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  1. Would love to have a copy as well!! Happy Holidays!! workmancomm@yahoo.com
  2. Steven thank you so much for the response!! I will give it a try! if it doesn't work ill ether run a cat5 or buy the G3-MP3! thanks again for your help!!!
  3. Hi Sarge! would you happen to have any 16 ch sequences you could share? this is my first year. thanks if you can! workmancomm@yahoo.com
  4. tried to purchase some online before i knew about the forums and got really bad sequences. Any 16ch sequences would be greatly appreciated!! happy holidays!! Thanks! workmancomm@yahoo.com
  5. We would like the lights to come on at 5;15pm. First show start at 5:30pm. Loop through with 10min breaks Then stop the show at 9pm but still have the lights on till 12am. I run the controller using the uMP3g3. i was hoping i could set it up on a dumb plug in timer like we did our old dumb lights, but im thinking the controller loses it time by power cycling like that? Really dont want to run a PC all the time just for the controller. Any tips to make this happen would be greatly appreciated! Happy Holidays!
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