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  1. When I go to install the USB485B and plug it into the computer, the Install wizard doesn't launch. I'm running XP. When I plug in the USB485B, the computer makes two of the same tones instead of the low-high tone when typically plugging in a device. Is there a way to force the wizard to launch?
  2. Here is the pic for those interested. Thanks to Tim for finding it. Attached files
  3. I seem to remember coming across a picture of a black nativity wood-cut-out that had white lights around the perimeter of the figures. It also had a Marty fan behind it. Has anyone else seen this or have the link. I've lost mine . Thanks
  4. If I power a DC-MP3 with an external power source (wall wort) and the connect the DC-MP3 to a RF-V4, is there enough power to director and the transmitter?
  5. I seem to remember seeing a torque setting for the screw terminals on the CTB16D. Now I can't find it. Am I nuts?
  6. Steven wrote: The plan would have the Cat5 running next to (making contact the whole way) a 10/4 cable caring a 30 amp, 240v for 30-50ft. Thoughts?
  7. Is there an interferance issue with running the control cable in close proxcimity to power cords? Particularly parallel with them. How about building saftey codes, generally speaking?
  8. What I know about networking stops after I plug in a Cat5e cable. I know that LOR uses a defferent protocol than standard and doesn't work on a network. What I'm wondering is: instead of daisy chaining LOR, is there a hub/switch/router (not sure which is appropreate here) that would work with LOR to run a single Cat5e out to the LOR board. This might be easier. Attached files
  9. Can I run a 10/4 30A 240 cable out to my controler then use each side of the 240 to power 20A of 120? Will I run into trouble becasue the 120 will be sharing a neutral this way?
  10. I was wondering what people's thougts are on the use of desolder braid and vacum pumps like the one below. Attached files
  11. Sequence Dr. wrote: Great idea to move the fuse to a easy service location!
  12. Jeff Millard wrote: Pardon me being new, may I ask why?
  13. Charles Belcher wrote: Charles, could you explain more (pics are aways welcome ) about your angel?
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