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  1. Get yourself a J Pole and a little booster and you can broadcast for a couple of miles.
  2. I like black. That way if a light or section goes out no one notices.
  3. 653 I think you misunderstood. That was six controllers for the one tree, plus 9 channels from another controller for the other items. The star had 8 channels and the strobes had one. I had a total of 49 controllers for the entire display.
  4. Now Ron Lister has had this tree for about five years. Someone shot this video of it.
  5. PMC I am a WVU grad. Lived in Weston. Oh and have Orange Bowl Tickets!!!
  6. No offense but you need to get a few sequences under your belt before you tackle that. Oh and it was not even close to $1,600.00 maybe $800 for mine.
  7. 653 You know I am just playing with you. I know your tree as well and it is awesome!
  8. Keep in mind these are not my Christmas Display sequences. I did this for New Years Eve for all the neighbors. We had a fire and everyone sat around until about 2am. So these were just some good old boy songs. However, they do show the tree and some of the patterns. Just threw the songs together so we would have something to listen to mostly.
  9. Well I will see your 24,000 lights and raise you to 96,000 lights, 105 channels. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, oh and checkerboard. So there!
  10. Is that the same Mike Ziemkowski that actually creates things? I think his display this year was one of his finest.
  11. Here is a tip for all the newbies out there. LOR 101: Never upgrade your software during the middle of the season. It CAN wait until lights out time.
  12. I have you all beat. Two years ago and old guy fell down and started break dancing to my Funky Christmas sequence. Everyone was cheering and clapping. I mean he stole the show. That is until we found out I fried his pacemaker. He was 76.
  13. Did you say Australia? Well that changes everything. As we learned years ago that polar opposites attract thus you must place your controller upside down with your cords coming out of the top of your box. This is extremely important to gain the most from the voltage you are working with down there.
  14. William, I am asking for your permission to use those pics you sent me of your and your wi.... never mind. Listen folks here is what you all are missing. YANKEE FAN!
  15. George, the doctor threw me a curve middle of Nov. and said since it was not hurting he was not cutting. Good thing, and so I just went out a cracked a rib so as not to miss a good opportunity!
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