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  1. So, reading this... if in dmx wiring whiteorange is data +, orange is data - and whitebrown/brown is ground Does that translate to how my CTB16PC accepts the input to blue is data +, whiteblue is data - and green is common? If I put my CTB16PC's into DMX mode using the software setup does this change the pins to use whiteorange, orange and whitebrown/brown like native dmx devices?
  2. Many thanks to @debtoews as I received my 4 controllers I purchased. All were in great shape and I have already been able to switch the ID's on all of them to match mine and tested each port and all worked fantastic. I only have one complaint. I should have ordered more!
  3. Yeah, but I crossed my fingers every time my wife put something in the microwave during show hours, lol...
  4. I ran all 7 of my ac controllers and two 27 channel dumb rgb boxes off two circuits last year, and one was on my kitchen circuit, lol... But like Mr. P all are led lights, no incan. Unlike Mr. P I didn't test them, but no issues for the entire show. With jumping into smart rgb this year I am looking at running a couple outdoor outlets on their own circuits.
  5. Hello @debtoews, I sent you a PM!
  6. Damn, how did I miss this... Mental note, check forums daily in off-season.
  7. I did my first dumb rgb lights this past Christmas, so I'll try and share what I learned to your questions. 1. I added a second USB485. So my LOR AC boxes where on one USB485 and the dumb RGB on another. 2. I live in Michigan and it got pretty cold this year and I had no issues with my strips. I even did tight bends as I was spelling out Merry Christmas in cursive. Maybe I got lucky, who knows, but what I did was put the strips through clear plastic tubing I ordered from Home Depot so that they wouldn't "kink" when I created the signs. 3. I did not mount them around any windows this past year, but easily could have using my plastic tubing method. 4. I did not do any power injection, so I am unable to assist here. My longest channel was a full 5m strip. 5. I used 4-wire security wire, again bought a box of it from Home Depot. There is a write-up on it somewhere here on the forum in the General Decorating area. 6. I use S4 pro level, I just added the rgb channels onto the end of one of my sequences, exported the layout and imported it into my other sequences as I added them. 7. This year I am going to smart rgb on the house. You can still light things up solid like you can with the dumb rgb, but it also gives you a lot of great alternative effects. The strips are almost the same price, but the controllers are a bit more expensive. 8. I bought all my strips off Amazon for this past year. I was dumb (pun intended) and bought one strip for each channel and cut them down to size. I did not have the soldering equipment I felt I needed, so if I do have to replace any elements next year I have plenty of extra strips, just have to buy a soldering iron which I am realizing I really need. Good luck! It was fun sequencing the many different colors once I got the hang of it.
  8. Well, I got the Pergola (almost) done for my wife so anyone that can see my backyard can enjoy the lights I guess. https://onedrive.live.com/embed?cid=BDE8477EA0CFF27B&resid=BDE8477EA0CFF27B!43494&authkey=ABtRcA2kdEAUvqI https://onedrive.live.com/embed?cid=BDE8477EA0CFF27B&resid=BDE8477EA0CFF27B!43495&authkey=ALb-Mbzk-TqZa9k
  9. Hahaha, but at least I finally found the closest person to me so far. 40 miles to Laingsburg, I'll have to come see your lights this holiday season.
  10. Luckily (or not so much) I gave the mouse all my money the last full week of February so we are good for a bit. I see you are in Bradenton. I lived half my life there as my grandparents moved there when I was 7 and my parents were school teachers so we were in Bradenton for Christmas break, spring break and all of summer. After college I lived in Sarasota for a few years before getting pulled back into the black hole that is Michigan. My grandparents lived just blocks from the high school.
  11. People Are Putting Their Christmas Lights Back Up as a Sign of Hope Amid Coronavirus Fears
  12. Why do I suddenly see everyone in Caniac's front yard wearing 3d glasses while watching the light show.
  13. They seem to take all the videos and put their opening/closing on them prior to putting them up. When you think about the thousands of videos they receive it takes quite awhile. I found it annoying that they did that as it took away my opening/closing sequencing, but c'est la vie, I did sign away my rights to it when I joined the contest. 🤣
  14. I just wanted to know if it was possible because I don't see it happening.
  15. Wow, thanks for finding that. I swear I watched a video from them, but didn't see the star. Old eyes I guess. Though not sure I'm impressed that much with it. I think I like the "spinning" stars that are wireframe with 3/4 stars grouped together. I knew I should have bookmarked that site, lol...
  16. Thanks, tried searching youtube, vimeo and google. Even tried staring at google images hoping I'd spot it, but no such luck. I guess I'll go with a different product. Pretty amazing I can't find a video of that, but don't feel like dropping $160 on something I hope will look good. I know I saw some "3-d" star toppers I could spin as well as change fancy colors. somewhere, probably go with those.
  17. Was really searching for video of their Icosa Star sequenced, but can't find it anywhere. Anyone on here have one of those as a topper will to show off their work?
  18. Now that I've got the 2 p5 panels all wired up and working, yes I agree it is pretty darn cool. Many thanks to @k6ccc who patiently helped me through my struggles (patiently). The only issue is now I want more... MORE I TELL YOU!
  19. Do you have a vimeo or youtube channel where I can see your evil angel in action? I haven't hooked up the projector yet, so everything I'm doing is watching what it looks like on the PC and me grinning wildly imagining what it'll look like in October.
  20. THIEF! 🤣 I use VideoPad video editor. It removes backgrounds and green screens in such almost faster than I can click the apply button on my new laptop. The only thing I've noticed about is that for some reason it gets really slow if I bring in a .mov from an iPhone, but convert that to mp4 and it zooms through it. I have an Android phone so no issues there. It's just my son-in-law and his stupid iPhone that gives me issues.
  21. Very nice, and don't worry about the raccoon. If you are watching my vids I know at least one Norman the cat decided to make his presence known to the world. That car at the 3:00 minute mark looked like it was breaking the legal speed limit. 🤣
  22. Well, it depends on your preferences really, and I'm going to drop out of the conversation because I am doing the same thing for my first time this year, so I am no expert. I plan on running strips, now many people on here will tell you strips break easy and you have to replace the whole strip, but to me they are also easier to setup (or seem to be), and if you don't move them around a lot, not a big deal. Since I plan to leave mine up on the house outline, it is less likely to have issues and at $10-$15 for 5m it is less cost. In other places, like animated characters and such, I'll use bullet pixels or square. The downside to strips (besides what I mentioned) is that they are spaced already which means if you don't like the spacing you can't change it. But if you ask others will have their opinions and give reasons why they did it different. They will also be better able to assist you with how many controllers you need, where to put them, lights per controller, etc...
  23. I guess I don't understand what you are looking for. You have all the measurements. Do you want to go Smart Pixels, Dumb RGB or regular LED Lights? The Smart Pixels and/or Dumb RGB will allow you to get precise with your measurements, but will be more expensive (well, the lights not the controllers). Also, are you doing other items out in the yard? I always like my house to have that personal touch, my wife calls it the gingerbread house, so when you look at it and think of Christmas, what do you see?
  24. Just wish he had turned the lights out in the video to see what they look like in the dark spinning around.
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