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  1. Items have SOLD on Ebay.
  2. Pending sale for strobes. I think my initial pricing was a little high. Now accepting reasonable offers for all equipment. In whole or parted out.
  3. RGB floods are 10 watts.
  4. I'm willing to sell individual pieces from the above.
  5. not enuf fuses

    Could use a little help, please VOTE

    Just liked the page
  6. Selling all my stuff! Getting out of the hobby to devote time to auto racing with my son. Most stuff fairly new, under 1.5 years of use. Equipment in very good condition. See pics. $800. Price is for everything in the pictures but DOES NOT include shipping. Local sale on Long Island preferred. Will ship but buyer will pay actual shipping cost. 2x CTB16PCv1 1qty. CTB16DV6 -- This controller needs to be reset. It started mimicking another controller. 1qty. CMB24D RGB controller with power supply and 8 RGB floods 1qty. Xenon curtain strobes (10 strobes) on a single SPT-1 string about 50' long Accessories: Extra 110V male plugs, 3 SPT1 extensions, about 100' spool of SPT1, 2 Cat 5 cables Above controllers all come with enclosures. Any questions, just ask! Happy new year!
  7. Ok, I was able to fix video. SE likes .wmv a lot more than mp4. New problem. I have the desktop on my laptop set to black but SE's blank screen shows up brighter than the laptop's desktop black. Is there any way to darken SE's "black?"
  8. I should also add that I'm just playing the sequence right from SE, not from any show editor or anything.
  9. I'm using SE version 4.3.18. I imported an mp4 file into SE and it contains audio and video. I've set the video preferences to use a second monitor for video. In the View-Video menu I have Full Screen and Show Videos selected. For some reason there's no video at all. And to check, I opened the original mp4 into Windows media player and it displays fine. Interestingly, when I choose "Show Audio Visualizations" the audio visual works but no video. I have everything ready for my show tomorrow and really need this to be resolved. Any help is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks! Bill
  10. not enuf fuses

    10 watt flood connector type?

    That's a really nice offer. Thanks! I'm mostly looking for unterminated plugs.
  11. not enuf fuses

    10 watt flood connector type?

    I'd like to keep a few of the male and female connectors on hand in case of emergencies. Does anyone know the type of connector it is? I'm talking about the 4 terminal screw in plug that is on the RGB 10 watt flood wires. Thanks in advance.
  12. not enuf fuses

    DIY RGB extension

    Thanks for all the replies. I think I will go ahead and cut the cable between the flood and the connector and make custom lengths for each of the 8 floods. I don't think they'll ever change location, for a while anyway. Of course I'll use solder and heat shrink.
  13. not enuf fuses

    DIY RGB extension

    I looked around the forums here but didn't find anything. Has anyone made their own extension cords for the 10 watt RGB floods? If so, can you recommend a source for the components? Thanks!
  14. not enuf fuses

    Can anyone share a few RGB Flood sequences?

  15. not enuf fuses

    Can anyone share a few RGB Flood sequences?

    Thank you so much!