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  1. Buck268

    MP3 director

    After spending about an hour on the phone with dibblejr I'm now able to create my own sequences. After all these years, I now have new songs for my neighbors to listen to. It's funny how one little thing can get you wrapped around the axle. Still got lots to learn but, thanks to dibblejr I'm on my way...………………...
  2. Buck268

    MP3 director

    Here's the controller I have: 1. ShowTime Central 16 channel 2. miniDirector and FM Transmitter 3. Choose the Optional Plug-n-Show SD card and you have a ready to go light show. No programming or PC required at all. SD includes 6 songs including: Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Up on the Housetop, House on Christmas Street and more. 4. I have my arches set up as you described, each arch has 8 sets of lights using 4 channels. The tree is set up the same way, each stand is it's own channel. The light segments are something I can work on. My biggest issue is taking the music I bought and use the wizard or what ever I need to (do an auto tempo to light conversion) and downloaded to an SD card to plug and play. I'm not worried about getting into custom programing until I get this figured out.
  3. Buck268

    MP3 director

    I've been keeping it simple as far as Christmas light set up. Been switching everything to LED. I'll shoot you a PM and when your free get into the details. For the most part I have things broken up into 4 different groups.
  4. Buck268

    MP3 director

    Is anyone willing to give me a few minutes to straighten me out? I know I'm missing 1 simple key and it's been haunting me for all these years.
  5. Buck268

    MP3 director

    I wanted to use the beat wizard to make it quick and easy. I thought that when I bring in the music in SE and select 16 channel, beat wizard that would be pretty much it. Then I used HUB to download to the SD card.I've been playing the LOR SD card I bought with the system for all these years.
  6. Buck268

    MP3 director

    I have had the showtimes central director for a few years now. I've been trying to create new song sequences using beat wizard. I don't want anything fancy just new music. I have purchased the songs and tried to create and SD but, I get music and no light effects. Is there anyone out there willing to help me take this next step?
  7. I've created my new show with MP3 music and when I go to Show Builder I get this error message:
  8. Buck268

    SS help

    Added my music in SS and used the beat wizard, I have a 16 channel set up with mini director and only a few channels light up. When looking at it in SS, it shows different channels hitting but not actually displaying ?????? Any Help.........
  9. If Santa is still delivering sequences, I wouldn't mind getting some as well. ebuckle@cox.net Thanks,
  10. Not sure if I'm getting better or worse, got the media file taken care of and thought I was done. Now, I get an error : # 28 Channel is completely off. All shows saying same thing all built in SS.
  11. Now using Super Star and built shows, exported to SE and then went to SB to transfer to the SD card. Error says media file not found. When I put the show together in SS music and lights work.
  12. Thanks, really excited to get in and start playing around just need to get the basics down. Been going through topics and videos trying to learn. Just found out that if I upgrade to the Super Star from the Basic Plus for $29 I should be able to accomplish my goal # 2 below. My Id is set and do default. For someone with little to no programming experience, this is how I see myself growing. Step 1: Show time central with show card (great). Step 2: Boy if I can add some different music to another SD card and have the system insert it's own timing (really great) Step 3: Now I see/understand how to plan hook up and have ideas for a layout and start my own design (Awesome) = more $$$$
  13. Here's a screen shot of my sequence.
  14. Thanks, I have just enough computer knowledge to be dangerous. I was trying to get my feet wet in doing a simple add music and use the system default timing "beat". When I used the SB I used all the defaults and entered 16 for the channels that I have. So how do I go back and assign the channels and can the system do it automatically? After this season, I want to get more technical and that's another chapter for another time.
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