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  1. I'd rather have the snow than two days of wind and rain... Every time the wind gusts I jump up, run to the window and stare at my props like a kid waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve. The excitement level is the same when I see all my props still in place.
  2. Dear bomb cyclone, stop swirling over my house and move on into Canada already. Seriously...
  3. If you get any of the wind that is hitting Michigan right now, you'll be lucky to have trees left much less leaves on them.
  4. GET TO WORK! Those net lights aren't going to string themselves...
  5. Well, the rain has almost completely subsided. Looks like there is a brief drizzle coming in another 1-2 hours, but nothing like we had last night. I slept about as much as @dibblejr. The porch is damp, but the top of my buckets, with power strips inside, and controllers are dry, so I am very thankful for the bucket tips I received in another thread. Still have a high wind warning until 9pm tonight, so there's still that, but everything is currently up and standing. Letting it all dry out some before I give any more tests. I'll probably put the speakers out tomorrow after everything subsides. I have tallish Sony speakers that I use for outdoor movies and such. I wrap them in plastic before I put them out. I learned a funny lesson on that the first year I did it, if you have a boom tube for bass at the bottom, make sure to cut that hole out. If you don't you'll know it when you hear the bass pushing the plastic wrap out, kind of funny to see it actually bulge to the bass notes. A few seconds with scissors and that is fixed. Still hoping to go live black friday at 6pm et as scheduled. I can't wait to see everyone else's displays, maybe we should start a 2019 Video thread?
  6. I keep telling myself that a week from Friday I'll be taking my wife, daughter and son-in-law on a cruise in the Caribbean and out of this garbage. Good thing this show runs on a schedule.
  7. Raises hand... 25-35 mph with gusts close to 50 here until 9pm tomorrow night. I lashed down a bunch of items earlier today. Hoping they are wrong, but radar says otherwise.
  8. Bucket power engaged... Thanks for the tips.
  9. We are supposed to get a lot of rain tonight until around 10am tomorrow and high winds. I normally have my power strips on my front porch where they are protected from normal rain, but might possibly not be so great with sideways rain. It is going to get down to 47 degrees tonight (actually pretty warm for here) and was thinking of unplugging everything just to be cautious, but can't find the temperature range for the box. I mean I have it outside in -10 weather before, but they always stay on. Does anyone know that range? I want to be sure before unplugging them.
  10. I swear when I looked it said 4. 😂
  11. Did you try re-adding them to the show? Maybe your show file got corrupted.
  12. Let me add a follow-on, add the new controller channels below your current channels or when you import into the next song it may put your old channels into your new channels. I had a problem with that when I tried creating channel groups and importing the new config because I tried moving around some channels and it didn't like that when I imported the config into a new song.
  13. It looks like you are running S4. When I add a controller I open the Sequence Editor and add it to that song. Then I export the configuration, open my next song and import that config and start sequencing.
  14. So, if LOR, you are looking at the pixies or the pixcon, and depending on the version of your CTB controllers they could run on the same network as @k6ccc stated, but probably best to get a red high-speed adapter and run them on a second network. Pretty easy to setup, and you can have them in the same sequence in SE. Anyway, I'm saying basically whatever K6ccc said.
  15. I would put in a trouble ticket with the LOR help desk first. Did you try and reset it (using the instructions on page 9 of the manual). I had a different problem with one of my boxes and this fixed the issue.
  16. I'm confused when you say LED lights. If you are putting in AC LED light strings, just plug them into your CTB controllers. If you mean RGB led lights like dumb RGB nodes or smart pixels that is a different question. Are you looking at adding a controller that is not a CTB? If so, which one?
  17. Well, I had my first lights on/full sequence running test and nothing blew up, so I'm feeling pretty good this evening. The only thing left is to hook up the stereo, speakers and FM transmitter and until Friday to start the schedule running. Man those posts are bright though, might have to figure out how to dim them down some. I don't want to have to go through 30+ songs setting their brightness down.
  18. Save your money until I start buying stuff for 2020.
  19. I was 12 ends short, yep, just got back from Home Depot.
  20. Thanks @TheDucks for the exact page number. I was opening the manual when your reply popped up and took me right there. Crisis averted for now, lol...
  21. Awesome, now to figure out how to cancel a trouble ticket...
  22. Yeah, just created a support ticket, now going to try and now going to try and reset it. Have my booklet to page 9 and about to reset jumpers. I brought it in the house, wasn't that big of a deal. Just had to mark the wires I already plugged in and yank two nails out of a tree, lol... Friday light up is sort of looking bleak, but I'm trying to be an optimist.
  23. Well, I got all my boxes out and setup. Went to test and my third box turns all 16 channels on when only one channel gets a signal. I swapped cat5 jacks, ran a new cable, and even went from box 2 to box 4. Every other box is working properly. If I open the Hardware Utility, hit lights on and they all come on, hit lights off and they stay on. Also opened the light console, if I turn on one channel all channels come on, but won't go off. Should I yank the box back in the house and try and re-address, or should I call LOR and see what the damage is to ship a new box overnight? Am I hosed?
  24. And... found it http://forums.lightorama.com/topic/50416-is-it-possible-to-keep-lights-on-when-not-in-a-show/?tab=comments#comment-464780
  25. Actually, just make it a 12+ minute animation sequence. I explain this in another thread because my daughter is having me create the same thing at her house. I'll try and link my write up on that from another thread in the morning.
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