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  1. c9 pixels forsale

    Dennis don't forget me.
  2. Pixel Problem

    try to unplug them by the pigtail and plug them back see it reboot it
  3. cant get ccr tree to work in pe

    yes i did what u told me it was in the network now it works thank u mr p have a safe new years
  4. cant get ccr tree to work in pe

    thanks mr p i just open up a ticket in lor
  5. cant get ccr tree to work in pe

    im useing 4.3.4 pro its the lor ccr 12 ribbons. my channel config is good. i been playing my show good with the ccr tree but its under seq.editer not in pe .my goal is just to put out the tree in pe only that all
  6. hello all happy new years,,Im haveing this problem for 3 weeks.. Now everytime i put my crr tree sequence in the grid and try to play it out side noting gos on .,,I HAVE THE BLUE LIGHT BULD ON and check it in the pe control and marked it out too be in pe not in sequence ..any help please
  7. Timing grid and waveform pattern

    matt what do u mean as performance issue:
  8. Lightning Sequence

    james i would like a copy of the lightning sequence please. pmysza@yahoo.com
  9. The color Pink

    try this http://www.rapidtables.com/web/color/pink-color.htm
  10. CCR Controllers and strips for Sale

    john if u cant sell all 12 ccr i like to buy 2 ccrs ..let me know.. pm me
  11. Christmas 2016

    very nice dennis!!
  12. 46 inch boscoyo studio snowflake

    try this i hope this work 4 u https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V3ZxgeqKLJO6IyJD-QAem6SyYGzDKzWlaU6ymRmEclQ/edit?usp=sharing
  13. arches

    here the pic of my e682