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  1. Say watt??

    building a design

    That prop is AWESOME....rock on!🤘
  2. Say watt??

    No LED light

    Not sure if you have solved this yet, but the same thing happened to me on a controller I built two years ago. I had the two voltage regulators swapped. One is 5V and the other is 10V if I'm not mistaken. That little mix up most definitely fried U1. LOR was kind enough to send me two 485 driver chips in short order. Free of charge as well, even though I totally admitted it was my mistake. Great service.
  3. Say watt??

    7 Segment Display ???

    I started working on something like this last year, but ran out of time for getting it going this past Christmas. It's going to be a roughly 20"x72" box with five 14-segment displays in it. I originally planned to use it as a "TUNE TO" sign, but I'm thinking I will scroll text across it as well. As others have suggested, my thought was a separate sequence everyday for a countdown. I hope to get it finished by summer, just need to find the time.
  4. Say watt??

    Tune To Sign - Built and Testing!

    What material is the box for your sign made from?
  5. Say watt??

    When do you just stop...

    Great news! You sound really pumped about. A perfect venue for an animated light display. That flat roof......I can see cool things happening up there. There's just something appealing about putting stuff where it really shouldn't be. Put as much up there as you can! Good luck and thanks in advance for the pics and video when it's up and running.
  6. Say watt??

    Has anyone ever encountered this...

    I had something similar happening last week. I unloaded and reloaded the LOR control panel and that fixed it. I also saw Chinese characters at the top of the log in the status window. Every few days I see the Chinese text and reload the control panel before weird stuff starts happening, so far it has worked. I'm running SE version 4.2.6, but will be updating when the season is over. Apparently updating to version 4.2.12 or higher will cure this.
  7. Say watt??

    It's almost here

    Merry Christmas to you and yours and to all!
  8. Say watt??

    The same ol, same ol GFCI tripping issue

    If you were using some sort of electrical device outdoors that you were coming in contact with, a circular saw for example, I would say use a gfci. In this case I think you would be fine. I guess if you have local regulations that say you have to have them then there's not much you can do.
  9. My show computer is not connectedto the internet and I'm wondering if it's safe to download a software version update on another computer and transfer it to the show computer with a USB thumb drive. Scheduled play has been running good for about two weeks, but noticed last night that sequences weren't running properly and each song had the same errors each time it played. I also have the Chinese text issue. From what I have read here, an update should fix this. I'm currently on 4.2.6 and want to install 4.2.12 for now. (Standard license)
  10. Say watt??

    Transferring version update via thumb drive

    What version of S4 did you update to at that point?
  11. Say watt??

    The same ol, same ol GFCI tripping issue

    I think gfci outlets are similar to breakers in the fact that the more they trip, the more they are prone to tripping. If it was me, I would get rid of them. You're on a breaker, the controllers are fused and a typical light string is as well. I realize gfci is meant to protect people, not property, but who actually hangs out in the middle of their light show amongst all those cords?
  12. Say watt??

    Lights at the Ranch has come to an end

    My comment had nothing to do with traffic flow or anything like that. I was just agreeing with what I quoted. I know my neighbors really enjoy our display, they've told us many times. I'm in a town of 2500 and we would have to drive at least a half an hour to see anything like what we do. I play songs I like, but I'm not opposed to using next door neighbors suggestions if they had any. After all, it is for other people to enjoy too. If it was just for us it would be in the basement or garage, where it's warm and my fingers and hands work better.
  13. Say watt??

    Transferring version update via thumb drive

    When I got home tonight the show was running like a dream and has been for 6+ hours. Even at midnight, by myself, it's still fun to watch. It seems as though unloading and reloading the control panel fixed it. I noticed the Chinese text in the status window was gone after doing that. Even the English text was a different font. I'm off work now until after the first of the year. Since I'm home and can keep an eye on things. Maybe I'll ride it out if that continues to fix the problem should it happen again. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!
  14. Say watt??

    Lights at the Ranch has come to an end

    Same situation here. When I read your post, something occurred to me.......maybe it's time to asks the neighbors what songs THEY would like to see lights dancing to.
  15. Say watt??

    When do you just stop...

    It may very well be time to shut it down at your home, but I wouldn't give up on finding another location nearby that is better suited. It doesn't necessarily have to be a public place. Maybe a local business would be interested. If you're simply tired of the setup/tear down etc., that's a different matter. If it truly is strictly dealing with people and traffic don't rule out another location without at least talking to some people first. Merry Christmas!
  16. Say watt??

