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  1. 3 minutes ago, dibblejr said:

    No worries, when you get ready to learn faces I can/ will help you. BTW- its no 1/4 time for me, full speed.

    For me it just depends on the song and how fast the words are zipping along if I drop to 1/4. Usually I'm flipping between two props or two color strings on the same prop to emphasize words. The Polar Express was a rough one as was the sequencing of Small Word Holiday voices. Tom Hanks slur sings, and kids sing too fast, lol... Silent Night, not so tough. David Bowie and Bing Crosby on Little Drummer boy, not so tough. Luke Bryan on Run, Run Rudolph, slightly tough. 🤣

  2. Come on now, you can run the 4 controllers and the pixels next year. Most of the singing faces I see use 8 channels, so two faces per controller. I see many people selling the patterns. I'm adding 4 "bells" in front of my upstairs windows using led strings. I could not find anyone who sold the corrugated plastic patterns for bells that I liked so I ordered the 15 pack of 2'x3' black corrugated plastic from Home Depot ($65) and am drawing my own. If they work like I think they will this year I plan on making my own singing faces because I want different bulb shapes and I want to put each one in a different location. Most patterns I see are two bulbs together. I like the bulbs over the trees.

    Plus I've been cracking myself up with the ideas I have pre-show and during the show between songs to make the faces have different voices and talk to each other. Some cross between how I've watched too many cartoons in the 70's (real cartoons) and the wall mounts inside Disney's Country Bear Jamboree attraction (Buff, Max and Melvin) which I will spend time watching when we go there at the end of February, lol... I think my wife thinks I've finally lost it as I tried to explain it to her and kept breaking out in laughter. Maybe no one will get it but me, but hey, it's my show.

  3. 20 hours ago, dibblejr said:

    Yes, the noose is tightening. Mine have been sold on ebay. Ebay and Paypal has their ways, proof is easy since email date stamp and mine are unique the way I use the consonants unlike papagayo. Easy when I share on …. day and shortly after that its for sale or being shared. I am just glad someone out there was looking out for me to tell me about that group.  Paypal simply bans the IP, name and bank accounts. According to my last problem the only way for an individual to get their paypal back is to move, create all new accounts and a new email address. Imagine not being able to use paypal.

    I think of that group as a Napster 4.0 with people sharing every aspect of a sequence and music, its easy with all of their FB info posted.

    There is a reason LOR stopped allowing members to share music files.

    At least some still have integrity.


    I'm still burning about this... I always come into the forum and look at all unread content and think to myself, "damn, he puts out a lot of songs" when I see all your sharing posts. I've sequenced and resequenced over 40 Christmas songs and that's months of work. Months with headphones on not spending time with wife, kids, grandkids, etc... and I know you have more time in than me (especially since I'm not doing smart pixels yet). Did I say this mad me mad yet? Because this makes me mad.

    I haven't done singing faces yet (coming for me in 2020), but I do sequence a lot of the words in songs and that is just brutal. Playing at 1/4 speed, right-click, add mark, rewind, play, right-click, add mark, rewind, play, repeat. Ugh, now I'm just getting more mad. I'm going to back to drilling holes in blow molds to get out some aggression.


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  4. 12 hours ago, dgrusty said:

    Thanks for everyone's input. I greatly appreciate it. 

    Some good news to report. I decided to try one of my kid's laptops instead. Slower machine but I thought try. In short, all is working great now on the older laptop. I'm guessing there is something running on my laptop (not on my kid's) that was blocking/inhibiting some network traffic to the controllers. Just a guess. Anyway, now at least I can move forward getting ready for Christmas now that Halloween show is working.

    I'm glad you tried that laptop. I've been following your thread, but I haven't had anything to interject. I am glad you got a resolution before Halloween so your show could go on. I think we all know how frustrating something not working the way you expect can be.

  5. 3 hours ago, dibblejr said:

    Sorry, due to recent events I will no longer share with members of a sharing group.

    To many people that do not have integrity even after the read "private use only". This may put me out of the sharing business and start considering opening up shop.


