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  1. The post is from 17 days ago, but still online. Why is Fenton, MI so far away, lol...
  2. The fact that it runs properly under another account is throwing me off a bit, because when I first read what it was doing I thought you might have to run a chkdsk on your machine. I would still recommend trying it, especially if the file that is prohibiting the completion of loading the program is somehow tied to a specific login profile in win10. The best answer would be if one of the dev's knew if a corrupted file in the user profile might cause the issue. First, in your search box (cortana) type in either "cmd" or "dos" This will give you the command prompt executable file. Make sure to "Run as Administrator" On most PC's you can choose this on the right On all PC's you can right click and choose to run as administrator You may get a windows scary prompt asking if you want to run this program, say yes. You really do want to run it. In the black command prompt window type what is inside the quotes "chkdsk -f" It will ask if you want to do this at next restart/reboot, say Y and hit enter Restart your PC During the restart it will scan your drive for bad sectors/corrupt files, etc... It will attempt to fix and mark those areas not to use in the future.
  3. What error message do you receive when you try and open Visualizer?
  4. You can run LED lights, and technically they are dumb. You can not run dumb RGB (led) lights. So, basically if it has a "normal" plug end, it should work. Good - https://www.homedepot.com/p/Home-Accents-Holiday-300-L-LED-Smooth-Mini-Light-Warm-White-TY300SM-WW/301868973 Not good (needs a different controller) - https://www.wowlights.com/ProductDetail.asp?Category=35&Product=526
  5. If I may ask, how long are your canes? I just purchased 24 canes to do two "clock" props on the sides of my house and was debating if I put 25 or 50 led string lights through them. I see you are only using 20. Mine are 32" long each. Thanks!
  6. This right here is infuriating. I would have to believe that this lawn service, if it is contracted by your homeowners association, is responsible for any damage they do in your yard, and it'd be a shock if they aren't insured/bonded for this exact thing. I'd be standing on their steps with photos, a bill and my hand out waiting for cash. I'd also have the manager out to my yard walking the property to show them the ineptness of their employees.
  7. Thanks for doing this, this is a wonderful thing to visit during the holiday, and not to far from us. Tickets sell out every season! https://www.michigansteamtrain.com/tickets-reservations/north-pole-express
  8. I took a year off a couple of years ago because we were taking a very large friends and family trip to WDW to see the last showings of the Osborne lights at Hollywood Studios (2015). When we got home I was already unhappy that I hadn't set it up before we left and run it for at least the last part of December, plus I had many people ask me what happened to the house display. I even heard people asking at the small party store down the street from our house what happened to the Christmas house down the street. They didn't know it was my house they were asking about, it made me smile, but also made me sad. I was surprised as we are on a not very traversed street and didn't realize how many people enjoyed them (I always wonder why I don't have street congestion like others, lol). I have not taken a year off since and will keep doing it no matter what as long as I'm physically able. This past year my youngest sons saw me slowing up a bit dragging extension cords in the cold and came out to help for the first time ever, what a wonderful surprise that was. This season we are adding my daughter's house (she is the oldest child) in the town next door. I bought her husband their first light box for Christmas last year and now he has the bug, We purchased two more boxes for them, so hopefully this continues for a long time. They are running 48 channels, but when I sequenced their songs two boxes run basically the same sequence for their trees (8 strands of red/8 strands of white on each tree). This year on my house we are going from 80 channels of LED's to adding two more boxes (32 channels) and 18 channels of dumb RGB strip lights. I have 8 of the 18 rgb props built and ready to plug in, I'm just debating the best way to do letters with the last 10 rgb channels to spell Merry C-h-r-I-s-t-m-a-s. (Feel free to message me if you've done this, lol). Adding elements always puts a little spring into my step to get it done. I've sequenced all the songs, just have to get those letters finished. I encourage you to do it as long as you can physically do it.
  9. What price on the rope lights?
  10. Sorry, forgot 4. Open the SNIPPING TOOL in Win10 and grab a screenshot of the error and post it here if you are still stumped.
  11. I have not worked with Parallels and Win10, but I did use it back with Win7. My first place to check would be simply to make sure I have permissions (specifically) on the folder I selected for Sequence Editor. So, if it were me I would 1. Check permissions on folder I specified SE to write the setup file. 1a. Do the permissions look wrong? Try adding write permissions, even remove and re-add if I have to. 2. Open that folder and try and save a file there, any file like a text file should work. 2a. Was I able to write a file? If yes, try SE again. If no, look up the error I received and see how others resolved the issue. 3. Google the exact wording of the error I received from SE, because someone probably has had the same issue with another program.
  12. Yeah, I meant to write 4/4 not 3/4 on time, lol...
  13. If you are using string lights for props, do you prefer using 7 or 8 string strands in the prop for sequencing, and why is my question. I like doing 7 string props for my arches and a fan like tree that I have because when sequencing I like to light up channel 4 of the prop and have it dead center, then move out from there. Also, it saved me 4 channels to put single props under each of my 4 arches (lol). My son-in-law asked me to help them light up their static display and his trees have 8 strings, which forced me to rethink sequencing, and next year he wants to add arches, which I figure I'll have him do 8 string arches so I can sort of match them up at times with his trees. I know that in a lot of songs the tempo works best in 3/4 time for props with multiples of 4, which seems to be the most prolific timing in Christmas songs, but with the 7 strings I just add something in beat 8 like a jump across the arches in one beat or I light up the star on my tree for beat 8. Where I think 7 shines is when I want to fan out from the middle on the tree 4, 3/5, 2/6, 1/7 or on the arches 4 is at the top and I fan down using the same sequence in 4 beats. Where on his trees I start with 4/5, 3/6, 2/7, 1/8 which work since his are up and over runs. Just wondering what others do and why.
