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  1. Could I have a copy of do you wanna build a snowman? Thanks!!! Eileenrose74@yahoo.com
  2. I’d love a copy of this! Thanks! Eileenrose74@yahoo.com
  3. I’d love a copy of this! One of my sons favorites. Eileenrose74@yahoo.com
  4. Would love this one! Thanks for offering it! eileenrose74@yahoo.com
  5. Erl2015

    New LOR

    Thank you! That's great!! I really appreciate it!
  6. Erl2015

    New LOR

    Thank you James!!! I really appreciate the generosity from both of you, this has made my son's Christmas! What a great forum this has been, so helpful! We will definitely pay it forward once we have this all figured out
  7. Erl2015

    New LOR

    Thank you very much Paul!
  8. Erl2015

    New LOR

    Hello... we got my son a light-o-Rama starter set for Christmas and he is desperate to try it out with the lights he has set up this year. We bought him one sequence but I thought if anyone was feeling generous and wanted to help out a 13 year old boy learning how this works, he would be so excited! He's already working on some of his own but he wouldn't be able to finish in time to actually try them out on this year's light display. Thanks and Happy Holidays to everyone! Eileen eileenrose74@yahoo.com
  9. Would love to have this one if possible! eileenrose74@yahoo.com
  10. Would love to have this one if possible! eileenrose74@yahoo.com
  11. Would love this for my son to try out his new LOR - his Christmas gift! eileenrose74@yahoo.com
  12. Erl2015

    Super new

    Thanks for the responses! Exactly what I needed to know....
  13. Erl2015

    Super new

    Hi all! I tried searching for this but couldn't find what I needed to know. Last year we considered buying lightorama for my then 12 year old as a Christmas gift. For a variety of reasons we didn't and now we are considering again. If we buy the starter package - where does the computer go? Will it need to be connected by a wire to the controllers outside or does that happen wirelessly? Trying to figure out the logistics of this before diving in... thanks!
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