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  1. would love a copy too please mdisabat@gmail.com
  2. would love a copy when you get a chance. Thanks in advance! mdisabat@gmail.com
  3. Would love a copy of this one please. mdisabat@gmail.com. Thanks yet again for all the help.
  4. would love a copy please.... mdisabat@gmail.com
  5. Thanks, the last dip switch was ON. I set it to off changed the Unit address and it saved as expected. Thanks for the help. Figured I had overlooked something simple. Thanks again for the help. Massimo
  6. Hi All, I picked up a few CCCII's and wanted to add them into my show. I already have a 16x25 pixel tree that I assigned to Channel 04 (through -0B) and I wanted to add the new CCCII's to channel 0C and OE. If I go through them one by one and change the channels using the hardware utility I can get them all to see each other in the right channels. But after leaving them for a few days or if they get unplugged the two CCCII's seem to go back to the default channel 01. The pixel tree will save the channel but not the CCCII's. What am I doing wrong that they are not saving the channel change? Thanks in advance for the help. Massimo
  7. Would love a copy please. mdisabat@gmail.com
  8. Would love a copy please. mdisabat@gmail.com
  9. Would love this. mdisabat@gmail.com. Merry Christmas!
  10. Love this song. Can you please share mdisabat@gmail.com. Thanks so much!
  11. Hi does anyone have any Coco songs with singing faces they would be willing to share? Thanks in advance
  12. Would love a copy of this one too please mdisabat@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!
  13. May I have a copy of this please. mdisabat@gmail.com. Thanks again!
  14. Would love a copy please. mdisabat@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!
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