. Davis Family Christmas 2017 Trailer

    Thank you, B.R.Y.G. I'm really happy with out everything is turning out.
  8. Hello everyone, Next year I am incorporating a set of 100 Cosmic Color Bulbs into my display. I plan to have them wrapped around a small mega tree, wrapping them up the tree in a spiral with each string going in an opposite direction. I want Pixel 1 of each of the two strings to be at the bottom of the tree where the controller is. When I tried adding things to the visualizer I got really confused - I couldn't create one prop with two different drawings, and if I created a CCB string with 100 lights, it created two separate features AND two different Unit IDs - 41 and 42, despite the fact I only selected 41 as the Unit ID. In Sequence Editor, I notice that, when adding the channels, you do get quite a few options, including choosing whether String 2 uses base Unit ID (in my case 41), or the next one in sequence. However, on the device itself, I seem to remember only setting a single hardware ID. Based on what I want to do, can anyone clarify what options I should choose with the hardware itself, the visualizer creation, and the sequence editor for adding the pixel channels? Thank you and I hope everyone's display is coming together nicely! -Scott
  9. Hello everyone, thought I'd share my 2017 trailer. I had Kevin do my recordings before I finalized my light plan, so my actual light count this year is 18,419, comprising M6 and C6 LED light strings, RGB 10W floods, and Xenon strobes. Enjoy the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuqZOJ2zAiM -Scott J. Davis
  10. New Website Idea

    Thanks for your input. Part of my thinking was from my own experience - I am only in my second year, but I want every show year to be unique (except for TSO Carol of the Bells, which I am using every year). Having a resource to go to in order to get ideas would be helpful to me, and I expect to others as well. No sign up required - just go to the website and search. Contributors just fill out a form which submits it to a moderator (likely just me) for approval. No signing up, no login credentials to remember. I want this to be as simple and useful as possible. It is my hope that the many veteran animators on here will contribute their playlists so that I have a good database on launch, if I choose to go through with this.
  11. New Website Idea

    From the original post: "I've had an idea for a new website - a database of music for synchronized displays. It would be completely free and community-driven, with visitors submitting new songs (which must be approved). Data in the DB could be genre, speed in BPM, lead singer gender, festival type (christmas, halloween), and others. No actual music would be hosted; we would link to iTunes or Amazon digital music where people can listen to the song."
  12. New Website Idea

    Mr. P. - it appears you mistakenly thought that I would be hosting the music. All I would have is lists of music, which are completely legal. DibbleJr - neither of your quotes addresses what I want to do. The site would not share sequences. It would not share music. It would only act as a searchable playlist so people can get music ideas. -Scott
  13. New Website Idea

    Hello everyone, In addition to other hobbies, one of my skills involves designing and programming database-driven websites. I've had an idea for a new website - a database of music for synchronized displays. It would be completely free and community-driven, with visitors submitting new songs (which must be approved). Data in the DB could be genre, speed in BPM, lead singer gender, festival type (christmas, halloween), and others. No actual music would be hosted; we would link to iTunes or Amazon digital music where people can listen to the song. The primary purpose would be for people who want ideas for their display, such as "wow, I wish I could find a comedy song to go here" etc. I would like your community input as to: (a) If you think you (or others) would find this helpful. (b) If you would be interested in helping me design and test - I would need some help with critique and ideas, and probably a couple moderators once it was up and running. Of course, if such a site already exists, please let me know that as well, so I don't put time and effort into reinventing the wheel. Please share your thoughts. Thank you! -Scott
  14. Santa Claus Lane 2017 Visualizer Preview

    Hi Chris, @debtoews and Terry Toews had been doing the animated display on their house for several years when their next door neighbor wanted to join in. They then did both houses for a year (I believe), and after that season were trying to decide what to add to their display. Instead of adding more lights to their house, they decided to try to add more houses, and contacted all the remaining houses (there are 16 total) on their street to have a meeting. About half of the remaining homes signed up immediately, and the remaining neighbors signed up within a couple weeks. I think the last ones to join did so because they didn't want to be the only house out of 16 that wasn't lit! The 2015 and 2016 displays were done on these 16 houses. Before the 2016 season, residents on a different street contacted Deb and Terry and wanted to join as well. They became the "ambassadors" of the other street and several meetings were held. Long story short, between Norwich, Maine, and Indianapolis there are a total of 38 houses and 34 homes will be lit (some people didn't want to participate). I'm doing the programming based on 38 houses just in case the non-participants decide later they want in. Lights have been ordered for all homes just in case. Coming from an inside perspective, I will tell you that it isn't without drama - nothing involving this many people is - but the end result is absolutely amazing to see in person. If you live anywhere close to the Clovis/Fresno, CA area, it's worth seeing. You're also welcome to come see the display on my house - this is my second year and I'll be running 195 channels and somewhere around 17,000 lights. Thanks for the comment! -Scott
  15. What did you MAD GRAB?

    Stocked up for a couple years of expansion - got two ELL 2-packs and 16 CTB16PC controllers. -Scott