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  1. I guess I didn't understand the use of SuperStar. I watched some demos on youtube, and now have created a group with some "dump pixels" and it is behaving as I expected.
  2. My understanding is each CCR strip has 150 pixels, so then I should have 75 nodes per leg instead of 150. Ultimately this is a 8 ft tree (16ft cut in half). We have these ribbons: 150 LED, 3 LEDs per pixel: http://store.lightorama.com/blcocoriiic.html
  3. Was attempting to use the superstar effects for the first time on my show, but get this warning. My superstar feature level is 24_CCR. I assume that means I can use 24 CCR strips? The prop in question is 12 CCRs Tree 360 Up and Over. Attached 3 images: 1) error received, and 2) the prop and 3) all my prop statistics for our house this year.
  4. I was in this exact scenario. I have 2 gen3 controllers, and 3 gen1 controllers. I removed the 3 olds ones from mix, upgraded the firmware of the 2 gen3 and things started to work fine in the enhanced network. The pixel editor would show the CCR lights when control lights was selected. The show ran as expected. I guess I need another dongle to run the 3 old controllers on the separate network.
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