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  1. bryan250

    Using G3-MP3 to run IDMX-1000

    I have the IDMX-1000. Trying to run a simple snow machine. I have been able to connect to the IDMX 1000 from the hardware utility and been able to turn on channel one and get the snow machine to operate. I have also been able to program a simple program in the sequence editor and loaded it as standalone on the IDMX-1000. That also worked just fine. When I load a sequence onto the MP3-G3 director it will not work. The status light blinks on the IDMX 1000 as if it is not getting a signal from the G3-MP3. The unit id on the IDMX 1000 is the default EO and im using channel one on the snow machines.
  2. I have the standard set of CCB with the controller that comes with it. I created a sequence in the pixel editor and was able to see the prop in the sequence editor. I loaded the program into a regular 16 channel controller and it wont work. I have worked with the regular controllers a lot and have the highest level of the software. I just cant figure out how to chanel out this ccb and how to get it to work. Please Help... Thanks.