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  1. I live in Fillmore, CA one of the few towns that allows you shoot off fireworks. Every year various booths sell for their organizations and the fun begins. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  2. I ordered a lot of M6 LEDs form Holiday Light Express. I ordered M5 from Christmas Designers. The M6 are really nice and bright full wave LEDs. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  3. I have it running now. I chose a different .lms file and an older Visualizer file in Pixel Editor. Saved as a new file. Saved Intensity File. Open .lms file in Sequence Editor. I opened Visualizer and opened same file I chose in PE. Chose Simulation Mode and hit play. My arches were leaping. Mission accomplished. If I want to see my entire show play back no matter where I sequence from I need to use Visualizer for my layout design. I like the way PE lets me design the layout better with sections for strings but I will not be able to see the playback from the intensity file if it is not from Visualizer. Is there a better way?
  4. Not running in DMX mode. I have 6 props each assigned a Unit ID number. 11,12,13,14,15,16,17
  5. Yes. I started with the Visualizer and imported that into Pixel Editor. The saved Intensity File has the same props. Also, I gave the props Controller IDs so Visualizer would play on its own.
  6. Jim, I just created a new Visualizer file with roofline only. Added an effect in Pixel Editor. Saved Intensity File. Open the Sequence Editor file. I could see the Intensity File but not able to play back in Visualizer via Sequence Editor.
  7. I have saved an intensity file and see it in my Sequence Editor. I configured my layout in Pixel Editor with 4 arches and some simple effects. They play back great in Pixel Editor but no way to see them once in SE. Should I be using Visualizer, import that into Pixel Editor and then save Intensity File. I tried this when experimenting but everything went haywire after changing the props in PE. ie I selected arches and changed their attributes. After an hour of troubleshooting I decided to draw the layout in PE. I appreciate any help. Ron
  8. It's great hearing from the guys that have been doing this a long time as well as the newbies getting in to it. I am your typical newbie jumping in with both feet. I bought a 1,000 ft SPT1 and nice C9 LEDs along with the sockets and cut to length for my roof. Next year I may not even use them since I want to get in to RGB. I have neighbors that will buy them so no worries. I made the mistake of running long lengths to my trees and arches because I was afraid someone might steam my controllers. Now I know ways to protect them. I am now more informed on the pros and cons of DMX and where to find cool props. I am now a member of PlanetChristmas. I've had email dialog with Brian at SuperStar. I am going back and forth in Pixel Editor and Visualizer in an effort to design my layout. There is so much to learn. I am considering my workflow as follows: Pixel Editor for RGB on eaves, windows, mini trees, and arches, SuperStar for Mega Tree, and Sequence Editor for snowflakes and other standalone props. (reindeer, snowman, etc...) I am considering CCBs for rooflines, CCRs for windows and arches, CCPs for Mega Tree and mini trees. If I can sell my car this will all happen. LOL What a ride!
  9. Here is my issue. I want to set up lights in PE using CCBs for my eaves. The top section is okay since it runs continuously. The bottom section starts on the left and will use up to 25 feet if I include the far left section running toward the back of the home. That's one strand. My next section begins with the garage 18 feet over and is separated by a room that pushes forward thus producing a gap between the two sections. If the controller supports two stands and I can only use one on the left side what do I do? I don't believe there is an extension cable designed to work with the CCBs. I have attached a photo of my home so you see what I am working with. If I went with CCRs no problem but I reluctant to put them on the eaves and I get more linear feet with CCBs. Thoughts? Also, which is the best light prop style to use when drawing the strands in PE. Line-Unattached, Line-Attached or Bulbs? Ron
  10. Light Bulb! So SS doesn't care about this. This only becomes important for setting up within Sequence Editor for mapping to make the show work, right? That makes sense. Since I am still designing what I want in, on and around the house I have not set anything up in Sequence Editor. I assume the purpose is to design in Visualizer, Sequence in SS and export to SE where the mapping takes place as well as additional sequencing if necessary. Am I close? Also, I Scrunched my pixels when bringing in the Visualization file which gives more real estate space on the screen. Does it matter that I have everything, so far, on one network? Will I have latency issues from one network? If I add Aux A why can I not start from Unit ID 1? It wants me to start with the next Unit ID from Regular Network. BTW, thanks for your help! Ron
  11. I have been working with LOR Support for a few days on this and feel I am spinning in my wheels. Perhaps you folks can help. I am planning next year's show and am trying to lay out the lighting I want in Visualizer. I want to use CCBs and CCRs. I am using the CCR Draw Wizard for my eaves. There are two strings (50 bulbs each) for each controller. Support says to add +1 or (PLUS ONE) to the second strand and keep the same Unit ID. Visualizer will not let me do this. I get errors about pixels. Support told me to go to the Hardware Utility and choose Dual Mode. I can't do that because I don't have the controllers. I want to lay this out to help me decide how many and which controllers to get. The only way I have this working with Super Star is by giving each 50 bulb string its own Unit ID. I have rad the manuals about CCBs and Pixel Addressing options. ie Mast/Slave but I find nowhere in Visualizer to set this up, nor can I add +1 to a string of CCBs. I am pulling my hair out at this point just to stay in the LOR world. Is this one of the reasons so many jump into the DMX world? I appreciate any advice. I am including my Visualizer file if that help. I quickly added more Mini Trees, a Mega Tree and a Star. I attempted to put the Mega Tree and Star on another Network (Aux A) but Super Star did not like that. I though I could start over with Unit ID 1 on Aux A network. So I put everything back on Regular Network with last Unit Id being 44. It all shows up in Super Star but when I test with Instant Sequence none of my Snowflakes turn on. I can manually sequence these to turn on. This leads me to think too much is on one network? Eaves are CCBs, Mini Trees are CCPs, Arches and Mega Tree are CCRs. Not sure what to use for the Mega Tree Star. It has 5 layers. Ron 408 Edgewood for 2016_V2.lee
  12. emusht, I am in the same boat. I have computer skills and fairly quick at picking things up. This is an entirely new animal and I like that. I'll mind screw this for a few months before ordering any gear. I did purchase 3 controllers, SE Advanced, SS with additional seats and a bunch of pre-sequenced shows for my 2015 show. It was well received. I started using SuperStar and its Instant Sequencing to create new shows until I had 45 songs. Everything synced to music and it was cool. But it didn't tell the story of the song as so many have learned to do with their shows. Lately, I have been playing with SS and sequencing parts with the tools and Instant Sequencing but only using it for sections of the music. Basic things to get a feel for it such as making a large yellow window bounce to the beat of the bass drum and other windows shimmer to the beat of the snare drum. Listening for interesting effects within the music and imagine how I would paint that with lighting effects. I will spend the next 3 months learning all I can about SS while researching the best way for me to go about the hardware. I like the plug and play that LOR offers but am not afraid to branch into DMX. So let's see what you and I learn this year and enjoy the growth. Ron
  13. Cool but how do I tell the software to use the first 17 feet or 34 bulbs to act as a section and so on?
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