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  1. Hi Jim, Controlling from a computer. The status window showed nothing odd, just the sequence that should have been playing. During this time, the actual sequence that was playing was about 2 minutes ahead of the one that was showing in the status window (but the music was correct for the one that was showing in the status window). When the music for the current sequence completed, the status window changed to the next sequence. However, the sequence itself was still about 2 minutes ahead of the music. Rob
  2. Yesterday I was watching a 6 song show running in LOR 4.3.34. In the middle of a song, the lights blinked for a second and then started running the sequence from the next song in the show. This put the lights about 2 minutes ahead of the actual song that was playing. This continued through the 4 songs that I watched. The only way to fix this was to disable the show immediately and restart the scheduled shows after which everything ran fine. This is a show that has been running fine through multiple seasons. It has nothing to do with music bit rate. The sequence somehow jumped ahead of the music track at least 2 minutes and continued that way until manually restarted. Thanks, Rob
  3. When modifying the number of sections and nodes in a simple pixel the preview design I get this BackfroundCalcRecurse error as attached. Pixel Editor 4.3.34
  4. I have only seen this happen once with one sequence and my wife saw this happen with a different sequence, 99% of the time all is correct. So, yes the right audio file is selected. Robert
  5. While playing a scheduled show with 5 songs, every once in a while the sequence that is playing is not the correct sequence for the song that is playing. At the end of the sequence, the next song in the schedule will be the correct song for the sequence that is playing. I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it myself. Last night, I saw the sequence from twelve days of Christmas with the audio from All I want for Christmas. At the end of the song, the next sequence in the schedule started correctly. The show computer is a Windows 10 Intel I7 laptop with an SSD. It is showing almost no usage on the CPU, Memory or Disk IO. The sequences are compressed and each sequence has 2 intensity files attached. One for Super Star and one For Pixel Editor. Robert
  6. It would be immensely helpful to have the effect generator as a 'tool window' as opposed to a modal window. It would be really nice to be able to dock the effect generator on the left of the screen and then just select and insert the required effect. Currently there is a lot of needless mouse clicking to achieve this. Additionally it would be great to have a docked 'favorite effects' window. For the favorite effects you would be able to just click the favorite effect and then insert that effect. Currently the left top pane only starts getting filled with effects that are used in the current opened project. This is not much help when starting a new project from scratch. That pane could also list the name of the effect you are inserting as certain curtain effects do not render well until viewed in the sequence.
  7. I see now. I can see where this could be useful in a number of instances. Is there a place that I can look to better understand exactly how an AVI movie file works with PE and how it actually maps the pixels? Thanks, Mike
  8. I have 6 32 channel pixel arches that were sequenced using SE. I would like to use the existing sequencing to drive a 320 channel pixel arch. My E1.31 controller does not allow for grouping pixels. If it did then I would just group 10 pixels per channel. Is there a way in PE to group pixels using a sequence imported from SE. I can set the prop configuration and grouping to anything that I need in PE but the result is that only 32 pixels would actually be used for playback. Is there any better way to handle this? Thanks, Mike
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