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  1. i fixed it...had to figure it out on my own >.>
  2. Been using xlights 2017 to sequence some new things in my display show but now when I go to convert it over to .lms - LOR don't seem to recognize nothing it pops up with empty channels with sequencing data but not actual sequences. I have tried to make an empty animation and manually add my dmx channels and export the config to be loaded into the new sequence with no luck - please help...if anyone haves teamviewer that would be great! I got a lot of sequences I can exchange for help if needed
  3. _g0d

    Free 80 channel sequences

    Sent to all above
  4. _g0d

    illumination reflections of earth

    Hey friend, I have a 80 channel - could you send one to my email as well? matthewlmeyers0@gmail.com
  5. _g0d

    Frozen- Let it go sequence

    Hey friend, I currently have a 80 channel setup - do you think you would happen to have a copy of let it go that would work with my show? if so please email me @ Matthewlmeyers0@gmail.com Thanks! Also, see my thread if theres anything you would want to trade
  6. _g0d

    Help Please [S4]

    I'm sorry, could you be more specific about what file I have created?
  7. I was hoping someone would be able to help me with a glitching problem I'v been having with the show editor. Recently we have decided to include a pixel megatree to our show this year in addiction of our 80 channel static LOR show. We purchased some sequences for the new megatree to match with our old sequences and I binded the two together by adding a new channel and selecting "sequence" for that channel then adding the static LOR sequence. All of this worked great until I try creating a new .lss via the show editor then I go play the new show and it glitches my static LOR stuff, One mini tree comes on and the roof just shimmers - if there is more information needed please say so and ill go out there and take pictures if I have to! Thanks, -Matt
  8. Well, I got tired of pinging every time I wanted to check to see if my controller was online so I decided to get a little old school and make me a small batch file to do it for me....here it is if anyone needs: Heres the code: And here's a screenshot: if you need help saving it or executing just let me know via PM or post down below, enjoy! (PS: I know its not real pretty, and if there's a need to make it a little complex i have no problem re-coding it for a specific need)
  9. This will be my first thread on this forum since signing up, I currently own 80 channel sequences to the following: Song Artist ----------------------------------------------------------------- Amazing grace YuleDeck the halls Jeremy LuzierGreensleeves 00.52Jingle Bells Winter Wonderland NavarrJoy to the World Bryan FusilierMusic Box Dancer DJ SchwedeO Holy Night Donna MarieRockin' Around the Christmas Tree Brenda Lee I don't mind contributing as much as I can, if anyone needs any of the above - Don't hesitate to post or PM. Take care everyone, -Matt