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  1. love that song, if still sharing, Thanks in advance James! jamesrenken@hotmail.com
  2. Would love a copy James, thanks in advance! jamesrenken@hotmail.com
  3. gotta love Metallica for the New Years Show!! thanks!!!!!!! jamesrenken@hotmail.com
  4. if still sharing, thanks in advance!!! jamesrenken@hotmail.com
  5. if still sharing would love a copy, thanks in advance James!! Happy Turkey Day! jamesrenken@Hotmail.com
  6. would love a copy if still sharing! thanks in advance!! jamesrenken@hotmail.com
  7. Lms if still sharing! Thanks in advance!! jamesrenken@hotmail.com
  8. Lms if still sharing James, thank you in advance! jamesrenken@hotmail.com
  9. If still sharing, thank you in advance jamesrenken@hotmail.com
  10. Merry Christmas All! Hope everyones Christmas shows were a big hit as usual, would love to add these two to my News Years show if anyone has and is sharing. Merry Christmas!! jamesrenken@hotmail.com
  11. If anyone still sharing!! thanks in advance!! Merry Christmas!! jamesrenken@hotmail.com
  12. Fall Out Boy, light em up, if anyone still sharing!! Merry Christmas!!! jamesrenken@hotmail.com
  13. hey James, would love a copy for my New Years Eve show! thanks in advance, Merry Christmas!!! jamesrenken@hotmail.com
  14. great job, would love a copy if still sharing! Merry Christmas! jamesrenken@hotmail.com
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