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  1. Be great to have a copy please and thanks hyper82mustang@hotmail.com
  2. Be great to have a copy please and thanks hyper82mustang@hotmail.com
  3. Be great to have a copy please and thanks hyper82mustang@hotmail.com
  4. I use 128ch lor ac controllers and added 3 alphapix16, I'm using two alpha pix16 for two separate mega trees each tree has 16 strands of 50pixels with 150 total channels, im installing trees on either end of house but woiuld like to duplicate sequences on both. I have one alpha at and other at .60, I have several sequences already done for one controller....this is my problem ive tried several different ways of adiing dmx universes and adding controllers with no luck at all still only one tree that works.....now ive pinged both trees and system notices both with zero losses, im new to this and may of bight of more then I can chew but would be nice for some advice.....thanks
  5. it be great to get this song as well as your information on how to change certain parts...thanks again from eastern canada
  6. Very good would love a copy at hyper82mustang@hotmail.com Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Hi I'm using 50 smart pixels per string 16 strings in a 180Deg Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. I'm simply tying to use the auto sequence part of software I'm not even sure if this the proper steps, visualizer first with all channels locked and loaded first
  9. that problem solved thank you, in video tutorial she only used ac channels but I'm trying to do it in pixels and ribbons....one last question for mega tree i use 16 strings of smart pixls with no folds 180degree tree but it keeps saying 3 folds.....woud there be any other videos that i coud watch instead of being the newbie???lol
  10. sorry I'm new to this site hope this proper way to ask questions......my name is roger my 3rd year with lor I have 128ch ac, I also have 11 ribbons ws2811x240 800 smart pixel node mega tree as well as rgb nodes for small trees and arches.....im using some 30ch rgb controllers couple alpha pix controllers for the smart strips/pixels.... I'm using lor pro version software with the superstar 20ccr addon........my question is while creating a visualizer of my home so I can outline eves I draw the line 5 points and say its ribbon but it keeps adding like 4ccrs in one section of eve, it seems it wants a ccr for every 50 pixels but my ribbons have 80 2811 chips controlling 240 pixels, how do I fix this???? my next step is 100 smart pixel arches...please advise thank you.....also if someone replies not sure how I get response so this my email....I know I know NEWBIES.....LOL.....hyper82mustang@hotmail.com
  11. bit late but it would areciated....thanks hyper82mustang@hotmail.com
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