  14. This year my son-in-law has decided to animate his static display, they are starting out small with 32 channels and 8 songs. Our display is expanding from 80 channels of regular LED's to add 32 more regular channels and 18 dumb RGB channels, which (if I added correctly) puts us at 166 channels. Walter Display (8 Songs): The Polar Express Baby It's Cold Outside Christmas Shoes (Alabama) Carol of the Bells (TSO) Animation to bottom of the hour I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas Do You Wanna Build a Snowman Let It Go Jingle Bell Rock (Bobby Helms) Animation to the top of the hour Ewles Display (30 Songs): Main Street Electrical Parade (Intro) Small World Holiday The Polar Express Twelve Pains of Christmas Jingle Bell Rock (Jimmy Buffet) Silent Night Linus And Lucy Amazing Grace (Yule) Baby It's Cold Outside O Christmas Tree (Disney) All I Want for Christmas (Mariah Carey) Little Drummer Boy (Bowie/Crosby) Run Run Rudolph Blue Christmas Mad Russians Christmas Wizards of Winter Christmas Canon Carol of the Bells Go Tell it on the Mountain Let It Go Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer Merry Christmas Baby (B.B. King) Hark the Herald Angels Sing (Pentatonix) Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree Mr. Grinch (Gary Hoey) Santa Baby I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Springsteen) The Miser Brothers Mele Kaliki Maka Sled Zeppelin Wondering what others are doing as I love to look at other songs people have in their display that I don't have in mine to see if it inspires me to break open the Sequence Editor. Yes, I programmed all these songs from scratch. I wish my daughter would pick more songs of mine that I've already encoded. 🤣 But I did take her Polar Express and Carol of the Bells this year. I mean, if I'm doing the work I might as well use them in my display as well.
  15. I had to cut 2 standard LED bright white strands down for the small inner star on my star poles. It was only about 10 or so lights though. I just taped the three wires individually to label them, cut the tape in half through each wire, unraveled the short piece to the end then clipped and re-attached the end. It worked fine the whole season.
  16. I received mine this past week and I ordered on the last day I believe, before the extension
  17. Nice job Blaine/Frank! I am making the jump this year to adding in rgb dumb lights this year for the first time. I just wrapped my first mini tree and it looks like the ones in your video. I am using tomato cages (inverted), zip-tying them at the top and wrapping the rgb strip light around it. Just wondered what you did.
  18. I am using Audacity 2.1.2, which who knows is how old. But if you look at the export screen you should see it at the bottom, under the other settings.
  19. Whenever I get a new song to sequence, taking it into Audacity is the first thing I do. In there I trim the fat from the beginning and end of the song (remove silence) because I already have a 3 second delay between songs set in the show editor. Then I check volume levels and adjust, if necessary, so I have a pretty consistent volume level across all my songs. From there I export it as .mp3 and alter the name a bit (don't save over your original just in case) using the same settings as Orville. The only other setting I change when exporting is to change the Channel Mode to Stereo from Joint Stereo (which is the Audacity default I've noticed). Joint Stereo tries to save a bit of room through compression by mixing the two channels together, and if you are doing any parody songs or others that heavily use left/right stereo you can lose a bit of the quality. Here is a good article explaining the difference: https://www.richardfarrar.com/what-is-joint-stereo/
  20. So, let's start this out by stating I am not a lawyer. Having said that, from what I've seen the difference here is between personal and commercial use. If you were using Disney characters in a personal "fan" sort of way in your display, there is most likely no issue and the Walt Disney company is not going to pursue you with any cease and desist letter. But, if you were to follow this on with a business and use their characters to promote your business where you were profiting from their characters, yes you can expect this cease and desist letter to show up on your doorstep quite quickly. You can see these even in the ABC light fight re-runs. ABC, who is owned by Disney, had a family on who had numerous Disney props, some store bought, some hand built in their display and they promoted that on their TV show. It was a personal fan homage to Disney, and there seemed to be no issue. The issue really falls into play when you try and profit from their characters, which are not your property. I would have no qualms about creating coro cutouts that I made of Disney characters, or showing a brief Disney clip from a Blu-ray I owned, in my display as long as then I didn't turn around and start trying to sell those coro cutouts or video clips for profit, which would probably immediately see a cease and desist letter in my mailbox, followed by lawyers on my doorstep if I didn't follow through.
  21. I use the tapping wizard to get them close, then slow down the speed to move/drag them into better placement. Yes, it takes awhile, but it is the best way I've found over repeat right-clicking.
  22. Two clicks of the left arrow will move it far enough on my laptop to put it fully on the laptop screen (if your extended monitor is to the right when plugged in)
  23. When only on your laptop screen (extra monitor not plugged in) try the following in Win10 or Win7. Open Sequence Editor (give it plenty of time to open depending on laptop speed) Hit the Escape (ESC) key to close the open file dialog (if that opens automatically still, you can turn that off) Hold the the WIN key (with the windows logo) and use your arrow keys left or right to move the program onto your laptop screen. You should then be able to move it with your mouse and re-size or maximize it on the laptop screen.
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