    This just makes me angry. People have to know how many hours you put into creating these, or they'd be making their own. It's a simple request, DON'T SHARE without permission. I don't share mine because I think my show is so unique someone would have trouble matching it to their config. Maybe I'm wrong, but posts like this sure don't make me want to share my 30+ sequenced Christmas songs.

    If people can't honor your simple request you should clamp down and start charging. I see tons of them on eBay and other places when I'm searching around.

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  6. 59 minutes ago, tlogan said:

    Tell them to ship some north!

    Or at least to my Walmart. Finally broke down and drove up to Flint. The Walmart up there had an amazing amount of lights. The whole lawn/garden room was full of lights, ornaments, props, trees, etc... The cashier just started laughing when I pulled my cart up and she commented that someone's electric bill was going to through the roof. I said, naw they are all LED's.

    Now to get them into the props...

  7. 59 minutes ago, tlogan said:

    So, is it just your stupid Walmart? I'd wager YES.

    Sorry, just responding now. I was busy ALL FREAKING DAY Friday working on new props, had an out of town overnight trip on Saturday and on Sunday finished up some of the, you know, new prop work that I didn't get done on Friday. I'm just sayin'.

    It's taking. like, 10 times longer to make these than I thought it would. I AM making 10 of them, so, yeah, never mind.

    Get to work! 🤣

  8. While on this new prop topic. I'm about to start building my Merry Christmas lettering using dumb rgb strips. Does anyone know how tight you can "bend" strips without damaging them? The "a" and "t" have me worried about damaging the strip in the cursive letters.

  9. 22 hours ago, DLH lites said:

    PS:  I will be using the bubble machine again this year, the kids loved it ,especially me, hehehehehe!

    If I put up a bubble machine the kids would be throwing soapy ice balls around the yard.

  10. 4 hours ago, tlogan said:

    I'm still pretty new to this LOR stuff. Sometimes, I find it better to just sit back and learn from you and Orville, et. al., and listen. This will be my third year and I've added a few things every year, although I don't know how much more I can add, given my yard and storage limitations. 

    There's always room for jell-o, I mean more props. Start stacking vertically. 😂

    Show me a picture of your yard filled. I'll show you another spot for 16 more channels.

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  11. So, I was looking for a way to have a script font close to some letters I was creating in Visualizer and the font I wanted wasn't there. I did a search and didn't see anyone saying this was a bad thing, so I added a font (or three) to my Visualizer so I didn't have to hand draw my dumb RGB letters the way I wanted them.

    Here is what I did:

    1.  Shut down all LOR software
    2. I went into windows/fonts directory (usually found in C:\windows\fonts) and found the fonts I wanted
    3. Copied the fonts
    4. Went to the LOR software program fonts folder (mine is C:\Program Files (x86)\Light-O-Rama\Fonts)
    5. Pasted the fonts I copied
    6. Restart Visualizer

    And now I was able to use those fonts, not just the stock fonts that came with the software. It was great to have the script looking the way I plan to create the lettering on my house. I am guessing you could add more picture fonts if you had them here as well to create props.

    NOTE: Moderators, if I did or am sharing something I shouldn't, please remove this post!

  12. 40 minutes ago, TheDucks said:

    It is not so much the Snow I would worry about. It is Snow melting, then the melt getting into things and REFREEZING.  That can crack snug plastic fittings if ther is very much moisture.

    In the Winter: Leave your controllers powered on. Even the tiny amount of power consumed will help keep things better.

    This is why I tarp mine. I have mine on PVC stands I create, then I tarp over the stand like a tent and stake that into the ground. It leaves the sides pretty open so airflow goes through, but keeps the accumulating (and melting) snow off the boxes themselves. I looked for a picture, but I must hide them well as I could not find one that showed it. Also, when I bring them in the house during tear down I leave them vertical for a couple of days in the house so they don't accumulate moisture and let them acclimate to the indoor heating before I box them up. (My wife loves this part)

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