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  1. I just wanted to know if it was possible because I don't see it happening.
  2. Wow, thanks for finding that. I swear I watched a video from them, but didn't see the star. Old eyes I guess. Though not sure I'm impressed that much with it. I think I like the "spinning" stars that are wireframe with 3/4 stars grouped together. I knew I should have bookmarked that site, lol...
  3. Thanks, tried searching youtube, vimeo and google. Even tried staring at google images hoping I'd spot it, but no such luck. I guess I'll go with a different product. Pretty amazing I can't find a video of that, but don't feel like dropping $160 on something I hope will look good. I know I saw some "3-d" star toppers I could spin as well as change fancy colors. somewhere, probably go with those.
  4. Was really searching for video of their Icosa Star sequenced, but can't find it anywhere. Anyone on here have one of those as a topper will to show off their work?
  5. Now that I've got the 2 p5 panels all wired up and working, yes I agree it is pretty darn cool. Many thanks to @k6ccc who patiently helped me through my struggles (patiently). The only issue is now I want more... MORE I TELL YOU!
  6. Do you have a vimeo or youtube channel where I can see your evil angel in action? I haven't hooked up the projector yet, so everything I'm doing is watching what it looks like on the PC and me grinning wildly imagining what it'll look like in October.
  7. THIEF! 🤣 I use VideoPad video editor. It removes backgrounds and green screens in such almost faster than I can click the apply button on my new laptop. The only thing I've noticed about is that for some reason it gets really slow if I bring in a .mov from an iPhone, but convert that to mp4 and it zooms through it. I have an Android phone so no issues there. It's just my son-in-law and his stupid iPhone that gives me issues.
  8. Very nice, and don't worry about the raccoon. If you are watching my vids I know at least one Norman the cat decided to make his presence known to the world. That car at the 3:00 minute mark looked like it was breaking the legal speed limit. 🤣
  9. Well, it depends on your preferences really, and I'm going to drop out of the conversation because I am doing the same thing for my first time this year, so I am no expert. I plan on running strips, now many people on here will tell you strips break easy and you have to replace the whole strip, but to me they are also easier to setup (or seem to be), and if you don't move them around a lot, not a big deal. Since I plan to leave mine up on the house outline, it is less likely to have issues and at $10-$15 for 5m it is less cost. In other places, like animated characters and such, I'll use bullet pixels or square. The downside to strips (besides what I mentioned) is that they are spaced already which means if you don't like the spacing you can't change it. But if you ask others will have their opinions and give reasons why they did it different. They will also be better able to assist you with how many controllers you need, where to put them, lights per controller, etc...
  10. I guess I don't understand what you are looking for. You have all the measurements. Do you want to go Smart Pixels, Dumb RGB or regular LED Lights? The Smart Pixels and/or Dumb RGB will allow you to get precise with your measurements, but will be more expensive (well, the lights not the controllers). Also, are you doing other items out in the yard? I always like my house to have that personal touch, my wife calls it the gingerbread house, so when you look at it and think of Christmas, what do you see?
  11. Just wish he had turned the lights out in the video to see what they look like in the dark spinning around.
  12. Well, of course. They day after the contest closes Vimeo fixes the upload ratio on my account and I can add the final videos. So, you can just use the Page 1/Page 2 links at the top of my thread to see all the videos. The individual song links will not be working any longer so I can clear some space on my OneDrive account. Of course, now there is a Page 3.
