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  1. can i get a copy as well. thanks in advanced. randy88stang@gmail.com
  2. thanks i appreciate that. randy88stang@gmail.com
  3. does anyone know how I would go about adding singing face props to my viz and where would i be able to find that. any help will be very appreciated
  4. Thanks that worked instantly. You are a guru , you have actually helped me in the past. and i appreciate your dedication to this forum and all of us.
  5. help, i keep trying to write a test viz with a string of 50 dmx pixels and a string of rgb set for 3 channels in dmx and a string of liteorama all set to different units and unniverse. when i send viz into superstar sequencer . i am able to use instant sequencer to make a quick sequence which i can see in the SS, but when i export to SE and use simulation mode in the viz it does not show up. only the channels set to litorama work. am i doing something wrong or is this just how it works. i am using S4 4.4.4
  6. yeah unfortunately my friend helped me with that and erased the drive to get it working. however now i have a 500 gb ssd drive and it works really fast. it is not the end of the world i was going to redo alot of my viz anyway. at least i have my viz from 2017 so not a total redo
  7. i was running S4 last year, my main computer died and i lost my visualizer. i have my most recent sequences that was in SE with channel config. also i dont remember how i had my viz laid out. is there a way to recover it or do i have to write a new viz. it is pixels and rgb and mega tree ect any help would be appreciated
  8. anyone interested in writing a custom sequence for me. not sure who to contact for something like that. i have smart and dumb pixels,and 2 mega trees and ect. thanks
  9. yes i would like to thanks them both as well. i would not be any where without there help
  10. can i please get a copy of this song thanks randy88stang@gmail.com
  11. can i please get a copy of this one thanks i appreciate it randy88stang@gmail.com
  12. i need some sequences i have 10 mini trees,2 16 ch megatrees, 10 rgb dumb snowflakes on 1 universe i also have a pixel outline on my house but i want to convert them to 2 or 4 ch dumb lights that just change color in tune with music.reg lor channels will work. i can convert them.mostly i am going to cut and paste. anything anyone is willing to share would be greatly appreciated. thanks and happy holidays plese send to randy88stang@gmail.com
  13. hi i would like a copy, also any other sequences you would like to share would be most awesome. i put together 1 singing face and would like to try it. thanks james the802zone@hotmail.com
  14. i would like to jump on the share wagon, i just wired up an 8 channel face and need some sequences to try out. any and all songs would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advanced.
  15. i would like to jump on the share wagon, i i just wired up an channel face and need some songs to try out. any and all songs would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advanced.
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