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  1. Goldie1970

    Christmas Eve Sarajevo

    Thanks Marty!
  2. Goldie1970

    All I want for Christmas is You....Mariah Carey

    I picked up the balls afrom At Home store when they went on sale at the end of the season. I really like them! Colored Fabric body that drapes down over a metal frame. Thanks for the comments all!
  3. Goldie1970

    Sleigh Ride by The Ronettes

    The snowman was from Sams club, metal frame and cloth/fabric body that hangs over the frame. The drone was fun to use, trying to find more creative ideas on how to use the altitude thanks for the comments!
  4. Goldie1970

    Sleigh Ride by The Ronettes

    Drone pilot (me) was worried the battery was dying....came in low...and dipped the gimbal into the snow! Genius!!
  5. Well the drone pilot needs some work, and editing is still new, but here is my latest
  6. Goldie1970

    Wizards in Winter from Drone

    So yes, I have those led rope trees in the back, and they run well....I have splitters run to the corresponding bulbs in front of each tree. I have come to the conclusion that the splitters I’m using are junkand are delaying the feed to the bulbs out front....they all fire late. Then, those two red bulbs to the right do see to be staying on longer, which is odd because the tree behind them goes off at the correct time, so if the power is off to them, the bulbs CANT still have power! It’s kinda messing with my head. I just know that I’ll replace the “Dollar Store” splitters for next year!
  7. Goldie1970

    Wizards in Winter from Drone

    Phantom 3 standard here too. I’m not familiar enough with the function mode so I have to manipulate camera by turning the drone. And I have a massive, mis-sharpen pine tree that I have to work around that keeps me from trying the functions. Thanks fellas!
  8. Goldie1970

    Stryper Winter Wonderland

    Loved this track back in high school, always knew I would use it when I started making my own sequences. Not too fond of how it turned out.....I think I need less going on....looks noisy! I do like the tree on the guitar solo open to suggestions! Only 16 channels now, but will go 32 for 2018
  9. Goldie1970

    Stryper Winter Wonderland

    Not too hard to use, was harder syncing the tunes!
  10. Goldie1970

    Stryper Winter Wonderland

    Thanks Tom!
  11. Combining multiple new hobbies and old loves.....lights....drones....Tom Petty! 16 channels, way too many extension chords (is there a work around on those?). Lots of lights....almost all LED. Shot video with my new-ish Phantom, started messing with that during spring break.....haven’t flown since July! I still have so much to learn (first time trying to edit a video and splice in the music). The drone does two things.....eliminates the heavily traveled street I live on, and gives great angles. More to follow! Matt
  12. Bill P if you are still in the Christmas spirit of giving I’d love a copy of the grinch! matt.golden@sbcglobal.net
  13. Goldie1970

    What’s This? Danny Elfman

    I picked up a Jack Skellington for our Halloween party and would like to use it for Christmas show now. There was an earlier thread sharing this, but it’s been closed. Does anyone have a sequence they could share? Thanks all, hopefully your shows are coming together!
  14. Has anyone done a sequence for BNLs version? I’m simple, 16 channel. If willing to share it would be much apprcaicted! Thanks!
  15. Merry Christmas from Speedway, Indiana, home of the Indy 500! I got hooked watching you all here and on YouTube, ordered the 16 channel starter kit and it should be here tomorrow! I am intrigued with sequencing and can't wait to put my thoughts to music, but I'm sure that is for another day! My lights are already up, I'm hoping to plug and play Wednesday or Thursday night! (Get real, RIGHT!) Looking for anything cool and trendy that I can use. I will have 8 trees across the front, my wreath on front of house split in two, and 6 sets of icicles (2 over 4). Not sure if any of that matters! Hoping to fiddle with system this year to get a grasp on it, then blow it out this summer for 100th Indy 500, Halloween and Christmas! Thanks all for the inspiration and any help you can provide! I'm at Matt.golden@sbcglobal.net
  16. Merry Christmas from Speedway, Indiana, home of the Indy 500! I'm looking to get started on this hobby and have a couple basic questions. I'm hoping for a couple simple answers so that I can make a decision if this is the expandable system for me. 1. If I get the 16channel starter kit, can I later use it for the LED ribbons, or will it only control old school lights? 2. Can I use my own music? I don't mind taking time to work thru the programming/sequencing....I've got a relatively high pain tolerance as long as the software is intuitive. I would prefer using my own songs. 3. Is the mini-director worth the upgrade on the starter kit? 4. I have a variety of music sources, amps, stereos, wireless speakers....what do you all like to use with starter kits? I know that may be vague, just looking for some basic info from current users. Seems like a neat hobby, thanks again for looking and have a great holiday season!
  17. Goldie1970

    Drone Flight

    Very nice! Well done and Merry Christmas!
  18. Goldie1970

    This will be missed.....

    Timing is off a bit, it's my first sequence!.......and traffic was a little heavy.....but seeing as Disney is releasing The Force Awakens and not 20th Century Fox, I thought I'd start out with the 20th Centurt Fox Fanfare.....I'll shed a tear at the start!
  19. Goldie1970

    This will be missed.....

    Thanks for the heads up!
  20. Thanks Sarge, sent an email last night. Yes, it is Matt(dot)golden