  13. Thanks Mr Post Office Delivery Guy. It begins...
  14. Well, Vimeo screwed up my account and the quota has not unlocked like it was supposed to on Sunday and their customer service keeps telling me they are pushing my issue up the ladder so I guess I'm posting my videos in blocks. Some will be on the Vimeo page and a lot listed on my OneDrive individually. If you see this thread and the OneDrive links aren't working it is because Vimeo finally got their #@$% together and fixed my account and they will all be on my Vimeo page. Songs without links are on the first link on our showcase page. Songs with links are the one's I had to post to OneDrive so I could put them in the order they played nightly which runs from Black Friday through New Years Day, Sun-Thurs 6-9pm and Fri-Sat 6-11pm. My big thing to figure out before the 2020 show is how to turn off the stupid auto-focus on my phone camera (grrrrr). Ewles Family Christmas Pageant of Lights 2019 - Page 1 Ewles Family Christmas Pageant of Lights 2019 - Page 2 Main Street Electrical Parade (our opening song that only plays once to start the show) Small World Holiday The Polar Express The Twelve Pains of Christmas Jingle Bell Rock Silent Night Linus and Lucy Amazing Grace Baby It's Cold Outside O' Christmas Tree All I Want for Christmas is You Little Drummer Boy - Peace on Earth Run Run Rudolph Blue Christmas Mad Russian's Christmas Wizards in Winter Christmas Canon Christmas Eve Sarajevo Go Tell it on the Mountain Let It Go Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer Merry Christmas Baby Hark the Herald Angels Sing Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree You're a Mean One, Mr Grinch Santa Baby I Want a Hippototamus for Christmas Santa Claus is Comin' To Town The Miser Brothers Mele Kalikimaka Sled Zeppelin
  15. How far apart are you drilling the holes? I was thinking about doing them like I did my bells on the coro this year where I just laid the lights end to end, but might drill holes from the back instead.
  16. So, also thinking about doing a Halloween show at my son-in-law's house this year since he gets many many many (did I say many yet?) many more trick-or-treaters than we do and was looking at video projection, but everything I can find looks like you can only run one video camera in S4, so now thinking of doing 5 singing faces within one video. At first I thought maybe I could buy some of the pre-created styrofoam tombstones and put a white oval protruding out of it and video onto the oval, then place the tombstones so the faces project onto them, but the problem is that the video doesn't seem to have a transparency and will project black across the background and the tombstones. So now I'm thinking of cutting a shape out of white pvc board like a tombstone and then projecting that tombstone image (5 tombstone images) onto the tombstones and I decided to give my first video a try with just a cheap tombstone. The first video was ok when I transported it, but believe it or not the frames per second was too high and made it look very smooth, and the exposure was too low making it look to real. So, I increased the exposure and lowered the FPS down to 7, and now feel pretty confident in how I might go about doing this (see video below). Has anyone else done anything like this? If so, how did you give it that creepy feel? https://1drv.ms/v/s!Anvyz6B-R-i9gsNOTMZwvIiZll_kOg
  17. So, I tried to search on this, but after a few pages of searching multiple projectors it didn't come up. I have seen the video for S4 on using an mp4 as your audio track and projecting to a "second monitor" in windows, but is it possible to send separate video out to multiple projectors? I was thinking of re-creating the singing busts and Madame Leota in a Halloween display this year, and can see how to get the effect done pretty cheap for each item, but it would require two projectors unless they were really close to each other and perfectly setup. That's why I'm wondering if you had a video card with three video outputs like vga, dvi and hdmi could you use the vga for your main monitor and hook a projector up to the dvi and another to the hdmi and send different video out to each projector? Or am I just dreaming away here. To me this would be the easiest way, or I guess you could put the video all on one and mirror your monitors (projectors) and do something cheap like partially cover your lenses in different spots to hide the video you didn't want shown from one to the other. But that seems less than optimal and limits what you can do in the videos.
  18. Wow, @james morris, 37 songs? I don't think I even know 37 Halloween songs. 😂 I bow to the master.
  19. For those of you who are running shows for Halloween, what is your schedule like? We are thinking of a show at my son-in-law's house because he gets a lot of trick-or-treaters (where my house might get 3) since they are in a sub-division. Do you run it nightly the whole month of October? Just a few days? I was thinking the 2 weeks leading up to Halloween, but wondered what others did. The nice thing is the lights will all be on the house for Christmas.
  20. Very cool, I especially like the depth you add to it.
  21. The website finally came up, and now I'm trying to convince my son-in-law we need a guys trip to Vegas. 🤣 I have spoken with Drew Hickman on the phone, through text messages and email many times over last year. He is professional, patient and extremely knowledgeable. I'd go to either of the pre-conference classes he is going to teach. And afterwards I'd shake his hand for all the help he's provided. Just my humble opinion.
  22. I tried to reach their website on my phone and laptop and christmasexpo.com isn't working. Either they have server issues or my phone and laptop have traffic issues.
  23. I'm also planning on adding some P5 panels. Looking at a 2 high x 6 wide grid. It'll be interesting to discuss with you your plans to drive it. I've been discussing it with @k6ccc as he has his signs working with LOR. Also, can I just say "wow", you are building a ship. :) Or maybe I should say, "Holy cow!" That must be a great Halloween display.
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