    Transferring version update via thumb drive

    The sequences run fine in SE and with "Show on demand". I unloaded LOR control panel, reloaded and changed the schedule to start while I was watching it this afternoon. From what I could see in the daylight all seemed to be good. I paid close attention to props that I knew had issues last night and they ran as sequenced. I just renewed my license with an SE upgrade so I'm good through 5.9. I guess I'm a little hesitant to update that far at this point of the season. Most of the changes don't apply to how I use SE at this point anyway. That being said, it makes good sense to me to to get completely up to date while I can. I trust your advice and will go with 4.3.26. How hard is it to revert back if I did by chance have issues? Thanks for the help guys.
  17. Say watt??

    Friendly Neighborhood Competition

    Same thing happening in our town. When I started using LOR three years ago there were always some houses that were decorated, but this year there are WAY more houses with WAY more lights. Our next door neighbors have asked about hooking up to our show and said a good chunk of the houses on our street might be interested too. I better get organized, it sounds like things may get busy in the coming months. Lol
  18. Say watt??

    Tune To Sign - Built and Testing!

    I have a "Tune to" project I'm working on as well, but right before Thanksgiving my youngest son talked me into a 16' spiral megatree. I told myself I wouldn't let him steer me in a different direction, but he did and I gotta say it was well worth it. That thing is mesmerizing! It was a bit of a challenge, especially with so little time, but it turned out great.
  19. Say watt??

    Tune To Sign - Built and Testing!

    Psychedelic! You can't beat built from scratch stuff for uniqueness. Good job.
  20. Say watt??

    New to starting a sequence

    Watching the channel buttons is good advice. If you are zoomed into just the channels you're working on when playing a range in the sequence, they can give you a really good visual feel for how the lights will act. Especially when you're just getting familiar with the SE (Sequence Editor).
  21. Say watt??

    Davis Family Christmas 2017

    Nice work. Your mini trees are great. I have 9, but would like to have 90. Maybe someday..... I'm digging your floods too. I can see those in my future. Keep it up!
  22. Say watt??

    New to starting a sequence

    Staring at all those blank cells can be pretty daunting. If it's a musical sequence, get your audio file loaded and listen to it a few times. Get the beat and tempo figured out (timings). Picture certain props/lights doing certain things during specific points in the song and start by making those things happen. Although don't be too concerned about using the same lights for the same sounds throughout the sequence. Mix it up, it will be fine. You don't have to work from beginning to end. Focus on getting something in there and keep building. Good luck!
  23. Say watt??

    Being original.

    I personally am not assuming or accusing. The original poster made a statement about being original and the large amount of sharing requests recently. I'm simply adding my two cents. I don't need to know anything more about the people asking for sequences. If someone needs help they will get it here, I know this. I also know that the handout mentality is running rampant these days. I will be the first person to help someone truly in need, but I also don't need to be the knight in shining armor coming to the rescue. Give a man a sequence, bring him holiday joy for a season. Teach a man to sequence, bring him holiday joy for a lifetime. Merry Christmas to you too Dibbles and to all!
  24. Say watt??

    Being original.

    You should reread the paragraph that you quoted me on. Your response reiterated my point about someone LEGITIMATELY needing help. I'm referring to someone who puts more effort into trying to get stuff handed to them than they do at working on it for themselves. This goes way beyond Christmas lights.
  25. Say watt??

    Being original.

    I think the real argument here is whether someone is asking for a shared sequence because they legitimately need help, for whatever reason, or if they are just being lazy and unwilling to make an attempt. In my mind, sequencing is a major aspect of what this hobby is all about. It's similar to someone who has a hot rod car, but doesn't even change there own oil simply because "they don't want to".....and believe me, these people are out there. This will be my third year and to this point I've spent most of my time building props and figuring out how to setup, teardown and store things efficiently. As a matter of fact, I've been using the same one song each year and people still love it! However, it's well past time for something new and it will happen this year. I've been using the same computer for sequencing and running the show which severly cuts into available programming time. I finally have two PC's and I am looking forward to spending some time working on new sequences. Pumpkin_King nailed it in his post. It's about working hard and doing what it takes, and most importantly, being proud of what you have created. If everyone stopped sequencing all together and everybody just shared what was already out there, sooner or later we would all have exactly the same sequences. BOOORRRING!