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    Me on French TV with subtitles

    Christian, thank you so much for sharing this video with us. And yes, I understand why Richard Holdman is an idol to many of us, myself included. he's a master sequencer and has provided help and inspiration to many. Keep up the excellent work! -Gary-
  2. Gary Levelius

    Anybody seen this on Yahoo?

    This guy is REALLY a fanatic -Gary- http://games.yahoo.com/blogs/plugged-in/actually-play-angry-birds-christmas-lights-185454542.html
  3. Gary Levelius

    Water in CCR

    Welcome to my world. I had a CCR die this year as well from the exact same problem. Apparently when I tyraped the ribbon to the arch last year, I pinched the tubing and created a slit. Didn't happen last year as we didn't have a rainy winter, but we've been deluged with rain this year and hence it showed up. -Gary-
  4. Gary Levelius

    LED strings going out

    I suspect that the rectifier on the strings in question has failed (that's the little bulb in the string near the plug). I have had several of them fail over the years. This is especially true if the strings are full wave rectified. If you have several extra strings that have other problems, you might be able to wire the plugs and rectifiers in to bad strings to check them. -Gary-
  5. I have a suggestion and it's slightly different from everyone else. I suspect what you have is a bad SD card socket in the director module itself. It may not be making good connection with the actual card and simply popping it out and re-seating it may restore the bad connection. After a few days, the connections will oxidize and once again lose contact. When the season its over, I'd get in contact with LOR support and discuss this possibility. -Gary-
  6. Marc, you are correct, however the other idea of using either the USB485B or USB485ISO adapters would also work if you ever did want to use it without the attached controller. Keep us posted. -Gary-
  7. The MP3 director in the unit you have (where the director mounts inside the controller) has to have power supplied by the controller. If using only the PC connected and not a controller, it will NOT power up. Suggest hooking the director to the controller it's mounted in then connecting that pair to the PC. Make sure the controller is powered up when doing anything with the director. -Gary-
  8. Gary Levelius

    Erratic performance of half our CCRs

    Gerald, you might want to do a self test on the ribbons and controllers by holding the reset button in while powering up the controller. See if they behave correctly there. I had two defective ribbons (and I only ordered two) right out of the box. They were exchanged no questions asked. I just had another ribbon and/or controller die this evening. Unless you have these things perfectly flat on a solid material that won't bend, they are simply too flimsy, IMHO, to use any other way. I, personally, won't buy any more. -Gary-
  9. Gary Levelius

    Unusual Lights Behaviour during Show

    Suggestion would be to upgrade, if your license allows, to 3.1.4 as it fixes a number of bugs, including ones in the LOR Control Panel which may/may not cause problems like yours. -Gary-
  10. Gary Levelius


    What I would do is unplug the adapter, uninstall the drivers in the Device manager, reboot the computer, re-install the drivers from the disk, reboot again, then see if it installs the correct driver when you plug the adapter in after that. -Gary-
  11. Gary Levelius

    FIRST year LOR, Song, Video - 64 channels Advice?

    Jaim, Very good job indeed! You sure you're not a returning pro instead? I can't do half this well and I've been doing it for almost 4 years now -Gary-
  12. Gary Levelius

    Front page of the better living section of the local paper

    Denise, congrats on the newspaper article. Now we have another famous forum member -Gary-
  13. Gary Levelius

    Roll Call

    Ready to rock-n-roll at the fairgrounds though we don't officially start until December 2nd -Gary-
  14. Gary Levelius

    First Year started in October

    VERY nice stars indeed! I'd be interested in seeing some plans or rough drawings for them for others who are able to weld. I also see a welder in my future in support of this addiction -Gary-
  15. Andy, what version of software are you using and what license level? I'm thinking one of the levels is good for only four controllers. Have you tried changing the ID of the offending controller to something less than 5 and then testing it by itself? Have you run this configuration before? -Gary-
  16. I'm assuming that these dedicated circuits were installed on their own circuit breakers? Or were they piggybacked onto two other existing breakers? I'd be checking for loose connections, either at the breaker or on the service panel itself. If in doubt, call a professional and have him check ALL connections in the panel as they DO come loose over time. I check our main panel about once a year for just such things. This is especially true for aluminum wiring as it can corrode and cause a high resistance connection and more heating than with copper. Better to be safe than sorry as loose connections can result in fires. -Gary-
  17. Gary Levelius

    CCB's or no CCB's?

    A few weeks ago (maybe close to a month now) we heard that they were doing QA testing on the first batch of Cosmic Color Bulb strings and that we'd know in a few weeks if they were good enough. Has anyone heard anything as far as an update on the status of these strings? I had really hoped to use them this year but time is getting way short now... -Gary-
  18. Gary Levelius

    CCB's or no CCB's?

    Needless to say, Alrerady visited the sites and set up my wishlist for next season Thank you for the suggestions! -Gary-
  19. Gary Levelius

    Using a second network

    You have to select the COM port assigned to the second network I believe. It won't automatically turn lights on for both networks at the same time. -Gary-
  20. Gary Levelius

    CCB's or no CCB's?

    By the way, my comment on the CCR's has to do with where our show is located. We have a 100x120 foot section in a county fairgrounds. It's wide open and I have to plan for any occurance. My wife kids me about making everything hurricane proof. My response is "what is a blizzard? A hurricane in winter! Plan accordingly!" -Gary-
  21. Gary Levelius

    CCB's or no CCB's?

    Unfortunately, I'm afraid the two of you might be right. I had intended to use them on the arches I have to replace the Cosmic Color Ribbons. The CCR's are, IMHO, not durable enough for that application, especially if you're securing them to round pipe, which flexes the PC board inside a lot in an unfavorable way. -Gary-
  22. Gary Levelius

    Forum Trouble

    Yup, same problem here. Has been slow to respond all evening. -Gary-
  23. Gary Levelius

    Electrical Subpanel Question

    You are correct in the load balancing assumption. The same hazard could exist with lights even though there is no ground. In the three wire system, the voltage drop across the neutral/ground wire could develop between neutral wires on a loads being from different panels since their neutral wires would come from two different sources. And yes, this would be correct on two different buildings although you could potentially have two different display devices next to each other, one being attached to the house system and one to the bard/building sub-panel in the three wire configuration. -Gary-
  24. Gary Levelius

    Electrical Subpanel Question

    Bob, this is exactly the same way I had to wire the 100 amp service sub panel I installed in the storage barn I put in a couple years ago. Our house was rewired when the new main panel was put in in 2000. This was before the four wire configuration was required. I believe the separation of the nuetral and ground wires was designed so that the "ground" potential of the two service panels would stay the same regardless of load. On the old system (3-wire), if the loads on each phase were different, you could end up with a difference in potential between the two panels due to the uneven loading creating a new voltage drop in the neutral wire. This could lead to a shock hazard if contact was made between the two panels which would be possible in cases where one display element was run from the original panel and another next to it from the add-in panel. It would also make GFCI trips more likely as well. -Gary-
  25. Gary Levelius

    mini director vs showtime LOR1602W

    One thing to note that I haven't seen addressed is that whichever director you go with, whether the mini-director or Showtime director, you will still need a LOR1602W or a PC series lighting controller. The directors can not, by themselves, control lights. -Gary-